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Phil Telfeyan – Protecting constitutional rights in the federal courts

Phil Telfeyan

Philip Telfayen discusses the case of McGuire v. Strange (Alabama) which is awaiting a decision in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Mr. Telfayen explains why Alabama’s sex offender registration law is the most debilitating in the country, the constitutional issues asserted, how this registration law has adversely impacted Alabamans like Michael McGuire, and why the law needs to change.…

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Glenn Gerding – Beating back banishment and big brother

Restrictions on people convicted of sex offenses do little to protect society but take an enormous toll on the people restricted and their families, not to mention run afoul of core constitutional principles. Mr. Gerding discusses challenges to North Carolina restrictions on people convicted of sex offenses. In particular, he discusses how North Carolina enacted some of the country’s most…

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Melissa Hamilton – Confronting the “Junk Science” Concerning Offender Risks

Melissa Hamilton

The Supreme Court and lower courts have typically upheld sex offender laws and sentencing policies in the face of constitutional and other legal challenges based on the belief that the recidivism risk of sex offenders is “frighteningly high.” These courts also tend to accept assertions by elected officials based on scientific studies that are often not appropriately supportive. In other…

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Paul Dubbeling – A Matter of Fact: Recidivism rates and the need for fact-based litigation

Paul Dubbeling

Recent successes in legal challenges to sex offender statutes have been built upon a combination of strong factual records built by the plaintiffs and the demand for evidence supporting the state’s deprivation of fundamental liberties. Atty. Dubbeling shows how we must expand upon these successes and confront the judicial presumption that “sex offenders” are uniquely dangerous in a way that…

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NARSOL’s ninth conference and awards banquet

The National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws (NARSOL) convened its 2017 conference in Atlanta, Georgia, on Friday, June 2 with Building a Foundation for Effective Advocacy as its theme. The three-day conference was well attended with more than 140 advocates, presenters, and feature speakers present. Conference guests enthusiastically received information and current legal perspectives from four leading attorneys who are…

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NARSOL board retreat paves path for future growth, success

By Admin . . . National’s board of directors gathered in Houston, Texas, January 6-8, 2017, for its annual strategic planning session. During these yearly events the board maps out its advocacy priorities for the coming year, set deadlines, and assign tasks. The retreat began with a review of visible actions considered most significant from over the past year, and…

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How Metaphors Kill / Douard

The public tends to view sex offenders as monsters, and the law reflects that dehumanizing metaphor. At our 2016 conference in Atlanta, Mr. Douard explained how the monster metaphor points in the direction of Draconian recidivism prevention strategies, such as registration and civil commitment laws, rather than utilizing more humane and effective public health strategies that seek to protect society while also protecting the rights…

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