ENOUGH with the hate, already

By Brenda . . . We’ve all seen the ads, the memes, the commentaries bashing “those people.” No matter what your particular persuasion is, there’s some group out there telling you that you’re all washed up, totally wrong, and that all of “your people” are haters of the worst kind and are destroying life as we know it. Yes, it’s gotten that bad. We all are feeling it.

Haters come in all colors, all political parties, and all religions. There will always be haters. But I firmly believe that the majority of Americans of all colors and parties and religions do their best NOT to hate.

Please, don’t buy into the media hype that gives hate all the attention and sucks every ounce of love out of any space we occupy. It creates a skewed picture of our world, our country, our neighbors… even our own selves.

Hating and bashing (aka “demonizing”) is juvenile and unhelpful, whether it comes from the left or the right, from liberal or conservative, black or white, religious or agnostic. Ignore it. Please! And don’t engage in it yourself.

Demonizing is what fuels the public registry. Demonizing is what makes our advocacy so difficult. I am filled with despair when I see registrants and advocates of various stripes refusing to vote because “politicians are useless.” I also despair when an advocate or registrant complains bitterly about unjust laws then turns around and votes for the very people who are making them worse.

Yes! Our political system is screwed up and needs fixing. Yes! Our justice system has damaged or even broken nearly everyone it has touched. But HATING and demonizing to the point that you throw away the ONE thing you can do — and nowadays most can, even with records —  the simplest thing you can do to possibly improve your life and the lives of those present and future is self-destructive. Hating to the point of voting for candidates with proven track records of harming our cause and obstructing those most willing to help is not only self-destructive, it is a slap in the face to the thousands of us putting our lives on the line fighting for change.

Please, think carefully if you find yourself bashing “the other side” or throwing up your hands and declaring you hate “all of them.” Cut out the hate-mongering sources from your life and find something positive instead. If we cannot get rid of demonization within our OWN hearts, how do we expect to get rid of the demonization that is registration?

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Brenda Jones

Brenda is NARSOL's executive director. She is also the layout editor for the Digest, serves as affiliate coordinator for our affiliates, contacts, and advocates, and oversees special projects such as Fearless, the state WIKI, and Humans on the Registry.

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      Thomas Fritz

      But USA is a nation based on hate… we hated the Irish… hated the indigenous people, hated the germans (post wwii), hated the commies, hated the drug lords, hated the terrorist, muslims, hated the iraqies, and now they have found a new people to hate, and now, the sex offender.

      They are blowing it up into a huge balloon like they have in the past, beating “war drums”, walking in goose step… against a common perceived enemy.

      Some would call it fearmongering: “Fearmongering or scaremongering is the spreading of frightening and exaggerated rumors of an impending danger to purposely arouse fear in order to manipulate the public.”

      Must stop this hate, this political tool used to control the population.

      TikTok is Chinese, and they are spying on you using this app phone, says the president.
      No the truth is, an American Search Warrant in China means squat, and china would tell usa to suck toads. American law enforcement want to be able to find “unlawful” content without any problems like the american bi**** like google and facebook, just by asking. So, have the president lie to the people, telling them, that china cares that they are buying a pair of underwear from amazon. The people buy into this crap, or they believe it is for the better that the government can easily spy on them.

      And most people don’t see this hate, rotting their souls.

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      The whole world has gone insane . The media and government purposefully pitting us against each other makes us easier to control . When the people wake up and realize the corrupt government and its propaganda arm the media are our true enemy and not each other , maybe some healing will begin .
      The look at me and see how righteous and holier than thou I am twidiots are a large part of the collective problem also .
      Kind of like the addict who must hit rock bottom I feel tremendous damage will be done before we can turn the tide . We are in for a rough ride .
      None are so blind as those who refuse to see .

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      All the changes began when Trump got into office. The demand for change. For decades we have had democratic presidents and leaders and they started the registry and pushed hate on the registries through the media all the while they are on Epstein island hiding their sins from the public knowledge. Not pushing politics but do look at the facts. God bless all of my dear friends on here and know hope is the best thing to have right now. Keep the live in your heart.

