Exciting new blog feature — Terry’s Journal

Terry is the videographer of NARSOL’s Lives on the Registry. Most of the time, he is travelling to places where he will be interviewing people for the videos. Each morning he writes a journal entry about where he is – the weather, the scenery, the people. When he isn’t travelling, he writes his feelings and thoughts. Terry’s primary objective in everything he writes and photographs is to show those in darkness and despair that there is hope and light, and that they are within their grasp. This new feature on our blog, Terry’s Journal, will feature these daily entries. All photography is Terry’s.

So we’ll just jump right in with today’s entry:

2/13/2021 Good Saturday Morning; everyone; I am totally amazed! We made it through another week without any major blemishes, defects, or debacles; that in itself is a blessing. So, if you fall into that glorious group of human beings, then get someone to pat you on your back and go outside and scream at the top of your lungs…

” I MADE IT! ” Then wait patiently for the police to show up because you just woke your neighbor. Maybe we should re-think that last part. Yeah…I’ll keep my day job. Sooooo… Come fly with me.

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Terry H.

Terry’s journey in art, writing, and photography started 46 years ago when he was 10 years old. Even though his road has been rocky at times and his past seldom as he would have had it, he has always been drawn to the beauty of this world and knows the future is yet to be known. He is currently working on NARSOL's Lives on the Registry video project. His hope is that what he has to offer can open eyes and hearts to life anew and somehow guide others along the road to a better life.

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      Janna Tippets

      Hi Terry!

      You are correct, we should feel blessed and happy that we did make it another week. I am happy about that although some days I need to be reminded of that. We live in our RV and although it is not a “home”, it is a roof over our head, we have a bathroom, a warm bed and cook our own food. Life really is great despite the everyday little things that happen. It’s life!

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        Terry H.

        Hi Janna. Thanks so much for you reply. I know that sometimes things can get hard but if we take time to look closer at our life we will find there are so many beautiful things we have overlooked. Go out there and live your best life regardless of what you face. It will get better.

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      The Outspoken Offender

      Hey Terry,

      Very nice photography! I was just checking out your YouTube channel and website. Very vibrant colors. Just curious, what camera do you use?

      Let’s keep in touch. I do film, video and podcasts. Also, we may have met in the past but not sure. You do look familiar.

      Matt, aka, The Outspoken Offender

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        Terry H.

        Hello Matt,
        Thanks for the comment and for visiting the blog. I appreciate your feedback. I do travel a lot and meet many people along the way. I am working with several different camera systems; the Nikon D850 is my main still photography camera with which I use a Sigma 14-24 / Nikon 24-70 / Nikon 70-200 & a Nikon 200 -500. For video, I use the Z series Nikons and I am exploring the “Z” Cam System for a more cinematic solution. Thanks again and I am sure I’ll see you somewhere down the road.

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