Louisiana legislative committee rejects marking registrants’ driver’s licenses

By Will Sentell . . . A bill that would require the driver’s license or identification card of sex offenders to carry a special designation was narrowly rejected Tuesday in the House Transportation Committee.

State Rep. Larry Bagley, R-Stonewall, said his proposal was aimed at protecting citizens while also complying with a recent ruling by the state Supreme Court.

The court last year struck down a state law that said IDs for sex offenders had to include the words “SEX OFFENDER” printed in orange.

The measure failed 6-7 after a lengthy discussion.

Critics said the measure would likely be struck down.

“I have a problem with this bill,” said Rep. Mack Cormier, D-Belle Chasse and a member of the committee.

“It is not because I don’t want to protect kids. From a legal standpoint I do not think this would stand up in the U. S. Supreme Court.”

The bill would require that a driver’s license or state-issued ID card include a designation that would be recognizable to law enforcement officers.

Read the remainder of the piece here at The Advocate.

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      Jason C

      It’s sad that after the Supreme Court said no that Louisiana would still try to get around it…like I KNOW there are more pressing issues in Louisiana. Be an elected official for the state and stop worrying about something as meaningless (and harassing and shaming) as putting a designation on a license on registrants who have already done their time and just want to live a normal, law abiding citizens. Representative Bagley should be ashamed of himself and I’m glad that other elected officials saw the idiocy of this proposal.

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      The 10th circuit said it is constitutional for the state of Oklahoma to keep it on the license of registered citizens. It really is only shaming as every time I run into law enforcement they already know. So why its on the driver’s license leads to only one conclusion. Every one you have to show your I.D. to can “judge you”!!!

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      the People need protection from big government clowns like R. larry bagley.

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      Perry P.

      Until this-and all aspects of The Registry-are erased from existence by a Congress with a Freaking Spine to do so, NO ONE on The Registry will be safe from Vigilantes seeking to use this information on License Plates or Driver Licenses to harass and ultimately kill Us…unless an Elected Official’s Son, Brother, Uncle, etcetera, gets caught up on a Sex Crime Charge. THEN all of a sudden they want the same Protections for THEIR FAMILY MEMBER, that we do, and they usually get it too, by way of a Soft Jury, Judge, and a Huge Payoff or some other form of ‘Quid Pro Quo’.
      Nuff Said!

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      Marc H

      Unconstitutional in so many ways. Hard to understand how such a bill can be introduced & considered by supposedly educated lawmakers. Unless the bill also includes licenses of individuals with DUIs, murder or manslaughter convictions, hit & runs, & all other offenses, all it does is discriminate, same as the registry does

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      This made absolutely no sense.
      This is another thinly disguised way of shaming people with a sex crime conviction.
      Police run your license through their database if they stop you. They don’t need a designation on the license.
      The places where you show your license (banks, doctor’s office, etc) don’t need to know your past. Why don’t they brand people with DUI convictions by having their licenses labeled? It’s because almost everyone knows someone that has had a DUI & it’s become an “acceptable” crime.
      Glad this was defeated & I’ll be watching to make sure they don’t try to sneak it in again.

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      I can’t begin to describe the relief I’ve felt these past months not having to carry a branded license in Louisiana. I’ve always hated this particular part of being registered with a passion. TBH I carried an altered version of my ID so I didn’t have to show the marked one when I was with my daughters at the doctors office or checking into a hotel. It was very risky and lived paranoid I’d be caught and arrested but I didn’t care. It wasn’t right and it wasn’t fair. When “SEX OFFENDER” was finally removed a few months ago I just sobbed with relief and happiness. I literally danced and took pics and sent it to all my friends! Sometimes I take out my ID just stare at it and remind myself it’s real. Obviously I’m still fighting to the freedom to prove I deserve a second chance like everyone else in the registry but I’m so grateful that this one ugly part of my life is gone. Sometimes I daydream about what it would be like if I were able to live a life completely free of the shame, humiliation and restrictions of the registry. Judging by how good it felt to lose the scarlet letter on my license I bet I would just explode with energy and excitement for life! What if……? God please – I finished my sentence long ago- but that doesn’t even matter really-it’s not worth anything to finish supervision with PnP but continue it with the Sex Offemder divisions of the Sheriff AND the Police. I’m in a perpetual hell like everyone else in the registry – I just want to live long enough to know freedom again. Aside from the health and success of my family there is nothing I want more!

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