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      The fact that The Media and Lawmakers that look to use Fearmongering to enhance their own Political Agendas, is reason in and of itself enough, to Hate them back. However, I agree that Hating in return does nothing but further perpetuate the problem in all Human Beings. I cannot help but recall the fact that; The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania alone, has a proven Track Record of hiring people with criminal records of their own, to actually WORK in some capacity IN The Commonwealth…especially The Department of Corrections! One surely must wonder, if the exact same kind of thing is happening in other States, given that the likelihood exists that State Lawmakers may have some kind of direct or at the very least, indirect knowledge of such occurrences on a regular basis! I have seen firsthand evidence of such while I was incarcerated in one of Pennsylvania’s Prisons! Fraud, Waste and Not-So-Good-Old-Fashioned GREED, is at the center of all this mess. So when faced with discovery of such behaviors, they’ll quickly switch it over to US as part of the problem…when we had NOTHING to do with it to begin with!!

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      For decades, Kohli? Are you forgetting the Bushes, father and son, with 12 years between them? And we decided a long time ago we would not have posts that advocated for any one nationality, religion, or political party over another. AND we decided a long time ago that both political parties are equally responsible for the registry and all of its resultant consequences.
      The first sex offense registry, other than California’s in 1947, was implemented in 1990 in Washington State. That’s 30 years, give or take. Bush Sr. was president then. Then Clinton. Then Bush Jr. Then Obama. And now Trump. We’ve gone back and forth like a yo-yo. Of the past 31 years, the Republicans have been in office 15 of those years and the Democrats 16.
      And your post is exactly the sort of thing Brenda is despairing of.
      It doesn’t matter who is responsible for it; both parties are.
      What matters is who will help stop it, and we all need to work together with no one blaming anyone else to get that done.

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      Jeremy from Indiana

      You speak in this article as if one political party or certain politicians that have been on the ballot that people in this community have voted for have some track record of making our lives worse. The truth is, both parties have had a hand in this. Most laws against our community are highly bipartisan. The reason for this is because if any politician votes nay on a bill that’s “for the children” and against our community, it’s basically political suicide.

      The only way these unconstitutional laws are going to go away is if one of two things (preferably both) happen: One, we educate the masses on the truth of sex offender recidivism rates. Educate them on the difference in an administrative law and a punitive law. Most people still think the registry is a punishment (it is, but not in legal terms, which is another argument for another day). Narsol does a fairly decent job trying to get this message out, but I believe some efforts could be used in other ways. (the social network was a waste of someone’s time and doesn’t help us). The second thing is getting our cases into the higher courts. We need to get resources and attorneys to get cases filed, appealed, and appealed again. We need to flood the courts with our cases enough to get the attention of SCOTUS. They have yet to grant cert on challenging the registry as a whole since Doe v. Smith and Mclile. They’ve only granted a few ex post facto challenges and then only as applied to the defendant.

      My suggestion, quit wasting time with sites like humans on the registry, tales from the registry, and the new social network and allocate those resources to retain one attorney in each state (or at least each court of appeals district) that will take on these cases. One of the problems I personally run into with submitting a case is I’m not granted a public defender attorney unless I’m a defendant in a case. The only cases that seem to make it to the courts are ones where the registrant went to jail and then fought. We need to fix that.

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      A Mistake They Made

      There is no party that will help Registered citizens, both will grind our rights to dust if it will get them votes. Everyone should vote however, it is your duty to vote. Vote for ideas you believe are right. Politicians are not going to suggest abolishing the registry until the people want it. The people will want the registry abolished after we make them regret having one. Having a registry has to become inconvenient or costly in some way. This is the only way we will be free.

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      Brenda Jones
      Brenda Jones

      Jeremy, just letting you know that there is very little money tied up in humans, tales, or the new connections site. Between them all, we could maybe pay an attorney for a couple of hours’ time. Those sites are all aimed at providing a human dimension and an outlet for registered persons.

      I also want to assure those who wonder if I’m “picking on” one party or another… note that I carefully did NOT say any such thing. As Sandy remarked, both sides of the aisle have failed to turn anything around. And there are folks on both sides who would like to help. What we need to do is look at each candidate, from the top on down to the lowliest county clerk, and check what they have to say about punishment, redemption, decarceration, or the more insidious racist attitudes and SO stereotypes causing those in our Cause so much grief. Use THAT standard, not blue or red, black or white, religious or not, and this can help move the needle at least in terms of new laws.

