Reply To: RSOL Chair to Mass lawmakers: registration is government-sanctioned prejudice, segregation of citizens

NH Registrant

It’s amazing to me how easily the politicians get people to follow and believe like sheep when they point fingers of blame. Your taxes are high? It’s people on Welfare! Sex offender in your area? HIDE your children!! I am TOUGH on crime!!

Yet, these same crooks and liars are often rapists and molesters themselves. Many of them frequent prostitutes, drive drunk, murder people, extort people, and steal from people as well! But, along with the corporate media, they brainwash the public to always be pitted against EACH OTHER instead of seeing them for the criminals they are. Sex offender hysteria, Islamaphobia, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia – all things driven and fed by the media and politicians. Yet, people keep electing these types of people over and over again to feed their particular agendas and their egos. When will the general public wake up from the “American Dream” and realize they’re being had?