CT attorney agrees with NARSOL, condemns Patch’s “annual, indefensible, fear-mongering practice”

By Timothy Moynahan . . . Patch, a local electronic news outlet, has continued its annual, indefensible, fear-mongering practice of publishing the names and addresses of people in the communities they cover who are on the sexual offender registry. Ostensibly pushed as a public safety courtesy in preparation for Halloween, after being called on the inadequacies in their promotion by the National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws (NARSOL) and Connecticut’s One Standard of Justice, it is now simply an October shaming exercise with no redeeming value.

On top of that, Patch outlets falsely promote a previous NARSOL letter by presenting it as written by sex offender advocates objecting to the mapping of registered offenders. No reasonable person advocates for sex offenders in the sense that this statement declares and/ or implies. No sane person defends the acts of any sex offender. Sex offenses are crimes, and conscientious citizens condemn crimes of every kind, including sex offenses; they do not advocate for them.

More precisely, those who object to the publication of the local mapping in question are motivated by principles of justice and equity. In disputing the unjust targeting at Halloween of those registered for the conviction of a sexual crime, they do so based upon studies which conclude that no benefit is derived by the communities in which they dwell, while substantial harm is inflicted on the offender and innocent family members.

Therefore, the public mapping of sex offenders in this way not only fails to serve any salutary purpose but also is a callous and cruel exercise of the power of the press. By claiming to signal virtue, it furnishes an excuse for imposing pain. That was the habit and practice of the righteous hypocrites who burned witches in times long past. It is to discourage and denounce that barbarous conduct that advocates rally. It is the defenseless, the marginalized and the ostracized who most need protection from the wanton power of the media.

Read the rest of the piece here at the CT Mirror.

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      Richard Earl

      Great article. Gets to the under belly of a disgusting issue. Abuse of power is something that should be a concern of all.

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      A thank you to the attorney for speaking out and a thank you for the website for posting it. There is no place I see to comment on the article or I would.

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      An idea was presented. PFRs in target towns should file a lawsuit well in advance of Halloween and seek an injunction against this abuse of the media to deal out extra-judicial punishment against them.

      One document I would submit into the record for evidence is a study entitled “How Safe Are Trick-or-Treaters? An Analysis o Child Sex Crimes on Halloween” by Mark Chaffin, Jill Levenson, Elizabeth Letourneau, and Paul Stern. Here is an overview of the study:

      States, municipalities, and parole departments have adopted policies banning known sex offenders from Halloween activities, based on the worry that there is unusual risk on these days. The existence of this risk has not been empirically established. National Incident-Base Reporting System crime report data from 1997 through 2005 were used to examine daily population adjusted rates from 67,045 nonfamilial sex crimes against children aged 12 years and less. Halloween rates were compared with expectations based on time, seasonality, and weekday periodicity. Rates did not differ from expectation, no increased rate on or just before Halloween was found, and Halloween incidents did not evidence unusual case characteristics. Findings were invariant across years, both prior to and after these policies became popular. These findings raise questions about the wisdom of diverting law enforcement resources to attend to a problem that does not appear to exist.

      We need as many factual studies as possible on the record so that the court has no excuse to rule against us other than willful indifference to facts and outright dishonesty to rule against “our people”.

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      Jeff Miller

      Excuse me, Patch. We are not ”Sex offender advocates”. If a person commits a sexual offense, pays the debt to society and is demonstrating law abiding behavior out in the community. He/she is a reformed citizen. That is your scarlet label of ignoramus you hide behind, in denial, for the prevention of sexual violence and the continuance of victimization in our country. We, as reformed citizens and survivors are waking up to the lies that continue to bring about more dysfunction and destruction in our social American culture.

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      This Attorney is one heck of a writer! So well done!

      Thank You to NARSOL and Thank You to Mr. Moynahan!

      Again, so well written!

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      Thats really what its all about thus entire registration scheme is illegal unconstitutional period

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      Tim in WI

      There is NOTHING unconstitutional about the people’s right to a have database.
      The plain indenture of human to database machine maintenance IS punishment.
      Enslavement is cruel. Big tech being called out in the Senate via C-SPAN for blocking or obfuscating ” conservative thought” & Biden boys laptop story. So I’ll state it again it was always about the database. The sex offender was but a means to an end. UNFETTERED USE!

