Reply To: Rethinking sex offender registries gains support



Both Paul and PHYS ED are completely correct.

It is absurd that people are in jail for mere possession of CP, yet there are real physical crimes against the person that the offender can plead down to a misdemeanor and even a summary offense and not end up on a public website. Even a felony conviction for assault (as long as it isn’t sexual) doesn’t require registration on a public list.

Isn’t someone who has beaten another person, or his wife, or a child more a risk to the public then someone looking at something on their computer? I have yet to see any empirical study or evidence to show a correlation of looking at nudity leads to sexually attacking another person. When you add to the “one size fits all” mentality, meaning that in 13 states a mere topless depiction of a female under age 18 is the same thing as someone under age 18 engaged in sex, or being molested, or posed lewdly and being a third degree felony, it is time to stop this madness.

One of these days, some high ranking judge or a governor or a legislator or someone in their family is going to get charged with streaking, public urination, or a picture of a 17 year-old girl who is only topless and will have to register on a public sex offender registry. When that happens, we will then see a push by the criminal justice reformers to include the sex offender registry.

The sex offender registry is a black mark on what America is supposed to be all about. It IS time for us who are on this registry to ban together and force reform.