Six chiropractors resign after voting to restore registrant’s license

By David Wildstein . . . Six members of the New Jersey Board of Chiropractic Examiners under fire for restoring a medical license to a convicted sex offender have resigned, an attorney representing the chiropractors said.

The resignations come six days after Gov. Phil Murphy announced that he was replacing Brett Wartenberg, Thomas Senatore and Paul Lyons on the state regulatory board.

The other three members — David Allen, Rosemary Calio and Albert Stabile – were on holdover status and in the process of being replaced.

That leaves the state Board of Chiropractic Examiners without a quorum until the Senate votes to confirm Murphy’s nominations of Kelly Blunder, Uchenna Abba Onyeani and Michael Kaufman. Murphy submitted the nominations of the three chiropractors last week.

Despite warnings from Attorney General Gurbir Grewal, the board voted to reinstate the license Dr. Bryan Bajakian, who in 2008 was convicted on charges of luring or enticing underage girls and illegally possessing a firearm.

Grewal sought to block his reinstatement, arguing the board relied on an improperly conducted psychosexual evaluation, but the board on Thursday shot down the attorney general’s motion.

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      That’s a big win for the parole board.
      Granted. Professional careers where peoples trust and vulnerabilities are betrayed should be restricted.
      For crying out load, the guy illegally possessed a firearm. Sounds a little reckless. Especially at his age and position.
      It seems that if he made it that far, having his license restored, worse case scenario, he’d always find a niche to stay employed in some way. From a business standpoint.
      Many are banished.

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        This decision has nothing to do with the parole board. It was the state licensing board run by licensed chiropractors only. They likely had an administrative hearing, looked at the evidence for his rehabilitated condition, and granted him licensure with restrictions and monitoring for a period of time. And like a good loyal team, when the governor sought to replace them(they are all governor appointed positions), they collectively all resigned. At least they can be recognized for having an open mind.

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      A Mistake They Made

      Prejudice is alive and well in the USA if it is against Registered Citizens. The government even stands behind it. The pendulum will swing back someday and I hope it is as devastating to society as the prejudice was to Registered citizens. This is not the land of the free anymore, but different degrees of slavery.

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      If a chiropractor cannot practice his trade in 2021 for a crime committed in 2008 then the State should just create jobs for all of us. I was a banker and I haven’t worked since the week I surrendered to prison, 6 years ago.

      How are we supposed to change if we are not allowed to work? Ostracization and public humiliation only compounds our shame and the insecurities that drove us to our dark places. If we have nothing to keep us productive we will become the monsters that keep you up at night.

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      This country is starting to decline, that is right we are not the land of the free anymore. The people of the United States must be prejudice against one group of people or another some some stupid reason. We pass laws that favor a small group, or against another. We are all doomed.

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      If we are to expect any kind of reforms of SO laws and of the public’s attitude in general, we must never appear to support the kinds of activities that gets one on the registry in the first place. And no I’m not talking about the grey areas where the laws overstep.

      This guy seemingly never intended to change his behavior. In my experience when someone is aware they are under intense scrutiny and can’t help themselves continuing that very behavior, it is a sign there is still much work to be done and they are FAR from rehabilitated. Putting the chocolate addict in a candy story is idiotic.

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