Reply To: Where Justice Kennedy finds his facts: Who cares? He doesn’t check them


charles pettus

I would give 3:1 odds that if Justice Kennedy had the guts to publically say so, he would tell you that it wouldn’t have a made a difference even if he had the correct facts he was going to make the same ruling anyway. The fact that he had those bogus facts and cited them probably just gave him a little political cover. This is what leads me to think that, as I have been saying for the last 2-3 years, that there is another more onminous reason courts and legislatures are upholding SO laws. And the “Protecting the Public from Predators” banner proponents waive to justify them is a smoke screen. If this were the case them why not have the same type of laws,i.e., registry/registration, for murderers, robbers, car thiefs, home invaders, drug dealers, burgalers, con men: are these not predators too? And I’ll give 4:1 odds that proponents of SO laws can’t answer this question, if so I’d damn sure like to hear it.