Patch’s mapping of registrants, at Halloween or any time, is UNACCEPTABLE

After weeks of dealing with Patch Publications about the maps they publish close to Halloween purporting to be “safety maps” but actually focusing totally on persons required to register on sexual offense registries, new maps appear almost daily.

At last count, the maps appeared in 17 states, which, to give them credit, is less than in previous years. Nine of the states specifically connect the mapping and listing of names to Halloween, and a few of the ones who refrain from making that connection also do not present names and lists but refer readers to the state database. However, almost all of them do make the names and addresses available. Some go so far as to present a picture, name, address, and details about the offense for each offender in their town or district.

Almost all of them also present some facts, and many quote the ATSA statement from our previous press release and give links to either our 2019 or our first 2020 press release.

They are making improvements, BUT they have a long way to go. Their little maps with dots that, when clicked on, reveal varying degrees of information about a specific registrant, are UNACCEPTABLE. Their presenting them as “safety maps,” with or without a Halloween connection, is UNACCEPTABLE. Their taking it upon themselves to do public notification of registrants when that task is already in the hands of each state’s legislature and law enforcement entities is UNACCEPTABLE.

10/27 NARSOL issued this second press release:

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Sandy is communications director for NARSOL, editor-in-chief of the Digest, and a writer for the Digest and the NARSOL website. Additionally, she participates in updating and managing the website and assisting with a variety of organizational tasks.

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      Alan Jones

      The mapping of registrants is not helpful. Creates needless fear and conflict in communities.
      Please stop it.

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      Mr. Steve

      Why do they NOT publish the names and addresses of DRUG DEALERS, MURDERERS, Meth Heads, crack heads, ..people convicted of drug possession, etc..etc.. I would much rather know who was a drug dealer or a convicted drug possessor,, you never know whats in your children’s candy!!
      How about identifying ALL Felons…????

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      I agree with Mr. Steve. Why stop at just Us? Might as well get EVERYONE ELSE FOR ALL OTHER FELONIES AND MISDEMEANORS TOO! Just yesterday, I sent an email to one of My Federal Senators and told him about how Vigilantes are always coming after US TO KILL OR SERIOUSLY HARM US! I begged him to introduce Legislation that puts Vigilantes IN FEDERAL PRISON FOR ATTACKING AND KILLING US,and…to give those of Us that have done our time and done Treatment /still continuing it, something akin to ‘Good Time Credits’, For Every Year We Refrain From Reoffending! A Year we do Right, a Year on The Registry knocked off. It’s only Fair. I know it’s a stretch much to ask, and will most likely be difficult to get but there’s gotta be a line drawn SOMEWHERE DAMMIT!!

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      The Criminalized Man

      Mr. Steve – That would be too scary even for Hallowe’en!

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      Also Remember to VOTE. Vote for anyone willing to defund the police. Mabie in the next election NARSOL can put together a list of officials who can benefit our cause. May be 1 or 2 but anything helps.

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      if i knew the owners name address and place of employment i could post it on my website.

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      wife of a SO

      These idiots that publish these lists need to be held accountable. As the wife of a SO I am terrified of vigilante attacks because of the knee jerk reaction of people that hear the words sex offender then assume the worst case scenario. publishing details puts families at risk, and we are not protected, when i was threatened last year by a so called vigilante, i contacted the state police Megans law dept, they basically shrugged and said theres ‘not much we can do as you were not physically harmed maybe you should get divorced’……WHAT!!!!!!!! since we cannot have a firearm in the house, i am armed with a baseball bat and other things for my own defense.
      I agree with others that murderers, drug felons, burglars, fraudsters, in fact anyone else with a felon should be equally listed, maybe then something would be done because of the insanity that would be caused. the real thing is that these publishing of details puts people in harms way, and i have no wish to be the next tragic casualty because im married to an SO.

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      What about citizens/humans with, in the past crimes, such as: drug offenses, manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, dui, reckless driving, disorderly house, and I can name more? Why are they not on the patch map? Inflicting more community shake up of mothers minds, (fuel and feeding their fears), in the form of non-factual based, “community and safety protection”, society divisive publications. Wanting to throw away and lock up and or continue to punish individuals they know little about and dont want to exist. Hate and fear and unforgiving and judging based on not understanding due to not choosing to understand.

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      The 4th amendment guarantees us a reasonable expectation of privacy…. Well, I almost forgot that where the constitution is concerned, the powers that be simply wipe their a__es with it before they’d so much as entertain the thought of applying it to any one of us. In their minds, we don’t have rights. Very sad. If I could, I’d hand over my citizenship right now because this country disgusts me.

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      I tried to look up the map for the major metro area I am familiar with and got an article with a link to the state registry, but no map. However, in the article was a list of things Patch advised of, including “Adults are not always right.” Since Patch is adult run, I will say this applies to them as well WRT this mapping action by them.

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      Karl Knutson

      In 1992 I was convicted of “Assault with sexual intent” of my step mother. Not; rape, attempted rape, indecent exposure, or any actual sexual crime. Because Iowa considers it a sexual crime I registered for the first 10 years but because California keeps all sex registering for life I am still registering every year even though I’ve since moved to Washington State. 28 years and different mean well web sites still panic parents who think I will drug, kidnap and molest their children, even though my “Victim ” was older than me.
      I would have fully served a 25 year murder sentence even if I missbehaved and lost all good time. Is the formal, or citizens helping registering helping anyone?

