NARSOL announces exciting new project

Lives on the Registry is a new project spearheaded by NARSOL; this time, we hear directly from the people whose lives are affected by the registry in short documentary-style films.

It is well documented that the registry has included people from all walks of life; most of these people have suffered in silence for one simple fact – very few people or organizations have been interested in letting them share their stories in their own words.

One of the goals of NARSOL is to humanize people on the registry — to portray them as ordinary people, not monsters.  If you have a human-interest story to tell, be it exciting or mundane, NARSOL provides two methods for you to do so without concern that you will be portrayed in an adverse light.

  1. Humans on the Registry, using the written word, and
  2. Lives on the Registry, using live documentary-style or animated video.

Humans on the Registry already has 15 stories gathered over 3 years, and you may read these stories and tell your own at But as powerful as written pieces and static pictures can be, there is no substitute for seeing that person living life and telling his or her own story in his or her own voice.

The natural progression in this effort to tell registrants’ stories was brought on by the hard work of the Lives on the Registry team in close collaboration with NARSOL. Our first video is launching today and can be found at You will see several videos each month, some live stories and others in animated form, both formats highlighting some of the more unbelievable aspects of overreaching sexual offense laws.

Check out our introductory video and first story today at! Then subscribe to the channel so that you can be the first to know when our next video gets posted.

If you have a story you would like to share, go to, and choose the “Tell my story” option. For more information, choose “Contact us.”

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      GeraDessiel Simon

      My life on the Registry continues to be a burdensome reminder that,now after over 18 years,nothing has profited and I’m still labeled “dangerous predator”,who must pay $100.00 yearly,remain restricted concerning employment,housing and recreation-in the midst of a pandemic!
      No longer can I teach the children I have prepared so much so long for.
      Never had any adverse police record and now all I face is punishment
      I was banished from Georgia,and have been in touch with my sons since 2003!
      I never know what new regulations the Lawmakers will imagine!
      My only hope is The LawGiver will cause Judgment to turn to righteousness!

    • #79988 Reply

      If you really want to get the word out about the documentary, put it on Amazon or Netflix.

      • #80020 Reply
        Kirsten Salomon

        I completely agree! Laws will not change until public perception changes. In my opinion, outreach to the general public is the first step in societal change, which will lead to legislative change.

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      I’ve been on the registry for 30 years with no hope for a legal ending. I have recently received a list of Mayors, Deputy District Attorneys, Congressmen, Party Leaders, State Representatives, Senators, Governors, Activists, Spokespersons and BLM organizer all of whom has committed sex crimes from Child Pornography, Child rape, Forced Rape of a child, Solicitation of a minor, Aggravated Child Molestation, Sodomy Statutory Rape, Human Trafficking and on and on. Their records were sealed because of their public service and their status on the registry? I have the list of 47 Government leaders “SO FAR” that push the sex offender laws on us BUT have had their records sealed until now. How many judges, senators, Presidents, court justices, prosecutors, District attorneys, Police, Mayors, senators ECT records are still sealed? To Protect Them???? While we get dragged behind a horse and left to die for being on the registry. You Cannot Fight a Corrupt System. I will post many names every day on this link until the list is complete.

    • #79990 Reply

      (1) we are not yet human. we need humanizing.

      (2) disenfranchized. villified. ostracised. victimized.

      (3) no right to judicial proceiss.

      (4) forced to perform by threat of death, serious injury or imprisonment.

      any other paralells with chattel slavery? need more?

      slaves were provided with housing, food and at least scant medical care. many were even paid for their services. this is not a paralell. this is subordinate to slavery.

    • #79991 Reply

      maybe a video of the homeless corridor would ….

    • #79993 Reply

      I would do a video like documentary but problem is my face is on the video and if it actually changes there mind but that won’t happen overnight an before they change i would get treated way worse than now. Alot more will see this project than the registry, the government factored in that fact so you’ll stay under the radar then you wont stand up in front of everyone and prove & fight with evidence to end the registry or face the retribution of getting evicted, lose your job, lose new friends or bf/gf, Harrassment, severely beaten or murdered. There has to be better way.

