Reply To: U.S. Congress successfully extends the “Megan” franchise


I wonder why no one has approached this as a Bill of Attainder ?
It certainly singles out one class of people.
The actual statistics can be used to prove that sex offenders have a lower rate of recidivism than virtually every other crime.
Shouldn’t there then be a registry for ALL other offenders ? Burglary, fraud, murder assault, etc. ?
Doesn’t the public need to be protected from ALL criminals ? Maybe if the states had to spend millions to create registries for every type of crime they might find it easier to have no registries at all.
In addition, the Constitution PROHIBITS Congress from passing ex post facto laws. It does NOT say only criminal laws. The founding fathers actually discussed civil vs. criminal laws under ex post facto and deliberately CHOSE NOT to differentiate. They SPECIFICALLY stated NO ex post facto law shall be passed.
Calder v. Bull is NOT blanket authority to pass ex post facto civil laws.
Another point i think is overlooked is the Declaration of Independence. IT IS PART OF LAW. That means that life, liberty, etc, is a right BY LAW.
The Declaration is, and has been, part of the Organic LAWS of the United States. IT has as MUCH legal authority as the Constitution.

Food for thought……