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      Wife of a SO, and Perry. I try to explain how all sex offenders can be able to protect them selves but for some reason NARSOL deletes my posts on that subject.

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      Jeremy from Indiana

      I see enough politics on other sites I follow. This is not a Republican or Democrat issue. This is not a conservative or liberal issue. These laws are unanimously voted for by both parties every single time, so politics has no bearing in the RSO discussion. This is now the second time I’ve had to say something about this (the first to the author of an article here) NARSOL will lose my support if this is allowed to continue.

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      Keep your chins up. When I grew up on the seventies, my mother came out saying she is gay. Not that long ago, being gay was worst than today. Psychologists believed being gay was a form of insanity. In religion, people were exorcised for the demon in them.

      Things are better 40 years later in my opinion. I’m glad there are advocacy groups, like NARSOL, working toward a positive goal. Not many career politicians are willing to stand up for some humans like us, that make one major mistake, and pay for it for the rest of our lives. If only I could vote, I would feel almost like a citizen again

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      Sandy Rozek

      Jeremy, this is something that NARSOL does not allow and has deleted comments because of. Unfortunately, things get by us. Please email me at about the article that caused you to write to the author about the issue.


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      Sandy Rozek

      And that being said, I do not see a comment here that violates the prohibition against partisan rhetoric. Has it been removed?

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      Sandy Rozek

      Jim, NARSOL is apolitical. We encourage every eligible voter to study the issues, look closely at the voting records of the candidates, and vote for those whose records most closely align with what the voter believes in and thinks is important.

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      R.Arens, you are exactly right. When any one of us commits a sexually-based offense society believes that we, above all others, are undeserving of even the most foundational constitutional protections and when one goes back and looks at court rulings and sees the grotesque legal gymnastics, which smack of the rankest dishonesty and indifference, one discovers that even the courts don’t really want to recognize we have rights unless and until such a pin-point, laser-focused perfectly framed argument is set before the court that gives them absolutely no other option than to hold their noses and rule in our favor. Even when a ruling is made in our favor, it seems from the outside looking in that the court does all they possibly can to make the ruling as narrow as they possibly can to diminish to the fullest extent, the ruling’s damage to the law as a whole and its applicability to others who would proffer similar challenges. In fact, I have read rulings where judges have actually made the statement, “This Court has no interest in eviscerating the S.O.R. statute.”

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      Wife of a S.O., the response of law enforcement to the threat against your life proves the disclaimer added to every registry is nothing more than window dressing to thinly veil the fact that what happened to you is EXACTLY what the legislators and all supporters of this abomination want and intend to happen. It was an eye-opener for sure when the official you reported the threat to said, “DIVORCE HIM.” Those who support this list want the P.F.R. (Person Forced to Register) to be isolated, friendless, and stuck in abject poverty, hunger, and homelessness.

      I wish you would have had a way to record that person’s comment about divorcing your husband. Calloused responses from law enforcement SHOULD BE powerful evidence in support of the fact the registry is a weapon of vengeance and has NOTHING to do with community safety because you are a member of the community and YOUR SAFETY does not matter one whit to them.

      Do yourself and your husband a huge favor: STOP calling him a “s.o.” or “sex offender”. He is a person forced to register until such time, IF ANY, that he resumes committing additional sexually-based felonies.

      I’d even go as far as to say that the officer to whom you made the report as much as said, “Well, you’re married to the scumbag they’re after, so it’s your own fault you get harassed if you choose to stay married to him and living in the same house with him.” I’d say you have grounds to sue, but there have been high court rulings upholding the idea that the police don’t have a particular duty to protect any specific citizen.

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      Tim in WI

      @Karl K.,

      Your case is a perfect example of the mission creep that factually developed over time and by which exposes the original sin about intent obscured by the civil preamble of the Whetterling Act. As Justice Stevens put it to Rehnquist- that Congress chose only to apply it to “Them and only them……” ( Alaska’s known child molesters and rapists by statute specifically 1st & 2nd ° aggravated sex assault child under 13..&) “… In of itself points to punitive intent.” Combined with the fact this court is also factually faced with obvious [ USE OF ] ex post language in statute text. … ” and promulgated as both necessary AND sufficient, …. overcomes the traditional deference by courts to congressional authority. ” The INTENT itself was unquestionably punitive in effect.

      Stevens acknowledged the obviousness truth that sometimes “registration and regulatory regimes” can be evil institutions from the jump. The Jews had remembered the registration applied to them by the socialist Nazis in the early 1930s. I assure you registering offenders are NOT as bad off…..yet anyway, but never the less is but one way to put it to a jury at FTR.

      There is nothing civil about indentured servitude. Even if it is just to a database property. Free men must earn wages for machine upkeep or do so by their own volition,! Any other human disposition can only be described is slavery.
      Therefore this is a human rights issue.

      BTW, should we be oblivious to all those driving on the roads reacting to their devices like Pavlovian dogs?

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