The truth behind virtually all child sex trafficking rings: there are no rings

By Michael Hobbes . . . Human trafficking has been having an eventful summer. In July, internet sleuths accused online retailer Wayfair of selling missing children in overpriced cabinets. In August, QAnon supporters (along with some well-meaning if ill-informed influencers) held nationwide “Save the Children” rallies.

And last week, there was the trailer story.

“U.S. Marshals Find 39 Missing Children in Georgia During ‘Operation Not Forgotten,’” proclaimed the government’s official press release. Federal agents and local law enforcement, it said, had rescued 26 children, “safely located” 13 more and arrested nine perpetrators, some of whom were charged with sex trafficking.

The facts of the operation weren’t clear (what does “safely located” mean, exactly?), but it didn’t stop media outlets from taking up the story. “Missing Children Rescued in Georgia Sex Trafficking Bust” wrote The Associated Press, a headline dutifully repeated in The New York Times. “39 Missing Children Located in Georgia Sex Trafficking Sting Operation” was People magazine’s version. Few media outlets contributed any original reporting; the vast majority of stories were little more than rewritten versions of the U.S. Marshals Service’s press release.

Within hours, social media users continued the game of telephone. “39 kids were just recovered from traffickers in Georgia,” Charlie Kirk, the founder of the right-wing student group Turning Point USA, wrote in a tweet. “Law enforcement officers saved their lives.

How is this not the biggest story in America right now?” . . .

Well, to answer a one-sentence question with a one-sentence answer, 39 kids being rescued from a trailer in Georgia is not the biggest news story in America because 39 kids were not rescued from a trailer in Georgia. 

“This is not the big trafficking bust everyone thinks it is,” said Erin Albright, a human trafficking and law enforcement consultant who works with cities to develop anti-trafficking strategies. “Any time a child is being harmed and is connected with meaningful support, that’s good. But at the same time, we have to recognize that these stories are not what they look like at first.” . . .

But What About All Those Kids They Found In The Trailer?

Yeah, there was no trailer.

Federal agents did not rescue a large number of children from a single location — or even a single jurisdiction. Kirby told HuffPost that only two children were recovered together. The other kids were found individually across 15 Georgia counties and six other states: South Carolina, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Florida, Kentucky and Michigan. The operation took place over two weeks, not one night.

In other words, the “sex trafficking sting” described in headlines and social media posts was neither a sex trafficking operation nor a sting. . . .

But At Least They Rescued A Bunch Of Kids From Traffickers, Right?

Nope again.

One of the greatest misconceptions about child sex trafficking is that it requires a trafficker. Legally speaking, every time a person under 18 trades sex for anything of value, they have been trafficked. The statutory definition does not require coercion, force or the involvement of a pimp.

In the majority of underage sex trafficking cases, Albright said, the child is homeless, has run away from foster care or has been kicked out by their parents, often due to being queer or transgender. Many of these kids end up trading sex for money, drugs or a place to sleep because it’s their only way to survive. . . .

You’re Not Implying That Child Sex Trafficking Is Fake, Are You? 

No, I’m not a monster. Child sex trafficking is real, and it’s important for America to do something about it.

It’s also important, however, to acknowledge that the actual drivers of underage sex work are far more complicated than airport posters and Liam Neeson movies would have you believe.

First of all, decades of social science research has found that the vast majority of children are abused by someone they know, usually their parents but sometimes other children or figures of authority they trust. “Stranger danger” kidnappings, on the other hand, are extremely rare — the latest estimate is 115 per year in the entire United States.

Read the full story here at the HuffPost.

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  • Author
    • #76363 Reply
      H n H

      Just goes to show, to instill fear and have the laws we do, it’s not ever about the truth, but what can be said, inflated and blown entirely out of proportion by the media. Makes busy bodies feel oh so noble and just.

      I know it’s a very good thing I’m kept away from society via parole and the registry because according to the fear portrayed by these stupid laws, I will violently rape whoever I come into contact with. I deserve all the cold shoulders from neighbors and isolation. The issue of me constantly raping every person in sight isn’t a fact, but then again, it’s not facts we base laws or hatred upon, it’s whatever legislative doublespeak crap we can get some stupid senator or congressman to buy into, then draft, vote, pass and enact said laws based solely on lies and propoganda so they can say they’re doing something.

      Stupid USA.

    • #76368 Reply

      These are a series of truths that the current ‘So-Called Justice Department’, will never want to see or hear.
      And we all know why already.

    • #76425 Reply
      Tim in WI

      There are no sex rings? Are you blind? Maybe it depends on how one defines ” sex rings” Are we just talking bout organized pimpin? The reportedly being the oldest profession in the world. Make no mistake DHS is all over electronic pimpin! Turns out kink is profitable and DHS Secretary on C-SPAN was discussing live stream rapes made on CCTV!

      I believe that the sensationalism the database infrastructure has wrought through competition for clicks has dramatically changed human perception of common realities. Take a look at the vast number of videos on YouTube concerning public interaction with law enforcement. There are literally thousands of cops being caught dirty, or overstepping authority AND recorded on cam. see( audit the audit)

    • #76428 Reply

      Strange post . Points out the government LIE of sex trafficking with a caveat at the end that it is real .
      The governments game is to set precedent with the LIE that removing people’s “ god given , inalienable rights “ in the name of public safety is constitutional. Once the sheeple agree they can then remove anyone’s constitutional god given rights under the LIE of public safety .
      The sad thing is that the uneducated and federally indoctrinated youth are cheering them on as they shred our constitution.

