Texas’s own Mary Sue Molnar to be speaker at NARSOL’s conference award banquet

Anyone who has been with NARSOL, and even its predecessor RSOL, for any length of time is familiar with the Texas lady whom we are honored to have as our banquet speaker.

Mary Sue Molnar founded Texas Voices as an advocacy organization for those who were adversely affected by registry laws in the “dark ages” of our advocacy. Arguably the very first full-fledged NARSOL affiliate organization, Texas Voices is strong in many areas but strongest in legislative involvement.

Mary Sue made it her mission early on to learn everything she could about the Texas Penal Code on sexual crimes, and she followed that by learning everything she could about the Texas Legislature. She became a fixture at the capitol building in Austin during the legislative sessions and is well known to many of the legislators and their staff members.

Willing Texas Voices members were trained in the art of testifying before legislative committees dealing with sexual offense laws, and many other members show up in support of those who are speaking, as well as sending written testimony. If a session includes a bill dealing with sexual law legislation, chances are that Mary Sue and some members of her dedicated group will be there.

At more than one legislative hearing, they all sat patiently waiting for “their” bill to be called, and when it was and the testimony was all completed, when the Texas Voices group rose to exit, scarcely anyone was left in the legislative chamber.

Mary Sue has served on the Board of Directors for the National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws (NARSOL), the National Center for Reason and Justice (NCRJ), and is executive director of Texas Voices.

During our awards banquet, she will entertain us with her journey as an advocate, taking us back to some of the very first conferences and how different advocacy is today than it was 13 years ago. Please join us for a memorable evening of down-home Texas cooking and the delightful Mary Sue.

NARSOL is honored to welcome Mary Sue Molnar to our annual conference in Houston, Texas, her home state.

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