New NARSOL project: Lives on the registry

By Mark . . . Chances are, you’ve heard a story or two about someone struggling as a veteran, but have you heard the story of one of the 1 million people listed on a sexual offence registry? Probably not. The popular belief is that these registrants are a) uncommon and b) monsters who will reoffend, but the truth is that they are neither. You haven’t been told the truth, and I’m excited to be part of a team of volunteers at the National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws (NARSOL) working to change that. We tell stories, both in written and video form, with video interviews, whiteboard-narrated stories, and Zoom interviews.

It’s not easy to talk about the consequences of being convicted of a sexual offense with candor and depth, and yet that’s what Christopher P did. Please watch and share. I was inspired by the story of Paul Hanley who faced his demons and came out the other side stronger and a leader. I was very proud to narrate Richard’s story (name has been changed) in this whiteboard video as he works to move on with his life and also bring a new life into this world.

Even more stories are being produced as I write this and you’ll want to go to our YouTube channel, like it, and subscribe to it to hear more. These stories will help you understand why NARSOL and other advocacy groups are fighting for change and why ignoring the stories of people on registries does a disservice to society.

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Mark and his father; Mark is a volunteer for NARSOL, working to eliminate discrimination, banishment, and vigilantism against persons accused or convicted of sexual offenses.

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      What i hear from people is basically that all sex offenders are monsters who deserve to be on the list and either put to death or spend the rest of their lives in prison. Also, to them, ALL sex offenders are child rapists. What i feel will help is educating people and more famous people or lawmakers to become affected by it. Opinions change when it hits home. Whenever i hear someone bad mouthing sex offenders, i use that as an opportunity to educate them. I say that not everyone on the list has even touched a child, that there are so many crazy ways to get put on it. Then i mention people do far worse crimes and arent on registries.

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        I fully agree that people need to be more educated about there being all forms of sex offenders and not all even touch children and/or are the monsters they are made out to be! However, I have seen and learned over the last 24 years since my boyfriend at the time he went in, to now my fiancé since he’s getting out this year, this is one topic that if people feel whatever way about, they usually will not change their feelings no matter how hard you try to educate! So I just typically ignore and avoid those people!

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      Cherokee Jack

      Also, we all seem to be thrown into the same category. Not saying I am any better or any worse than anyone else on the registry. Having said that, someone who raped and murdered a child is obviously more of a threat than someone who looked at some porn that may or may not have been an underage person.

      Regardless, we are all gathered onto the same registry and people do not care if you got probation or did 30 years in prison. We all must be labled, stopped and some even want to kill us, even though they have never met us and we have done nothing to them or anyone they know.

      So many have the idea of some weirdos hidding in alleys waiting to snatch kids from the bus stop. Maybe some did that but should someone who was 21 and was in love with their 16 year old girl friend and got caught be treated the same way? The public (For the most part) sees us all, as the article above states, we are all horrrible monsters that should be put down and out of our misery for public safety.

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        Ed C

        Cherokee, I always enjoy your posts. As you pointed out, the registry paints everyone with a broad brush. We know that there are some SOs who are irredeemable monsters, but they are a tiny fraction of those on the registry. And not all monsters are registered.

        In a conversation about the registry, I agreed with my PO who said that people rightly fear for the safety of their children, and that the registry made them feel safe. Though both feeling safe and being safe are certainly desirable, they are not the same. There are literally dozens of psychological testing methods and thousands of counselors who lay claim to valid risk assessments. If (a big IF) that were true, I suggested resource allocation, actual safety and the perception of safety would be best served by using those tools to diagnose and monitor the truly dangerous. He had no rebuttal.

        If those counseling and testing methods are indeed accurate, they should be used to cull the herd and not simply to perpetuate the “psycho-industrial complex.” The bible says the truth will set us free. The corollary is that BS will bind us.


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      Margaret Carr

      Our son Peter J. Carr was convicted of sexual crap against a 7 year old. Supposedly his hand brushed ofer her chest once. By the time it came to trial it was then rubbing back and forth, no accident and done with sexual Intent. The Police are known to lie in our District/ A news paper article was written about their M.O. A very determinded female prosecutor was totally brilliant at bending facts.. Meanwhile her family was supposed to be with her when this happened. Why would they let this happen.??? Standing there while a man’s hand brushing repeatedly back and forth with sexual intent.???? The family did not reort the incident till 3 weeks after it supposedly happened. They had to guess a day in court. The day they chose my son was at work and would not have been able to be at the location at that time. His boss testified this in court.
      \Peter is now 50 and has been in prison for 10+ years because he refuses to sign anything that states he committed this crime. He states he will never come out of prison with a Sexual Predator sign on his forehead./ There is a lot more to this story. Were they illegal? A tight story was there so we could not find out. My/our son is innocent and this family – I do not know what reward they got for doing this.
      He is at S.C.C.C. in Aberdeen, WA for the rest of his life.
      I wish someone would help him. I am 76 with a fatal lung problem. My husband is 80 and not in the best of health.
      Can you help or at least suggest someone that can. We spent $40,000 on attornies/ Our retirement. I never saw such innefective attornies. We have the entire thing on a stick recording. A lot to this story.
      Thank you
      Margret CARR -mother
      Peter D. Carr – Father

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      Rose Marie Jueden

      My son was given 50 years for first time sex crime he knew he had done wrong and told the truth he has been i n prison for 9 years and has never been written up and has been a tutor for other inmates started different programs to encourage inmates while in prison we can make a difference better inmates one of the programs he started was called Courage to Change while in prison another was Pillars of Life which is were while in prison you can build a new foundation step by step, my son is getting ready to file for a sentence reduction to go before the parole board, he was denied that 9 years ago due to his attorney not singing the papers to modify his sentence and send them in to the Judge who gave him the 50 year sentence all my son wants is to be heard.
      Thank you a caring mother
      Rose Marie Jueden

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      The thing I would like to do is let people know the different ways they can protect them selves, and the tools they can use to protect them selves. This info is very useful after having our names, addresses and personal info splattered all over the internet. But for some reason NARSOL deletes this info when I try to post it. I do think protecting ourselves from the vigilantes is an important aspect of being assaulted by the registry.

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        My question again is why NARSOL will not allow me to let people know how to protect them selves? Anyone?? This does matter as Lives Being On The Registry. Or will this go unheard so we can waste money playing lawyer games hoping to abolish the registry? What do we do untill then?? Say strongly worded thoughts and throw dirty looks? Anyone from NARSOL have an answer why you block my input? Again why do you block my message about ways to protect ourselves from being attacked, with the use of legal tools?

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      Alice Chapman

      My son, Terry, served our nation for 18+ years. He went to war in the Middle East 3 times and came home the last time a different man..lost/confused/etc. He did the crime of statuatory rape and has now finished his prison term. I wanted to make people aware of a program by the VA: Incarcerated Veterans Reentry Program. I don’t know all the states that have the program but I do know the Veteran’s Hosp in Salisbury, NC, does participate. Please spread the word to veterans! For those who are not Veterans..this type of program should be made available for ALL!
      I have contacted my state Senator (He was very helpful in getting my son into the program in NC) with my concerns about the registry and the ‘life sentence’ is creates.
      Thanks for all this group does!

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