U.S. Marshals conduct Blitzkrieg compliance checks on remote Missouri farm

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PART II: The truth and nothing but??

By Erik . . . I’d love to say how brave I was in the face of this adversity, but I folded like a coward and answered all further questions because I just knew he was right.  I’ve found many errors on my registration over the years, 100% of them not my mistakes but entry errors.  I simply went to the jail and got “Nicole” to fix it, and that was that.  However, I assumed I had missed my home phone being incorrect and now must politely cooperate or be cuffed up just as the neighbors were coming over for lunch.

The punchline to this not-so-funny joke is that the second the cops left, I ran upstairs and checked my registration, and there was my home phone number, plain as day and totally correct, not only on the most recent but on all forms going back more than four years. So, now I’ve proven to be a fool and a coward.  Great.  So much for being a leader in our community…

At any rate, back to the cops. Once they were done with their interrogation, I calmed my nerves and regained some wits and attempted to engage them on the subject matter.  Immediately the largest and most aggressive of them stepped up from behind me into my space and announced that these sweeps were critical for public safety as the U.S. has over 10 million registered sex offenders with more than one million unaccounted for at any given time.  Before I could retort with NCMEC’s number, the lead marshal chimed in.  She was a slender female and kept an unwavering hostile expression.  “I’m the regional coordinator (or some such title) for sex offenders and I see the numbers daily.  They are at the top for recidivism.”

I jumped in and said, “Well, if you control for ‘failure to register’ crimes and other non-sexual offenses…” She didn’t let me finish but retorted that these crimes were not included in the numbers.  She said, “I’m talking about additional rapes, further child molestation, and receiving child porn after being placed on the registry.  Sex offenders are the worst recidivists.”  She was adamant and quoted some more figures; others chimed in as well, supporting her misinformation.  The lead sheriff piped up and stated that they had already arrested three registrants earlier that day.  That was his justification for why these sweeps are needed.  In the military, we call that type of circular reasoning “a self-licking ice cream cone.”

The mostly one-way conversation continued for a few more minutes, but none of it is worth repeating as one can guess how accepting they were to any actual facts.  They always countered with very detailed “alternative facts” which they didn’t hesitate to spout with the utmost confidence.  As a lower-than-whale-shit sex offender, I’ve got exactly 0.0 credibility.

For those familiar with this issue, it is a well-known fact that persons on the registry have about the least degree of recidivism no matter how you categorize state and federal crimes.  There are numerous studies over nearly three decades now that show this repeatedly.  There are no legitimate studies by either state, federal nor academic sources that would back up what this lead marshal stated.  None.

The whole conversation was extremely upsetting, and I was rattled for days afterward. I’m not particularly upset that cops lie.  Not only is it accepted practice in this country for law enforcement to lie to citizens, but information suggests that they are actually trained on exactly how to lie for both informal questioning and recorded interrogation in order to yield a desired response.

No, what really bothers me is the fact that they were telling the truth — the truth as they have been taught.

These deputies and marshals are all low-level employees.  They are neither appointed nor elected to their jobs; they are not politicians.  I left the encounter with the feeling that these people all really believe the disinformation they’ve been fed through their training and that they feel passionate about their jobs.  They truly believe that they are protecting society and saving children with these Gestapo style tactics and that I really am the bad guy.  I’m the one who will rape women and sexually assault their children unless there is constant monitoring and intimidation that renders me into the role of a harmless and flaccid scumbag.

History has shown us time and time again that when a group of people in power believe that they are a member of the righteous, that makes them extraordinarily dangerous.  There is no doubt that if I had tried to run, even on my own property and with them trespassing with no probable cause nor warrant, they would have unloaded their magazines and felt fully justified.

My parting gift before their departure was that the lead deputy stated that he was going to mark this interview as “hostile” even though I spoke only to truth in a calm and reserved manner.  Unbelievable.  I guess I should expect armored vehicles to pull up next year.

Watch for Part III, the conclusion, coming soon