Reply To: USA TODAY rejects prisoner’s letter because he’s a sex offender



Ooops…I meant to direct my comments about age of consent laws in reply to Ed, not Phil. By the way Ed, I’m happy for your release!

One other thing…I agree with Ed’s remarks regarding human sexuality. I think any adult man who claims he’s never been attracted to a person under 18 is probably lying.

The term pedophile is used so frequently now. Any older person who gets caught doing something with a younger person is called a pedophile. While there are real pedophiles on the sex offender registry many people on the registry would not be considered pedophiles by the medical definition of the term. Again, I’m not arguing for lowering the age of consent, just stating what to me seems seems obvious- that it’s perfectly normal to find teenagers attractive. Can’t help but wonder if these laws are a societal response to the recognition (unconscious or not) of these feelings that most of us share?

I’m so sick of hearing in the media how these sex offender laws are “protecting our children from pedophiles” when the laws don’t do anything of the sort. In fact, our children are WAY more likely to wind up as sex offenders than to be assaulted by a registered person.