Sexual crime conviction in 1999 cancels out 29 years of service to country

By Captain Charles Munsey . . . Today, October 5, I started out as I routinely do — cup of coffee, morning devotions, a quick breakfast, and then on the road to take care of chores.  First, I stopped by my daughter’s home in Rockledge to drop off something for her and converse with her and my grandson for a while.  Then I set off for Patrick SFB (Space Force Base) to take care of chores there — pick up prescription meds, get a haircut, and then pick up groceries at the commissary.  Very routine, the same as I have been doing for years, since March, 2003 when I first moved to Florida and was placed on the Florida registry.

Today was different, as I was to find out.  At the gate my ID card was questioned, so I went over to the visitor’s center to find out what the problem was. It is the same ID card that I have used for years.  At the ID card office, I was informed that because I am on the Florida Sex Offender Registry, I no longer have access to the base — after all these years, years during which I was on the registry and welcomed on base.  My meds were waiting to be picked up, blood pressure and cholesterol.  My primary care provider is Dr. Botardo who is assigned to the Patrick Med Facility.  Basically, all of my retired military benefits have now been removed because of my being on the Florida registry.

My offense was in Virginia 24 years ago, eight years after my retirement from the U.S. Navy. I paid my debt to society in Virginia and sold my home in Virginia Beach to move to Florida because of my father’s bad health and my mother needing assistance.  Without ever committing an offense in Florida, I was added to the Florida  registry.  I was transferred to Florida on an interstate compact which allowed me to serve the period of probation in Florida. I was removed from probation 11 years early.  I live in a peaceful neighborhood and get along well with my neighbors.  I am no longer on the Virginia registry, where my failure took place after my wife’s death.

So now, as of today, with no reason whatsoever, my retirement benefits on base, my ability to even go on base, have been removed with absolutely no facts to explain or justify the removal other than false fear and paranoia.  My 29 years of service mean absolutely nothing.  The victim, my daughter, forgave me and we were reconciled years ago; she and her family now live in Rockledge, FL.

I have been living a perfectly normal life until today when the commander of the space force base fell victim to false information about registered citizens.  As those in the ‘know’ know, in Florida, once on the registry, always on the registry. Not even sainthood, departure from Florida, or death is justification for removal from Florida’s registry or even consideration of it. The registry is a ‘money maker’ for Florida and neither justice/forgiveness/restoration is reason for removal.  I belong to an organization that is trying to educate those in leadership positions, but in some cases, stupid/greed/lack of knowledge is hard to fix.

I pray that someday, soon hopefully, I will have my retirement benefits restored and that I can go on living a normal life.  A copy of this has been mailed to Brig. Gen. Stephen Purdy, commander of the 45th Space Wing at Patrick.

God save America,
Charles Munsey Jr.
Capt USN Ret

P.S. In the meantime, my prescription drugs wait to be picked up.  As my neighbor’s wife told me — he is a retired NYPD officer — I’d be better off if I had murdered someone.