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      Erich Raulfeston

      Its all about the money!!! I have been saying this for years and now you see that I am right!!!! Unless we get REAL celebs behind this and get truck loads of cash, we’re be in this longer then even the blacks were fighting their fight!! I know one of the first things you all going to ask is” Were do we get this money?” First off, DON’T ask us SO’s! Why? Because most of us are dirt poor and are barely making it. Do what the blacks did during the Civil Rights Movement. How were they successful? I believe it was that they had a charismatic leader/speaker who was well received. Someone who was willing to risk it all for the cause of true freedom. I say this as a person who is in bondage in the minds of men who know no better than what the government wants them to hear. Until we have that true freedom, we are lost…

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      Edward Easton

      Why not form a PAC to find out who is for us, and who against us in the political arenas, let us pool our votes for approved candidates, just like the NRA does. We need to find out who will vote to repeal all these new “Nuremberg” type laws that tag our passports as the Nazis did in the 1930s.
      We have to stop voting for those in Congress who have been there for 30 years or more and voted for these kinds of laws. We should target them and elect only those who promise to submit legislation repealing these kinds of laws.

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      People have forgotten what it means to be human. We all have imperfect brains and people’s opinions become their personal facts based on these imperfect brains. I am a firm believer in the saying, “If you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all”

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      Haha. I wrote very similar comment.

      Most registrants are like a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Most pols won’t take a meeting. Ask anyone and they’ll say what you are suggesting isn’t possible. HOWEVER, if you could get enough of us together to make us viable – as a voting block if not as a contributing block – to make a difference. Start local, connect local groups together and work state, then knit the states together, etc. I think it is possible if you realize the limits to what you can achieve; focus on battles that can be won not unwinnable wars.

      But that’s just me.

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      Politicians respond to their constituents. For 200 years the “constituent” was the voter. Today it is the campaign contributor. If you don’t contribute money lavishly then you have no political voice.

      Politicians use registrants as straw men to create distraction so that voters don’t see that their hand is invariably deep down into the public’s pocket. They will fan the flames of hatred, as Brenda points out, because such passions are politically powerful & very effective. And they will aim them at us, registrants, b/c it is one of the only things Republicans and Democrats can agree upon.

      The only way to disarm the hate mongering pols is to either create a PAC to become a constituent and get some pols working FOR us or to find another group more vilified and convince the public that the weapons of hatred need to be aimed elsewhere. Can’t imagine that.

      As the prophetic “8 Ball” says, “Outlook does not look good”

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      A Mistake They Made

      Edward Easton,

      You are exactly right and we need to do this yesterday. 800,000 + voters matter to every politician! Make them answer the questions and if they are for us POST their names on NARSOL so we can vote for the right ones. I do not care what party they are in the right candidate will be for constitutional conformity the sex offender laws are not.

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      Reminds me of a song, “This is the end, my only friend, the end…”

      *hearty chuckle*

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      H n H

      So, in an effort to gain support for our cause, the ONLY thing that will get people to see the ridiculousness of the registry is to see how much money is wasted on it. How much $ does it cost to incarcerate one individual for a year? Now how many people are there incarcerated due to registry violations? How much is that costing the tax payer? It’s an unseen cost that Noone wants to acknowledge… Instead it’s just swept under the rug. Now, how much $ is being wasted to maintain the beast? How much in continued monitoring for life?

      If all these figures were presented in an easily understandable way, then people may start to have some anger towards what their elected officials are doing all in the guise of “protecting just 1 child”.

      I recently caught the news in Sweden about Covid19. The Swedes didn’t go crazy over the virus with lock downs or any other restrictions, and somehow they managed to get past the mess. Look at how our country reacted. It made me wonder, what’s the age of consent in Sweden? Come to find out, it’s 15. That brings me to a point…. Upon my arrest and subsequent bail, I informed a coworker (of native Pakistani decent) of what had happened. I didn’t have any reason to hide anything from him. After telling him what happened, he stood there and began laughing. The more I questioned him, the harder he laughed. He then explained to me back in his country that such activity, if brought to a police station would be scoffed at and the people complaining about such activity would be thrown out of the police station for wasting everyone’s time. He summed it up for me “it takes 2 hands to clap, and the girl was far more involved than you… when you get past all this, get the heck out of the US”. And he’s right.

