NARSOL asks administration to use them as resource in criminal justice reform issues

In late February, 2021, the NARSOL board members decided to appeal to key members of the new administration regarding sexual offense issues as they impact overall criminal justice reform. The resultant letter was mailed by U.S. certified mail on March 17 and then sent also by email to three individuals: Mr. Mike Donilon, Senior Advisor to the President; Mr. Steven J. Ricchetti, Counselor to the President; and Mr. Ronald Alan Klain, Chief of Staff. The text of the letter follows; as of yet there has been no response.

Dear __________,

The National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws (NARSOL) shares with you and with President Biden the vision for a better America for all people, the vision about which he spoke in his inauguration speech when he said, “. . . an American story of hope, not fear; of unity, not division; of light, not darkness; a story of decency and dignity, love and healing, greatness and goodness,” and Amanda Gorman, in like manner, spoke of, “. . . a country committed to all cultures, colors, characters and conditions of man.” This is our vision for our country also. We share the wish of our president for just such an America.

NARSOL is a national organization that advocates for the rights of citizens who are and have been for many years systemically denied the opportunity for unity and healing, persons with previous sexual offense convictions, citizens required to affix their names to the sex offense registry and publicly bear the label of “sex offender.”

For decades, too many of those with sexual crime convictions in their past have been excluded from the country of which the President and Ms. Gorman speak; their American story has been one of fear, division, and darkness, and they hunger for hope, unity, light, love, and healing.

For decades, legislation designed to reduce sexual offenses and punish offenders has, at best, led to creating a group of citizens who, along with their families, are ostracized and denied many opportunities at rebuilding their lives as productive citizens but has been completely ineffective in achieving the goal of improving public safety.

President Biden has made it clear that meaningful criminal justice reform is a priority for him. That reform must include reform of laws and policies that negatively affect those with a sexually related conviction. NARSOL has the experience of knowing the impact of these laws on public safety and wishes to collaborate with your office to ensure that story of hope survives for all Americans.

NARSOL asks for the opportunity to meet with you as well as key legislators who are tasked with criminal justice reform. We have many years of working with the issues of sexual offenses, persons who commit them, and persons impacted by them. We stand ready to meet, to answer questions, to share research, and to provide any information required on this topic.

Please respond via email to with some convenient times for me to call, and I will get back with you to set up a phone, Zoom, or in-person meeting. We look forward to having the opportunity to explore ways to change that story for those for whom we advocate while at the same time contributing to improved safety for all Americans.

Respectfully yours,
Brenda Jones
Executive Director

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Sandy is communications director for NARSOL, editor-in-chief of the Digest, and a writer for the Digest and the NARSOL website. Additionally, she participates in updating and managing the website and assisting with a variety of organizational tasks.

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      Here’s to hoping for a favorable response from someone at least willing to listen………I won’t hold my breath.

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      Iam a past se offender who has enjoyed all libertys both incarcerated for this crime and after release of the crime. From 1984 till 1996. When The laws were modify then with out notice my life drastically changed for the worst All liberty’s of employment housing were taking away and as a single father who had sole and physical custody was now depending on government assistance shame since my face appeared on a public web site since then my life has been destroyed. With out any equal protection or due process..

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      I love the idea of this letter. My only complaint is that I think ” legislation designed to reduce sexual offenses and punish offenders has…” is far to gracious. I think it’s a stretch even to say “legislation meant to reduce…” since no doubt by recent rounds of expansion it was well known that these laws are not effective.

      No, they are designed to unconstitutionally punish a class of people in order to secure votes and money.

      Nothing more.

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        Quentin A

        I’m with you . I don’t know what to say anymore. I Had a SIS back in 1989 , I was free . Then you know what happened, then in 2006 I didn’t have to sign anymore because the Supreme Court said I didn’t have to , . Free again , then in 2009 they said I had to sign again. Lost my mind , and wife and kids . And ever time I look around, they are trying to put me in jail for some reason or another. Can’t take much more , and nobody cares if anyone of us die tomorrow. Q

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      Very well written. Let us hope it does not fall onto death ears.

      Amazing, Disney just posted a statement reading

      “It’s important for a company with as much influence and power as Disney has to address its problematic and exclusive behaviors, fix them, and move forward with representation values at the forefront of its efforts. As these inclusion-minded changes begin to take root, hopefully they will foster a legacy that’s rich in respect, acceptance, and love for others. “We will never stop working to make sure Disney is a welcoming place for all,” D’Amaro said.”

      But we all know Any past or present sex offender on the registry is 100% banned from Disney and will be trespassed for life.

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      Thank you so much for writing this letter for all that live on the registry. I pray to God that someone will hear and listen to someone who’s really trying to help. It’s a crying shame that every other crime committed is so easily forgotten except a sex offender. They have to live in shame as long as they are on the registry and not only them but also their families.

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      In my opinion, this letter is a step in the right direction, and many more such letters should be sent to many officials at the federal and state level. When we ask nicely (but insistently – by repeating many times) we are really demanding. Our approach, in my opinion, must be a polite demand.
      The tone of this letter is exactly right, but it must be repeatedly sent to many persons of power.

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      Very good letter. However, I hold no hope for success with legislators. There is too much money involved that goes right into their coffers. The only way we will ever win will be in court.

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      Was the VP in the group who received letters? Since her former position as CA AG, it would be interesting to see her reaction (but why do I imagine her laughing manically at it when done reading the letter given how she was not a well received AG with her actions to her own citizens)?

