94.1 The Voice interviews NARSOL’s Robin Vander Wall

This episode of Victory Over Sin features Robin Vander Wall, vice chair and director of development at NARSOL (National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws).  Robin speaks eloquently against the registry and for the importance of those with sexual offense convictions coming out of the shadows and standing up to be counted.

Interview begins at 6:40

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      patricia winchild

      One point that never seems to get across sufficiently is that the number of seriously dangerous sex offenders is extremely low, in fact, is as I understand it, second lowest of crimes. You would never know that if you are on a blog where someone is arrested who is a seriously dangerous sex offender. To throw everyone who ever got arrested for sex offenses together is really so unfair and wrong to those who for example had sex w/ a teenager who was a prostitute or just willing is not the same as a grown man forcing a child to have sex.

      Differences matter but in these kind of cases, it appears they do not. The legal system has become a very blunt instrument that smashes the lives of fathers, sons, men mostly who made a mistake and have to have a legal and societal scarlet letter on them for the rest of their lives. One of my own sons was falsely accused of sexual abuse by an 8 year old girl in Baltimore many years ago. We were terrified as was my son but because he was mentally ill, and he was totally unable to help himself. It wasn’t until that girl (whose mom and sister were prostitutes and drug abusers) grew up until she told the truth to an ex-homicide commander in Maryland and a Baltimore City paper reporter. She gave a strong statement to my son’s attorney about why she did it. Unfortunately, the Baltimore states attorney was not interested. All of this affected my son’s mental health and his life of course.
      Today, I write to a man in an Oklahoma private prison who is also innocent, in my opinion. Randy had no priors and had very poor legal representation. There were two daughters 13 and 17 in his case. The jury did not believe the younger daughter (who had been instigated by the older one) and this man had, as I said, very poor legal help. His first legal aid attorney was actively drinking and the second one just didn’t seem interested in helping him fight for his innocence. He had no priors and there was “NO medical evidence” but he got SIXTY years !!!
      I feel for the men and families who did not seriously harm anyone but made a stupid mistake and now must pay for it forever. In these cases, the law has to be the most unfair, unjust ever…and too few care.

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      You’re exactly right Patricia. The laws as they currently are written, are a ‘Scorched Earth’ Type of Set of Laws that are out to get as many people convicted of ANY type of crime involving some sort of Sexual Activity. I for example, NEVER used any kind of Weapon in My Crimes-yes there was more than one I’m afraid to admit-but I never used a knife, or a gun, or force, or threats or intimidation. Yet, Corrupt Cops, ADA’s, DA’s, Judges, and of course Lawmakers, will say and do ANYTHING, to get to the top of their aspirations of Political Desires…even if it means outright Destroying not just one, but THOUSANDS, of Lives! Oh; but don’t let any of THEIR Sons, Brothers, Fathers, Grandfathers, & etcetera get busted on a Sex Crime. All of a sudden; Deals are made, Payoffs happen, and suddenly The Accused NEVER goes to jail or gets ANY State Time. Just a ‘Slap On The Wrist’ Probation for less than a year! While Evidence that Exonerates The Accused-as you earlier alluded to-either vanishes or NEVER comes to light, or worst of all, Victims-more than some mind you-will actually LIE UNDER OATH, and say things that NEVER HAPPENED, that actually seem to contradict what was originally in the Police or Deputies Reports. Again of course; such is NEVER brought to The Court’s Attention and even if it is-as rare as even that seems-that still isn’t admitted! Let’s get real for a moment. Incarceration is a Multi-BILLION Dollar Business these days. So it has been, still is, AND ALWAYS WILL BE ABOUT THE MONEY!
      Nuff Said!

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