      Noone admits that this is NOT a free country. It sure would be nice to be free again. I don’t know what else to add. Nothing in any of these posts changes anything. I posted regarding a case in front of German courts regarding the registry being a human rights violation and Noone even made mention of it. I still can’t understand that.

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      It is very true that we need to vote. One of the important things to get passed is the defunding of the police. There is someone running in my area that I truly dont care for, but he promises to defund the police. So he WILL get my vote. He is John Hickenloper. Maybe when the police see that the bulling they do to us and other people is not tolerable then they will change their ways. That is just a start.

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      Ernest B Tucker

      I read a lot here and I would like to emphasize my observations and concerns.
      1 Most of us are felons and can’t vote.
      As felons we are not considered citizens and are listed as enemies of the state.
      2 Because of the above status the majority of us have no money to hire a lawyer that is interested as in this country, no money means no justice.
      The appeal process is a joke as is demonstrated time and time again. The courts don’t support the Constitution unless it benefits them. They use the presidents of other courts decisions and no matter what you argue there is a president opposing it.
      The SCOTUS dances around and out of any decision that requires a Constitutional opinion because they don’t want to set a president that can be argued on that basis.
      Look at the way they dance around any 2nd amendment questions.
      Where does it say in the Constitution that a person who has committed a crime nolonger has the right to vote or posess a firearm? It doesn’t. They have created statutes that are in direct opposition to the Constitution.
      If they will do that so blatantly what makes anyone think that the statutes enabling the registry are of any concern to them.
      I have spoken to lawyers about these very things and their answers were, “There’s nothing anyone can do about it because of president. Once a decision is published, it becomes law.”
      I have been looking for an attorney with the intestinal fortitude to take this on and the least expensive wanted $250,000 just to start with.
      So there’s your answer.
      Someone said it’s about the money. It’s always about the money.

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      Earnest, I am addressing only your second sentence.
      In America, voting rights is a state issue, and in almost all states persons with felony convictions can vote at a certain point in the process.
      In 2 states, Maine and Vermont, the incarcerated  may vote from prison.
      In 18 states and DC one can vote as soon as he is out of prison.
      In 2 states, California and Connecticut, the vote is restored after prison and parole.
      In 20 states, one may vote when he is no longer in prison or on parole or probation.
      Only in 8 states, Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, & Wyoming, one MAY lose the right to vote totally, and each of those states has caveats as to who may still vote or has an appeal system in place.
      The right to vote for every citizen is an issue that has been much at the forefront of late.

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      Politicians create what they hate. Politicians hate what they create.
      The SOR is a vicious cycle on a one-way street. People just have to deal with the results. They gladly throw in plenty of ideas on how to make it more punitive but none when it comes to making it fair or just. This has resulted in the creation of an entrenched system of evil and oppression, an Achilles heel in our justice system. It’s pretty much untouchable now, and NO YOU CAN’T FIX IT. The terms “constitutional” and “sex offense laws” or “sex offense registries” are irreconcilable terms. Nobody wants to buckup and call it what it is.

      The only reason SOR exists is because once it passed in a state with a large enough voter base and a dominant party it could spread to others. They all go like dominos, taking the bait and unleashing upon their citizens a hell that no one truly understands until they have to deal with it themselves. And the ones pulling the strings will take sides with whoever is in power in order to secure their hell and keep the lid on it all.

      So, just as an uncontrolled forrest needs to be purged so too shall this country (and in particular Kalifornia) for what it allowed to happen. They were all duped with the public safety mantra and the shameless victim card playing.

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      One of the things I see on social media a lot from the conservative side are posts saying “Big Government Sucks”. I have countless times inquired with these posters as to what they mean by that and what they intend to do about it. I’ve ask them how they can say big gov sucks but still look for student loans, financial aid, and their devout reliance on law enforcement (without specifying the registry as that would have attracted negative attention). This is all part of Big Government.
      As many of you may know from my past comments on here, I am independent with conservative leaning views… but not on everything. So it puzzles me to see conservatives always posting memes and imagines of people holding signs saying “Big Gov Sucks” yet these are the same people who rely on big gov to be their “nanny” when it’s convenient for them.

