Reply To: Boogie man is still out there!

Michael Kuehl

Obviously, the first sentence of my previous comment should read “Why is the U.S. sui generis in its lunacy and hysteria over sex-acts…..”

And, also, fundamentalists-evangelicals and other Christian traditionalists, vengeful “God-fearing” puritans who no longer have the power to jail or imprison myriads of adults who engage in consensual but “sinful” and/or degenerate acts (homosexuals, lesbians, adulterers, fornicators, etc.) but join the feminist left they abhor in enacting and imposing draconian and Orwellian penalties for adults who have sex with biological men and women under age 18 and other nonviolent and victimless and malum prohibitum crimes against pubescent teenagers.

To repeat, both the hysterical anti-sex feminist left and the hysterical anti-sex Christian right have far more influence in the U.S. than in other “first-world” nations, including even the other “anglosphere” countries. Continental European feminists and leftists are more benign and tolerant, at least on sexual matters, e.g., the age of consent, and fundamentalist/evangelical/traditionalist Christianity is not nearly as powerful in Europe and Canada and Australia -and, in some nations, negligible as a force in culture and politics.