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      L Milton

      I, for one, am done begging.

      Factual study after factual study comes out proving the uselessness and harm of the registry. Lawmakers, the courts, the media, etc. have proven time and time again that they lack the intellectual or emotional capacity to respond in a reasonable way. We are like Jews begging to Nazis to spare our lives at the height of WWII. Their vindictiveness will only grow while we beg and wither away. The witch hunt mob stops for no-one.

      Its time to turn the hypocrites’ own methods against them. Start posting “REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER LIVES HERE” on the lawns of Patch media executives, district attorneys, appeals judges, etc. – Anyone who has bolstered the argument that the sex offender registry is “not punitive”.

      Watch them sputter in hypocrisy. Watch them mourn as they lay family members to rest, gunned down by knuckle dragging vigilantes that they’ve condoned for all these years. Maybe, just maybe, they will wake up. Until then, I won’t be wasting my breath for basic civil rights from these sadists.

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      I like Mr. Milton’s idea. I wish there was a way to implement it though, without being arrested and tried for Defamation of Character. That is what they will claim, and they’ll only have their buddies: Other Like-Minded Media, Attorneys, Judges and Lawmakers come to their defense. Now; what if a case could be made that, the Laws written into existence BY THE LAWMAKERS, resulted in the Direct Harm or Death/s of any of Us or Our Family Members by Vigilantes? What if a case could be made against Media Outlets that purposefully use Unscientific Data about Us, that resulted directly in Vigilante Violence against Us? Could THEY, be Prosecuted and held Liable for any Great Bodily Harm or Deaths suffered by any of Us or any of Our Family Members-most who are Innocents themselves-along with the Vigilantes too? What if enough Attorneys with some Real Backbone, would actually take up such an Initiative? Then we’ll start seeing that Justice does indeed, cut both ways…especially for those of Us that’s done our time, done Treatment and for many-like myself-are STILL doing Treatment for Life! Let’s get some Lawyers will TO Fight-for once-FOR US!!!

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      L Milton


      All the police, government, and media outlets put a disclaimer on their hitlists that say they are not liable for how the information is used. Considering that they still publish them despite many high profile murders of random people on the registry, I think its safe to assume that disclaimer has historically been sufficient to evade accountability. The media and lawmakers do not, and will never, care about us. We can pay them to fight for us, but they will happily take our money and we will never win. All the “victories” I see are just temporary slowdowns to the erosion of our rights.That’s why we need to turn their own hatred against them by any means necessary. They need to suffer meaningful casualties. They need to have their own hatred force fed to them. They need to know the consequences of abusing people who have little left to lose and no hope of gaining redemption, recompense, or basic human dignity through conventional means. We need to overcome shame, but also overcome our false and futile hopes to see the world clearly as it is.

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      This is yet another bit of evidence proving that the registry is absolutely punishment, and there for illegal and unconstitutional. We are being treated as bad if not worse than when we were on probation.

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      Jeremy from Indiana

      Interesting that you mention a retaliation such as this Mr Milton. I attempted such a retaliation in the past when a website was illegally posting offenders names and addresses without the proper disclaimer, I used my resources to find the address of the person who wrote the article and posted it in the comments. No threats were made other than asking how they like having their address posted. They deleted my comment and sent me an email stating that I was making threats by posting their address (hmm, really?). It’s kinda ironic isn’t it how they react when it’s done to them isn’t it?

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      It is the same every where concerning decisions in regard’s to RSO’s. Judge’s, what will happen to me if I go lightly on this SO? What will people think of me? What will happen to me if this SO reoffends? Same goes for the supposed treatment center’s’.’civil commitment’ jails, what will happen to us if we let him go? What backlash will we endure? What will people think of us? What happens if he reoffends?
      Fear goes all the way to the Supreme court. What will happen to us if we rule the sex offender registry punitive? What backlash will we endure? What will people think?
      I could go on and on with all the decisions in various places concerning the SO’s of our time and all decisions are fear based on what will happen to them.
      Nothing will change and the sex registry and all that come’s with it will remain until the Supreme court rule’s the sex offender registry punitive. Sure, we will see more frivolous victory’s and then more laws being enacted.

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