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      Noei Brown

      Yes large governments do suck your student loans drive up the cost of education for everyone, any program the government touches becomes more expensive automatically. They invade your personal liberties and limit what you can do excessively sometimes and sometimes they free Satan. Our big government is the best yet but it is still flawed and we need to put our checks and balances back in order.

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      One more thing I would like to mention about hate. There is a series by the History Channel on DVD. Its called The History of Mankind. It shows how nasty, mean, hateful, vengeful and just rotten humans are and have been from the start of time. Billions of people slaughtered from the pure HATE that lives in humans hearts. It explains how we got where we are today by stepping on others to advance in our own gain. Its a good but long series. Sex Offenders are the latest group targeted in the worlds hate scope. Hopefully this doesn’t last HUNDREDS of years, like history has shown. The Salem Witch Hunt only lasted 300 years.

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      Registered Citizen

      Thomas so well said. I’m so tired of this. Just beats me down. I try, but it’s hard. Never ever would I ever see this in my life. It never ends, even from my family and my ex-wife. I have a CP case of simple possession of 3 images that ruined my life. No licenses, no job, no home. Let’s just keep amerkia great again. 🙁

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      I am sorry to say it, but they don’t care if something is constitutional or not.
      Ohh,they talk about it but it is obvious that they don’t.

      If constitutional consideration was an issue, people would not be convicted of crimes they didn’t commit.
      Circumstantial evidence but it is used every day to convict people with no physical evidence.

      It seems to me in order to fix the registry, the whole system has to be fixed.

      When I was released from prison there was no registry. Eighteen years later I was placed on the registry with no hearing and no chance to challenge it.
      Just as though there is no ex post facto clause.
      Obviously unconstitutional, obviously not so much as a consideration.

      In the 40 years I have fought for Tribal rights, the one thing that I learned is that no group of people can be secure in their rights unless everyone is secure in their rights.

      Perhaps the easiest way is the back door.
      Bring to full attention every instance where violations occur and and push for full constitutional compliance.

      Noone has to stand up and be destroyed by public scrutiny for doing that.

      I have seen over the years that many people who will be supportive of fixing the registry in private will never die so publicly.

      Especially if it doesn’t affect them personally.

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      Thankfully, voting is NOT a “duty” like going to jury selection is.

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      Good post from Brenda.

      One things for sure, is that collectively, the large majority of Americans have their sights against men who have been charged with sexual crimes. When it comes to such men, all of a sudden the people are on the same side. Whether black or white, left or right, Christian or Muslim etc. Even criminals play into that. Not just any criminals either but even SOs.

      I had actually seen that from some SOs myself, where they heavily focused on me like ravenous wolves, as we were in a unit where the majority of men there had been charged with such crimes, completely forgetting about the prosecutors and other members of society that were hellbent on destroying them. In their pretense of morality and goodwill, I’ve overheard them say horrendous things about me.

      Recently, I had watched a video on YouTube where a woman who considers herself as an “independent,” but supports Trump told another woman who was left-leaning and pro-BLM, that all lives matter, just not the men who have committed sexual (not physical of course) crimes towards women and minors. She didn’t say those words exactly but basically referred to those whose lives “didn’t matter” by certain terms. One of those terms being for people, whether teens, men, or women who have an attraction to minors (many of which will never commit crimes, and men were the main focus of her quote of course). She gave that response after the woman had asked her if all lives matter, to make some sort of a point of the youtuber not supporting black lives matter. Typically in the her videos, a large number of “leftists,” some of whom are pro-BLM, would often antagonize or oppose her because of her political views, and it appeared as though she said that as some indication that she got the woman’s point, as she herself tried to make a point of how wrong or bad abortion procedures are.

