CALL TO ACTION in support of registered citizen vilified by Fox News in Utah

We received this nationwide call to action courtesy of Vicki at Women Against Registry.

Several months ago, they were contacted by a registered citizen in Salt Lake City Utah who was being vilified and slandered by Fox13 television station.

The story is best told by Matt Duhamel, the Outspoken Offender, here in text and in video: https://theoutspokenoffender.medium.com/interview-with-jeremy-rose-fox-13-utah-the-outspoken-offender-72948e287527

In brief, the station did a lengthy interview with Jeremy, the registrant, that Jeremy perceived as being neutral to positive. He was stunned when he saw the almost sound-bite hit piece it had been edited and reduced to.

Jeremy and his family moved to another area after the fallout from the hit piece, but now that same television station and reporter are running teasers all week to get the public to tune in Thursday — that’s tomorrow — night for a follow-up investigation. The ridiculous thing is that there is nothing to investigate. Jeremy hasn’t been under supervision for a couple of years. He has broken no laws, violated no conditions. There is no story. See the one-sided, misleading promo for Thursday night’s story here: https://youtu.be/4YFj-3kOIMU.

If you would like to let the FOX station know, politely of course, how you feel about misleading stories such as this one, that you stand in support of Jeremy and his family, and that stories such as theirs injure families and children, it needs to be TODAY; their second story is tomorrow.

Contact for the station is:

Main station number: (801) 532-1300 (you can ask to speak with the news director, Mr. Sternfield.

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