    • #76430 Reply
      A Mistake They Made

      The Sex Offender Registry is a Government defamation of character organization. The lie told about 95% of registrants, being that they are a danger to children, is used to justify a reduced set of constitutional rights. Have we not all heard the saying “Abuse of authoritative position to gain power or control over another individual”, and Is this not that? Once this becomes a burden on the “good citizens” it will be stopped. It has to have a penalty, there must be negative consequences that can be tied to this for our victory to be complete!

    • #76432 Reply

      A Mistake They Made ,
      Once it becomes a burden on the “good citizens “ it will be too late .

    • #76445 Reply


      I do really like your idea of a class action defamation suit against that clown who wrote the false frightening and high article used by SCOTUS for its unconstitutional ruling .

    • #76455 Reply
      A Mistake They Made

      Thanks Jamba,

      We don’t have to always win in court. Sometimes the information documented in a court room can latter be used in other court cases. Also If it brings light apron the facts via the media it will help us. Imagine if a supreme court justice had to admit in the court opinion that the facts that decided the case we are all a victim of were false. The next case brought forth to them would only have to point to this opinion. Think of it as a Trojan horse!

    • #76461 Reply

      How do we get it done ? And does NARSOL think it is a viable idea ? And will they help ?

    • #76473 Reply
      Ruben R.

      Do we really want to associate our organization with this story? Our main concern must be to change irrational s.o. laws, not to excuse the bad handling of every single event that is associated with sex and children.
      Let us not deviate from our primary purpose.

    • #76474 Reply

      I agree with Jamba. There HAS to be some kind of case we can use, already in existence for a Class Action. Let’s find it and put it to use FOR US!

    • #76488 Reply
      Michael Alan Pierce

      Maybe a civil suit against the guy who purposely misled the readers of Psychology Today in his advertisement. Didn’t he already retract his original statement? Maybe make it for one dollar. Then at least its case law to present to SCOTUS.

      How about this direction? 👇
      Is it doxing if its the government that’s doing it, especially if it’s under a guise that has been proven to be inaccurate? What if the government doxes an entire segment of the population with the result of causing or attempting to cause, or would be reasonably expected to cause substantial emotional distress to a person?
      What if this doxing caused or was proven to cause any person to be in reasonable fear of death or of serious bodily injury?
      What if the government knew this doxing would be questioned so this same government proclaims this action to be a civil regulatory scheme not unlike that of renewing ones driver’s license?
      What if the general population upon discovering the identity of said segment of the population not only approved but strongly supported this civil regulatory scheme?

      What we allow the government to do to one, we allow the government do to all.

      Thank you for your time.

    • #76498 Reply

      Michael ,
      They had a group ( in New York I think) that wanted to list all gun owners like sex offenders with names , maps and little red dots on their homes . Of course it was decided that it would be putting those people in danger from vigilantes and burglars trying to steal their guns . Funny how a registry is a danger to people with guns but not to a group that has been vilified as the most dangerous despicable people on the face of the earth. And to top it off it’s known to all they aren’t allowed to own weapons for self defense . Funny how that works .

    • #76510 Reply
      Tim in WI

      IMO the general public is far more concerned about “gov having a roadmap to every privately owned firearm” rather than theft of vigilance. Rural America does suffer home invasion & robbery where guns are taken quite a bit. I think your comparison between the two highlights the danger involved with public broadcasts of sensitive information data! Moreover I’m going to insert your comparison into my next FTR case – useful during vior me thinks….

    • #76512 Reply
      A Mistake They Made


      Do you have a court opinion where they actually say this about a purposed registry for gun owners? If so in that state this could be used to help people on the registry. please share this with NARSOL. Anything they say can and will be used against them as well. Just like when a politician says something to imply that the registry is for revenge, or punishment we can use it against them.

    • #76526 Reply

      One of the most prolific child sex trafficking schemes was created by Jeffrey Epstein….both federal and state governments allowed for his behavior to occur…BUT took a blind eye as they were paid off in cash dollars to ‘look the other way’; so subsequent to his escapades and the fact that this M’FER, is dead, there is now even more motivations by Law Enforcement to Create these Dangers, which, as we know, do not even exist! They all got caught with their hands in the cookie jar, now creating MEA CULPAS for the wrongs that were done by their colleagues..

      It sells advertisements so the media at-large can continue to dump false lies on the American Public along with various Law Enforcement Departments to Justify their Existence to receive Federal Monies, to combat these falsehoods and Lies to the American Public; keep the methodology of ‘Stranger Danger’, alive and well!

      What a bunch of Lies and Innuendos!

      Facts are facts…truths are thruths!

    • #76744 Reply

      The #1 issue is that it is SO damn easy for a politician to arbitrarily come up with a new law that harms thousands, but it takes YEARS and endless money to reverse that same asinine, stupid law which the well-intentioned, short-sighted (moron?) came up with.

      THAT is where the laws need to start changing immediately.

    • #76762 Reply
      Old offender

      The media never lets the truth stand in the way of a sensational story. Sadly, these stories about sex trafficking made life even more miserable for those on the registry and make NARSOL’s mission much more difficult.

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