Reply To: Residency restrictions–“cruel and worthless”

johnathon roberts

My original offense occurred nearly 25 years ago, I did not rape or molest anyone, I was a 19 year old who made an error in judgement with a girl who was much younger than she said she was. I spent no time in jail or prison and (regretfully now) I took a plea bargain for 5 years probation. I went on to live a semi normal life, ive had good jobs, had children, functioned in society, have not and never will “re- offend”. The past five years have been hell, I lost a good job in 2010, during that time I have been homeless and without real work, in 2012 I was charged with “failure to register” in CA. I took a plea bargain for 3 years probation and six months in jail. When I got out I was assigned to a PO who told me “if I have my way youll be going back to prison” I told him I had never been to prison, to summarize he finally did get his way and within 24 months I was rolling through the gates of San Quentin to serve half of a 32 month sentence. Now Ive been out for a little more than two weeks and I sit here wearing an ankle bracelet, the EM program is nothing more than a cash cow, I must pay $6.50 a day for this clunky “tracking collar” that is the size of a cellphone from the 90s. Luckily I have friends who have put me up on their farm where I can live and work for room and board. I am feeling very…. trapped, oppressed many terms come to mind and it is so tempting to just cut the thing off and run but that would mean another prison term and I need to be here for my children. I read your post and really just wanted to reach out to someone who understands how this situation feels, it is a terrible burden that I wake up with every morning and go to sleep with every night, its not me, there are those out there who need to be kept track of yes but I am not one of them. Please email me: