Reply To: Federal court guts NC premises statute; Permanently enjoins prosecution



I’m not naive enough to believe he was hacked. Sure, anything is possible but I really doubt it.

RSOL made a good point on another blog which is even the best of us have character flaws. JFK, MLK and many others could be added to that list. We need to still give Galen the presumption of innocence that we would all want ourselves but I have a hard time giving him much sympathy at the moment if he is indeed guilty. Establishing himself as an advocate meant that anything he did outside the bounds of what was proper and decent, not to mention law abiding, was going to reflect extremely negatively on us. You can see it on the comments to the slate article. People are having a field day with this. IF (and I say if purposefully) Galen engaged in this behavior, it’s truly a shame because he put instant gratification above the long term goals of an entire movement. I hope in due time, he becomes a part of the movement again. If we can forgive Bill Clinton (a president) surely with time we can forgive Galen.

I’ll tell you what worried me about him, to a small degree. His Ted Talk. He romanticized his relationship with the 14 year old that he had as a 19 year old. There was not a hint of contrition whatsoever. That struck me in a very uncomfortable way and for a moment made me think he hadn’t quite understood why it was wrong as a 19 year old to engage in sexual conduct with a 14 year old. Of course, I didn’t want to believe that at the time but I now see where unfortunately my intuition was correct. To reflect upon that relationship in any kind of sentimental way seemed entirely inappropriate.

As I said, Galen is one person. We are 850,000. Let’s try our best not to be defined by this. As Derek Logue said, our advocates as a whole have a pretty good track record. Our batting average is very high when it comes to not reoffending.