Please contact NARSOL using the form provided below, or, if you prefer, leave us a voicemail at 888-997-7765. Someone will promptly return your call. Carefully consider the categories below when reaching out to us. If your state does not have a group listed on our affiliates page, we will make every effort to connect you with the coordinator for your region.

NARSOL does NOT provide legal advice, financial assistance or recommend attorneys to individuals.

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While NARSOL attempts to respond to all questions and requests received, it is not always possible to answer questions timely or provide the level of assistance necessary for several reasons.

One reason is because advocacy toward rational sexual offense laws has only existed for a short time comparatively to other civil and constitutional challenges. Collectively, we have to recognize that registration and overreaching laws pertaining to people convicted of a sex offense did not happen overnight. It will take many dedicated people and evidenced stories of unjust treatment to bring these issues to the forefront. While NARSOL receives many requests for help, and will attempt at minimum to provide a recommendation or suggestion specific to the inquiry being made, many times the help sought is literally a question of defining new territory and therefore an easy or simple fix is simply not known. This is why we recommend becoming a member of NARSOL and acting in a participatory manner in some way by volunteering.

NARSOL is not a resource for monetary assistance or a resource for legal assistance with individual cases. NARSOL is comprised of many members who each can relate to the complex atrocities involving these laws and who may be able to assist you in other ways. We have each felt no one might understand until we came to realize we are not alone as each of us have suffered the burdens of registration and related consequences.

For these reasons, it is imperative that if you are seeking support or assistance that you may first wish to consider contacting someone in your own state of residence or the state you are seeking information about by visiting our State affiliates page. If the state you seek information about is not listed or you wish to contact NARSOL directly for help for any reason, it is recommended that this form be submitted so that we can better understand the issue(s) being brought to our attention. Frequently another source of advocacy related to a question being asked may be known and the form will allow us to properly refer the inquiry being made.

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