      Regardless of political beliefs or even religious beliefs, the large majority of people are but sheep who follow whichever direction the government, media, and other institutions steer them in. Isn’t it strange how in a land where the majority or people, left or right, want the destruction of men who were charged with sexual crimes involving minors, but allows abortions to take place? There’s a contrast between sexual crimes (and the ignorance, fear, bitterness, and hatred which people have towards the men that commit them) and the widespread sexual acts that occur between adults or teens in an oversexualized nation and the abortion procedures that take place to “cover-up,” or eliminate the outcome of their deeds.

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      D West

      Well now with this latest “push” against the dreaded SO I have lost yet another job. Doesn’t matter that I have no conviction and the State of Texas Lied to me at trial that I would only have to register for 10 years because of the “charge” ( now it is lifetime ). The Right or the left don’t care about us they care about the face they can show in public.

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      They have our DNA, our fingerprints, our pictures and everything else that they needed if someone rescinded. Why do they feel they need to publicly shame SO’s and give parents a false sense of security? My “offense” was 31 years ago. I received an S.I.S. with 5 years probation. The original charge was 1st degree sex abuse pleaded to 3rd degree and sodomy. My case was so old that the original papers couldn’t be located, so my lawyer gave them 30 days to come up with my file or let me off the registry. 29 days later, they came up with “copies” that didn’t show the original plea deal but had the first charge of 1st degree so I was denied release from the registry and now the county i live in, in MO is one of the top 3 most corrupt counties in the state. I have been arrested 3 times since 2017, spent 3 weeks in jail for “failure to register” and now have to spend the next 29 weeks in jail 2 days a week when I have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong to deserve this kind of treatment and punishment. YES…the hate runs deep for SO’s. If you knew what I did, you would laugh. In 2005 I was put on the list when the laws changed, taken off in 2006 when the laws changed again, put back on in 2009 when the laws changed yet again. My life has become a living nightmare and quite honestly,…I’m done. This country has been in quarantine for what, 6 months? I’ve been in quarantine for over 11 years now…not really good for the mental state. I only leave my house to work and get food. He’ll, I don’t even cut my own grass anymore…I’m out of money for lawyers (wasted 20 grand on 2 different ones) I’m done being bullied, harassed, portrayed as something I’m not, shamed, ignored and treated like I’m the lowest form of life on the planet. I only have maybe 20 years left and I REFUSE to spend it fighting for nothing. So I am going to try to spearhead and establish S.O.R.E.P.
      The Sex Offender Re-Evaluation Program. If we establish a branch in each state, maybe, just maybe, the single victories will eventually become a full grown tree with a voice that HAS to be heard. But I need help. I have a plan, but need others to help me implement the plan. Please let me know if there is any interest working it this way.

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      Dwight Witmer

      I truly wish that it was hate. As i read and many state its about money and power and control. If it was hate it could be changed. Just like the 60s did for blacks we could do for the RSO. Its not hate that drives this its power and control and millions upon millions the states get. Now Im only talking about the states for our foreign guest. Other countries that followed the USA policy have their own dealing with. Lets look at the media they drive the bull that RSO are dangerous and will get you so that drives the sheeple to look to our legislators to change laws to protect them from the dangerous RSO. That makes the legislator figure out how to make money off this and boom you have laws that make RSO third rate citizens lining their pockets with the glitter of gold and the media then promotes that the sheeple rejoice. Its not hate that drives the laws that drive RSO and alike to suicides and drug use and homelessness. Its the laws that make people powerful and controlling and above all rich. Yes both sides of the aisle is at fault. But look behind the curtain and see why both sides do this. We will always hate each other been like that since we walked upon this earth but to say hate is the main issue is being blind. Lets look at 2020 and how money , power and control has gripped each life in the states. Masks to Social distancing to all the crazy laws in place over a flu bug that most will live through. That is power and control and becoming rich off the system because we are a nation of sheep without the wolves out their to thin the herd now and then. I tend to ramble and i hope i made sense. America has its faults but hate isn’t at the top of the list as this article states

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      The Criminalized Man

      Please do vote if you can. It doesn’t mean choosing between two evil parties – there are usually candidates running with better policy ideas, sometimes only as write-in. They are worth seeking out. “But they can’t win…” – Voting is not like betting on a horse race. You don’t win a prize if the one you chose wins, or lose if that one loses. It is your chance to be part of putting on record that some percentage of the electorate would rather have seen W win instead of X (or Y). Win or lose, isn’t that better than being among the 98% who “won” by voting for Saddam Hussein in 2002?

