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KS: Kansas Supreme Court divided over offender registration law

The Kansas Supreme Court is divided over whether a law requiring criminal offenders to register with local authorities after prison represents extra punishment. A 4-3 majority has concluded that registration for sex, drug and violent offenders is not extra punishment. Its latest decision came Thursday in the appeal of Djuan Richardson. He was convicted of selling cocaine in Sedgwick County…

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PA: Registered sex offenders resign from fire departments after ABC27 investigation

ABC27 Investigator Kendra Nichols found two local fire departments with registered sex offenders, Londonderry Fire Company near Middletown and Citizens Fire Company of Highspire. At the time of the investigation, both registered sex offenders had the fire department addresses listed on the Megan’s Law website as places of employment. ABC27 told the Londonderry Fire Company the results of the search…

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Corey Feldman’s claims begin to fall apart

The Los Angeles Police Department won’t be pursuing the investigation it launched into Corey Feldman‘s childhood sexual abuse claims. LAPD officials confirmed to Page Six on Thursday that the alleged incident is “out of statute,” according to California law, and the robbery-homicide detectives have “no other avenues” to follow with the case. Feldman later responded to the news on Twitter, writing, “MAYBE NOW U…

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