Registrants have their own set of traffic laws

By Terry . . . We all have laws — speed limits, stop signs, red lights, just to name a few. As registrants we have many laws that affect us daily that other people never have to worry about. Knowing these laws will help smooth our road through life and keep us out of prison.

Each state has a set of laws called statutes; in Kentucky they are called the Kentucky Revised Statutes or the KRS code. Every state has something similarly named. These are bills that have passed into law and explain the law itself. They cover all areas of life.

In these statutes are laws specifically directed to the requirements placed on those on sexual offense registries. They cover not only what registrants must do to remain in compliance with registration but also what registrants are prohibited from doing and required to do in life. Residency laws, proximity laws, and requirements for travelling or moving to another state are just a few of the laws we are required to follow.

Every registrant should look them up and know these laws. Don’t just accept what the local sheriff says you can’t do or must do; know for yourself what the law requires or prohibits for you.

While on probation, parole or some other kind of post-incarceration supervision, the probation officer will assist in knowing the rules. Once no longer under supervision, or “off-paper,” it often seems that the powers that be are waiting for you to break a law or rule so that they can send you back to prison. Sometimes that is true.

Go to the dresser where you buried your original paper work from the courts and read the restrictions placed on you, find the statues for your state, and educate yourself on what can send you back. It is your responsibility as a registrant to know the laws that affect you.

As long as you are required to be on a sexual offense registry, you want to do everything within your power to make your path and your road through life as smooth as possible.

Photograph taken by Terry on a back road in Michigan.

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Terry’s journey in art, writing, and photography started 46 years ago when he was 10 years old. Even though his road has been rocky at times and his past seldom as he would have had it, he has always been drawn to the beauty of this world and knows the future is yet to be known. He is currently working on NARSOL's Lives on the Registry video project. His hope is that what he has to offer can open eyes and hearts to life anew and somehow guide others along the road to a better life.

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      Michael Alan Pierce

      My probation officer has communicated with me twice her wish for me to sign a paper giving her the right to officially change the conditions of my probation so that I may take at her request polygraphs. The last polygraph I took the blood pressure cuff dangled from my extended arm unconnected by means of hook and cloth velcro and I cant get anyone to view the tape. God forbid we hold a poligrapher accountable for questionable practices.
      As it stands right now those polygraphs that I took were connected to the treatment class mandated by the court that I passed twice.
      Wait for it……..

      Now I’m mister red flags.

    • #81344 Reply

      Facts should matter

      “As long as you are required to be on a sexual offense registry, you want to do everything within your power to make your path and your road through life as smooth as possible.”

      The irony in your statement is that the registry MAKES life impossible.

      As long as you “play their game” (that is intentionally rigged btw), expect absolutely nothing to get better. Keep being nice, sheepish and subservient so they continue to pile on even more restrictions, requirements and guidelines to witch hunt us with.

      • #81409 Reply

        Terry H

        “The irony in your statement is that the registry MAKES life impossible.”

        Not true. For many people on a registry, it is hard but never makes life impossible. To make life possible you must first understand and follow the laws that affect you. As bad as some laws are in some States, someone can still create a life worth living and one to be proud of. I hate these laws as much as you and everyone else does but I refuse to allow these laws to keep me from living my life or the life I want to live. All I am saying is to figure it out and stop allowing them to stop you. If there is a will, there is a way.

        • #81422 Reply

          Facts should matter

          Well, I think it’s wonderful how you’ve acclimated to slavery. Anecdotal sentiments only inspire and motivate pacifism .I can make peace with failure, but I will never make peace or come to terms with the registry and law enforcement.

          • #81495 Reply


            Damn Straight!!
            We must never stop protesting (vigorously and loudly)!
            …Otherwise, we become complicit by giving our tacit consent!

          • #81516 Reply


            Sorry, but I have not become acclimated to slavery. I am not a slave to anyone or any system, that is not how I live my life. I follow the laws that affect me like any other citizen of this country. I am sorry it so hard for you to be positive. Hopefully, you’ll find some comfort in this life. Being negative will change nothing for you or those around you.

        • #81482 Reply

          Jim Coghill

          It won’t become impossible until the law is written in such a way that it requires you to do 2 completely opposite things at the same time. Even if it was a bunch of dead people writing the law it will take a long time before that happens on its own.

    • #81445 Reply


      I am a 74 year old SO and live in N.H. and want to build a tiny house in Fla. so I can rent it on airbnb. and maybe if I can build enough of them I can hire some people on the registry that will clean them after the renters leave.

