Ex-post facto claim denied; man convicted in 1994 must stay on registry says Wyoming Supreme Court

By Jim Angell . . . A man who was required to register as a sex offender because of a change in state law must continue to register even though his conviction occurred more than 25 years ago, Wyoming’s Supreme Court has ruled.

The court upheld a lower court’s decision to require Jeffrey Earl Harrison to register as a sex offender until 2034.

According to the ruling, written by Justice Kate Fox, Harrison was convicted in 1994 of fourth-degree sexual assault, a crime which in 1997 was reclassified to third-degree sexual assault, which is defined as “sexual contact” without sex taking place.

At the time of his conviction, Harrison was not required to register as a sex offender because the victim was over 16. However, state law changed in 2007 to require registration by those convicted of third-degree sexual assault regardless of the age of the victim.

Once Harrison learned of the change in 2009, he began to register as a sex offender. In 2019, 25 years after his conviction, he asked that he be allowed to stop registering.

The ruling said in Harrison’s case, he could ask for relief from registration after 25 years.

A state district court initially agreed to Harrison’s request, but it was opposed by the state Division of Criminal Investigation.

The DCI said the 25-year limit began after Harrison started registering in 2009, not when he was convicted in 1994.

Read the rest of the article here at Cowboy State Daily.

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      A Mistake They Made

      What are we supposed to do if they keep blatantly violating our civil rights? The Constitution is the law of the land, and the courts are supposed to tell them when they cross the line. They have crossed the line and went all the way through the woods with this crap. Somebody has to put these A-Hole$ in check!

    • #81720 Reply
      H n H

      The Constitution doesn’t mean anything anymore, don’t you know that? They twist everything around they can to keep people on the registry. There’s no fight against it, it’s useless.

    • #81727 Reply
      Tim in WI

      Upholding plain slavery!
      Only with SOR we’re discussing database property maintenance.
      Slavery was upheld by courts to going all the way back to Dred Scott.

      There is no doubt the people intend to impose more incarceration through it.
      Therefore it is safe to presume there are far bigger plans for the database and its use. Mr. Snowden has been making the case on youtube.

      Until a mob of registrants gather together and force their hand conditions will not improve.

      • #81822 Reply

        Here is the deal. What has happened to these characters? Nothing; never has and never will; rules for thee not for me…

        Epstein Crew:

        Les Wexner
        John Roberts
        William Barr
        Bill Clinton
        Prince Andrew

        Grounds for dismissal of all registrant stipulations…

    • #81774 Reply

      Even if he did win, the legislators would write another bill that would put him back on. Ex Post Facto is not the route to argue.

    • #81807 Reply

      For thee but not for me; The multiple tiers of justice:

      After Admitting to Felony Sex Crimes, Deputy Gets No Jail, Won’t Register as Sex Offender


    • #81808 Reply

      This is a breach of contract. It should be revisited by suing as breach of contract.

      • #81897 Reply

        I agree this is an avenue to explore.

        • #81971 Reply
          Tim in WI

          Reasons why contract law is irrelevant.
          1. A judgment is not a contract between two equal parties.
          2. The convicted is subordinate. The people are not.
          3. Standard plea waiver IS informed consent when signed.
          4. The database ” as property ” belongs to the people.
          5. The ” containment strategy”(see NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR JUSTICE intent therein and upon the working property has yet to be recognized as forced labor.

    • #81926 Reply

      Lawsuits. It seems that they and they alone, would do for Us, what any other avenue of Legal Proceedings evidently cannot or will not. Hammering a State Where it would hurt it most-It’s Finances- would seem to me, to be the way to force Lawmakers to start changing their collective tunes when writing these Draconian Restrictions and Laws. Most especially, when targeting specific State Bills any one of them craft. It would help a great deal, if more and more Investigations into the Outside Dealings of these Lawmakers-Outside of their Chambers and in their very PERSONAL LIVES-would be conducted such that, ANY KIND OF DIRT, revealed or discovered, would be adequate to sufficiently RUIN their future aspirations of Political Advancement. Watch how many of them decide to start doing The Real Right Thing, instead of what they want…which is ANY Old Thing!!
      Nuff Said!

    • #82258 Reply

      i think congress knew better and is complicit for the very reason they delegated the determination of retroactivity to an escape goat, or patsy, att gen alberto gonzalez.
      if by some stretch of the imagination a member of congress was not aware of sornas 13th amendment implications, that individual has no business in office.

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