    • #79996 Reply
      Mona Cavalcoli

      Thank you so much for humanizing the registry. I’m a family member of someone who is still serving a “mandatory minimum” 10-year sentence for sexual offense charges, and I know that’s just the beginning of our story. Proud of you, NARSOL, and proud of everyone who speaks their story. Your – OUR – stories deserve to be voiced, and heard.

    • #80000 Reply

      I am approaching 21 years since my arrest and banishment to the registry. I am fortunate to own my own home, compared to other registered citizens who find themselves homeless. Over the years I have made very close relationships with my neighbors. I keep hearing them say: they cannot believe how the Justice System lets people be labeled for life, publicly humiliated, and constantly forced to register every six months and be checked on by police, for the remainder of my life. They know I am Not on probation, and have No victims. None the less, I stay in fear of reprisals from others who do not know me or what I was convicted for. That is the dangerous part of a free society that takes your freedom away. As a single male I would like to remarry, or just have a meaningful relationship. Five times over the years, I have started to date ladies. But, when they learn about my offender status quickly run away, as if I have a disease. Why does the system throw everyone in the same box. The punishment is supposed to fit the crime. What about a second chance. Hope your life is better.

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      We all know what life on the registry is like, so instead of having a format about that why don’t you have one about how people on the registry can challenge these laws with your backing finances so that it could make its way to the scouts after justice Neil Gorsuch said that he could not wait for a case to come back before the court I forgot the name but I will find the case and send it to you. It was a case about the retro of the Adam Walsh act if I am not mistaken I think that would be a perfect format if you really want to help us.

    • #79986 Reply
      Jeremy from Indiana

      SMH, I’m sorry, I feel this is a waste of time and resources. Humans on the registry (I submitted my story) gets absolutely no views on the web and was a completely failed project. Changing it from word form to video will not change that. The purpose of both Humans and Lives is to show people NOT in our world that we are real people with real problems, but that message is never received by the people who need to receive it because it gets no views online. Only people linking to it from this site ever see it. This is not my opinion, but fact. Humans gets zero organic visits a month (this is directly from Google). It also has zero keywords ranking which is part of why it doesn’t show up. That’s with words all over the page. When you go to video, the words are even less. Creating a new medium isn’t the answer. Fixing the one you have is.

      • #80017 Reply

        I happen to agree with you because there is so much more that narcolepsy could be doing instead of this. I do believe with the donations that they receive from its members that they would be more focused on destroying these foolish laws. I live in Rhode Island and the politicians are trying to pass a 1000 foot rule and it is being fought in the federal courts now and this case has been going on for a little over 5 years now with no end in site. So Narsol put in $25,000 to help fight the case which I commend them for doing but the aclu and the lawyer handing the case are sitting on there hands and the attorney Generals office is just hoping that they run out of money that’s how the law works in R.I so what I am saying is that Narsol should put pressure on these people to move these cases that they support so that we can get these cases to the SCOTUS and just maybe Narsols lawyers would argue the case before the SCOTUS that’s the help we need.

        • #80101 Reply
          Sandy Rozek
          Sandy Rozek

          David, thank you; your input as a Rhode Islander is valuable; however, your perceptions of the status of the case are not accurate.
          There is nothing NARSOL or the ACLU or our attorneys can do to move the case forward. The ball, as it were, is in the other side’s court.
          What you are overlooking is that as long as we don’t go to trial, we can’t lose; no one will have to move because the law cannot be enforced as long as things stay as they are.
          There is some activity going on in the background that you would not be privvy to, but as long as no registrants are being forced to leave their homes, NARSOL is winning this specific battle.
          We did write an update in 2019; see here: For all practical purposes, that is still where we are.

          And I just have to ask . . . in your first sentence . . . narcolepsy?

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