      I remember a page on the internet that gave every States rules and regulations and I have found it. It’s called KlaasKids. That site used to let you scan the names of the people on the registry. The page no longer does that. So I guess I’d have to go to the Police Dept. and ask for the names of everyone in N.H. on the registry. Which I don’t believe they would give that information to me.

      I wanted to start groups in each County but I can’t do that if I don’t have data on who is on the registry now. I can’t remember half the names of the people that was in my SO Class. So now I don’t know where to go. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. I really want to start to help everyone know that there is a foundation that wants to help us. In fact everyone should do that. maybe then Narsol will get the funds they need to do what they feel will help us.

      • #81484 Reply


        Hi Ron,
        I too thought about purchasing rental property in FL. Now, however, I would consider staying away from FL all together. I went there visiting on vacation and ended up registering there. I don’t trust this state at all and a state that has such harsh SO laws will hopefully never get another dime from me. It’s tainted land that I see. You could go down there with good intentions and end up behind bars. I would maybe consider a different state. You must be more comfortable down there 🙂 Good luck though!

        • #81520 Reply


          ya them southern states were and apparently remain notorious enslavers.

      • #81493 Reply


        Ron, be sure to check Airbnb’s current regulations for hosting. About 2 years ago they added a rule that no one on the sex offender registry can be a guest at one of their rentals. And they check. I know this, because I stayed at several Airbnb rentals and was shocked and disappointed with the change. Don’t want you to invest your time and resources for something that’s forbidden.

    • #81483 Reply


      Hey Terry,
      They stalk everyone heavy about the time they have to “report” or register because that means, one more year. They do not like success stories and each success story, is a nail in their bull**** story about recidivism.

      By keeping your nose clean, is another nail in their story, which we all know is a lie.

      The problem is, when they spout false stories, and the news doesn’t correct it, it is rare for the news & law enfocement to be corrected — publically.

      • #81517 Reply


        I have never had anyone stalking me. If they don’t like success stories then they must really be upset because there are lots of them. I follow the laws that affect me and don’t worry about the rest of it. I do not live in fear.

    • #81486 Reply


      I live a good life IN SPITE of everything. Even while i was in prison and denied certain things because i was a sex offender and that was the prison’s “policy”. These werent anything major so i didnt make a big deal about it. I did what i was supposed to do and followed all orders with a smile. Even though most of my motivation for doing well and enjoying life comes from my hatred of sex offender laws, its working. If i do what they say, not let it hold me back (like they want it to), do it with a positive attitude, i will succeed, and they will lose. Its almost like “i will show you…i will be a better person than those not on the registry”

      • #81518 Reply


        100% agree. A good attitude makes all the difference

    • #81503 Reply

      Perry P.

      I see both sides: It CAN be possible to have a life as well as We can recover-to a certain extent of course-but on the other hand, they always will look for ways to increase Our Societal Handicap as much as possible because it Always Makes Them Look Vigilant And Good to Society as a whole. If you are somehow blessed with some kind of Windfall ie: Lottery, Inheritance, etc, and are able to use it to at least get eased restrictions on Your Life, then you have some kind of chance to be as near to Whole as they’ll grudgingly allow. If on the other hand; you do what you know you have to do-as I always try to insure I do Myself-then at the very least you keep their ability to use the Weapons they keep ‘Locked and Loaded’ at a complete stand still. So Yes. It DOES make sense to keep updated on New ‘Sneaky Laws; they put in as often as possible. Look; None of Us can ever say to a Judge: ‘I didn’t know….’ because inasmuch as such a situation could become true, every DA, will push for another conviction, and The Judge WILL go along with it. I absolutely HATE these Requirements and Laws, but until I’m able to somehow Combat them Successfully WITHOUT the Threat of Re-Conviction Retaliation, I’m as stuck as the rest of Us are. So I periodically look things over here in PA, and see what’s been added or amended, and continue to hope for the day when a Law Firm will Grow Enough Of A Spine To Say: “This ISN’T RIGHT. WE’LL FIGHT FOR YOU!” Then again, at this point in time, no such Firm will ever come forth to do just that…they gotta stay in Business you know, and that means keeping The Money Flowing!!!
      Nuff Said!

    • #81515 Reply


      ya! and maybe check out your states statutes covering habeas corpus. Indiana, for example, at one time allowed servants to be freed from their masters by petition for a writ of habeas corpus. In re Clark, 1 Blackf 122 (1827). Federal courts were in accord. In re Turner, 24 F. Cas. 337 (C.C. Md. 1867).

    • #81530 Reply


      “What better form of goal achievement could there be than to confront conditions
      as they exist, identify what we need to learn to operate most effectively, and then
      go about the task of learning it, making our adjustments along the way?”

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