      The big parties know they can manipulate you – and me, guilty as charged – using fear and hate. (Or by providing color commentary as if it were a sports contest.) Being aware of it is your best defense.

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      Stephen Hensley

      When we start putting people into categories the hate can begin. In an attempt to make ourselves stand out from others we can actually add to the problem. Black, white, Asian, gay, trans, sex offender seperates us from others. Its easy to not like a group become biased then prejudice follows. We are all human treat others that way and insist on being treated the same.

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      Robert G Gass

      Brenda – such a good and worthwhile article, well written, necessary, and creating a large number of thoughtful responses. We need to better understand the public attitudes we battle.
      I am trying to research what to do about this “scarlet letter” that I hold, and am concluding it is too big to make a difference. Here are some comments and questions:
      1. The environment is too large and decentralized. Who is in charge of this failure in public policy on registered citizens – the Attorney General, a Committee in Congress? I have no faith in any Congressmen having knowledge or interest in this matter because we have allowed citizens to think that a “get tough on offenders” really makes a difference and should not be seen as a failure by politicians in understanding the issues. Are their particular Congressmen that might spearhead change? Can NARSOL sponsor a writing campaign to those congressmen?
      2. It seems we need to change the bigger picture first, i.e., national policy and laws, national law enforcement policy, Congress. I see small win and win in each state as too ineffective to ever really win the battle. The legal bills in changing the laws in each state are too high. I think we need to first change federal law, change the SORNA, rescind Megan’s law, and change views in Congress. This injustice was accelerated when the federal government threated the states on withholding funding to the states if they each did not adopt the provisions of the imposing rules.
      3. We need a NARSOL national strategy that includes attention to changing public attitudes, the media, Congress and the government sector. This strategy could be provided to state NARSOL affiliated groups who could push that plan to state governments. Since we all are wary of unfair targeting by local authorities, can NARSOL sponsor a writing campaign to “letters to the editor” large city newspapers and national magazines? I see no public education in the public media on this subject.
      4. When I look at Congressional work, why do I not see Sex Offender reforms on any of their lists of work? There is no work on justice reform as it applies to registered citizens even on lists of work by Committees. No public official will include registration reform in their list of justice reform topics. Why is there no evidence of work in this area?
      5. I think NARSOL needs to bring together a core working group from the several national associations on justice: the ACLU, ATSU, Rutherford Institute, Center for Constitutional Rights, National Center for Reason and Justice, Boaz Ruth Ministries, Justice Policy Institute, Center for Prosecutor Integrity, FAMM, Women Against the Registry, Southern Center for Human Rights, etc. in order to bring attention and pressure on change. Staff a national strategy for reform with this group and get “buy-in.” Then bring in new members from Congress and the public sector and nationalize a united response to change once this working group has national attention and constitutes a voting bloc.
      I guess I am asking what is the plan to make change?

    • #77747 Reply

      I have a problem I need assistance with. I am wondering what it costs all the departments, in both salaries and overtime, both local, county, state and federal, for the sweeps they do for sex offenders over Halloween. I cannot get a straight answer out of anyone, even using FOIA. The State of Tennessee did “Operation Blackout” last year and supposedly visited over 1,600 RSO’s. Now not a single one of the “Officers” on this crusade were on the clock. They were all overtime. The State will not release how many “Officers” were involved. The rest of the information should be public record, but good luck finding any of it. Now also, according to the same article, the State of Tennessee, during the really big “Operation Blackout” only got 1 RSO of any crime. Now the article did not say whether that was a Technical Violation or an Actual New Crime.
      Now at the same time the State and Local Law Enforcement, Probation/Parole Departments are clamoring for more money. I just want to know how much more of the tax payer money they need; when they apparently have enough to pay for frivolous things such as this “Operation Blackout”?
      Then let us not count what they make off of the registry and GPS units they charge RSO’s for. I think that they make enough off of RSO’s that they really don’t need any more money.

    • #77920 Reply

      Hate is the only currency of worth anymore these days.

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