Reply To: Sex offender registries destroy families, devastate children, inspire murderers



The United States is laughed at by Europeans for their pathological attitudes about all sexual matters. The Europeans laugh at sex, but take Love seriously. In the U.S. we are a mirror image in that those aubjects are reversed in our thinking. We take sex very, VERY seriously, but laugh at Love. People really should read Dr Martin Klein’s books on the subject of Sex.
My take on the subject is this: The whole “Hippie” thing in the sixties and seventies of the last century was a mass infantry charge on the repressive sexual attitudes in the U.S. The “Silent Majority”–read “White middle class people” had been deploring the whole sexual revolution in the U.S. for YEARS.”Black folks and their deprived and depraved culture were responsible for all of it” You saw it in the early reactions to rock and roll music as “N-word” music and viewed white performers like Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis excelled at it as “traitors” to their own race. Hugh Hefner and rock and roll spearheaded the national attack on repressive attitudes, and the whole “Hippie” culture was the liberated young of our society echoing the battle cry against it. ALL government interference with ALL sexual practices should be outlawed. The only sexual crime that should remain a crime is outright sexual assault. Consent is Consent is Consent…and should be recognized as such by society and the Law from puberty on. We’ve seem cases recently of murder by 12 year olds who were tried and sentenced as adults. BUT–let them be involved ever so heavily in any sort of sex offense–suddenly they are simply “victims” if any adult is involved with them.