    • #82875 Reply

      Kathie Gourlay

      Excellent idea.
      I would also write: the head of the Department of Justice, the head of the SORNA Office, and the speakers of both houses of Congress.

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      Their answer to “criminal justice reform” as pertaining to sex offenses is to sidestep the issue altogether. They created an untouchable system, only when they can safely tiptoe around (ie using the blm or lgbtq narrative) will they even attempt to handle this steaming bag of legislative bile.

      Corrupt law makers, law enforcement, and entrenched politicians seeking easy votes is how things got this way. You’re looking at two of them in office right now. They will impose 20 new hardships for every 1 concession. The sooner people realize this the better.

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      Thank you for this and all you do.

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      Thank You NARSOL,
      For taking action to the statements that President Biden has given. Hope is what we all need, and change is what we all hope to see. I think it took AIDS to make gays human to us all. I say this with love to my best friends brother, as well as my step brother and to several of my friends that I never turned my back on. I will also never turn my back on the many People who are now labeled as Sex Offenders. I say this on behave of my grandson, and my granddaughter’s boyfriend, and the men that I have meant in the required meetings as others that I have meant over the years. I stand by you all!
      Thank you Brenda Jones

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      Cindy Prizio

      Bravo NARSOL.. such a beautiful, poignant letter. I choose today to see the glass half full. This communication to the Biden administration gives me hope. Will it accomplish what we need it to do? Maybe. We get there through our labor and persistence, resilient we stand.

      In solidarity and a great big virtual hug to the NARSOL board.
      (You too RM.)
      Cindy Prizio
      Executive Director
      One Standard of Justice
      CT .. the blue-red state.
      OSJ stands tall with NARSOL as the state affiliate

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      One can hope. But reality is that all politicians use sex offenders as a scapegoat. They make claims as they pass laws that this is meant to protect our children. When in reality is destroys more lives that it saves. Each day brings to light that more and more politicians and high ranking officials are accused of heinous acts. Hope dwindles while the government plays games.

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      I think she also should have added that; there are a great many of Us that have had our Right To Vote returned to Us-in my case My PO said so. Thus; there’s a Huge Block of Us that can assist in helping Congress and the Senate, especially in the Upcoming Mid-Term Election Cycle, remain Blue Controlled by a wider margin than what both have now. Since they’re all about THE MONEY, why not play THEIR Game against them by financially backing those who WILL actively seek to include RSO Reform Legislation in the overall package? Maybe even that is too much to hope or even consider asking for…but then again, why not?
      Nuff Said!

    • #82894 Reply

      Overseas citizens

      Nice thought, I’ll definitely come back to the U.S. of Amensia if they abolished this insane registry to visit my son and daughter that I have not seen since they put a label on me as a registered S.O.and unwanted member of the land of the free and brave (not).

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      Its time for all sex offenders to do more than just ask for justice. No one has listened yet. The USA needs people to look down on and persecute. Makes it feel better about the criminal acts it has committed in everyday life on citizens. The scope has moved from Blacks to sex offenders now. The Bill of Rights has always been the Bill of Temporary Privilege’s. Just ask any Black American, Indian and all others this country decided shouldn’t have rights. Now we are the ones this country has decided has No Rights. Stop being afraid. Arm your self for defense, stand up, Laugh at the miss informed cops that laugh at you and if any vigilantes try to hurt you make sure they don’t hurt you! Everyone thinks all sex offenders are weak and defense less. Protect you self and family. Above all don’t ask, BARK!!! And Always Tread On Those Who Tread On You!! You will be surprised how many Vigilantes will run because they thought you are scared and weak. Has worked WELL for me.

    • #82896 Reply


      Thank you! For everyone reading this: you want more action? Join the effort by writing similar letters to your state leaders and lawmakers – if there is a light at the end of this tunnel it begins by raising our collective voices to every level of government -consistently, clearly, and with dignity And then standing by armed with the clearest, most honest and convincing statistics and the testimony of the most persuasive among us.

    • #82902 Reply


      Thank you for your work!

    • #82910 Reply

      Ruben Reyes

      Thank you for a well-communicated message. Hopefully, this letter will make a big impact and start the conversation and not a monologue as has always been.

    • #82914 Reply

      Old Offender

      Sex Offenders are easy targets for the media and the politicians, both of whom feed the public misinformation about SOs. Regardless of the crime, the public gets convinced that all SOs are child rapists and should be put away for life. Reforming or abolishing the registry is a political third rail and no elected official will touch it. I truly appreciate NARSOL and what they are trying to do, but unfortunately the courts are probably our only hope and that is a slim one.

    • #82916 Reply

      Timothy Davich

      Thank you Brenda and all the NARSOL members. I also believe that we the registered offenders and our families and friends as well need to write letters and visit our local representatives and have these conversations with them. Most if not all the information they have is for these types of laws, WE ALL need to stand up and be recognized and deal with the issues. Being they effect us all, family and friends as well as all our communities that we live in. WE can not just stand around and let others fight our battles, we must stand with those who help and stand in numbers. If this fight is one worth winning or losing it all then we must stand as one United group. Their is strength in numbers.

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      Tim in WI

      It is an honest effort to ask. However it has been my experience that complaints about national unionized workers to a party that clearly supports the same utopian paradise fantasy is fruitless. The harder they squeeze to more abhorrent America gets.Obviously no database will fix it. That will require humans dealing with humans opposed more prophylactic use of machine database.

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      Gene Laws

      yes writing the letter will help if it finds the people who are not afraid to be adjective in changing the way our laws alow for the systematic injustice born by so many.

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