Response of NARSOL’s Rozek quoted in the Frank Report

All current research (including the U. S. Department of Justice) shows that when taken collectively, those people who have committed a sex crime, been caught, and served time in prison, have a reoffense rate of committing a new sex crime in the single digits.

That means over 90% never reoffend (commit a new sex crime). . . .

Sandy Rozek

I also want to point out that, no matter the offense, the sex offender registry is ineffective at creating a safer society.

The registry has been in effect over two decades; many studies, both academic and governmental, have been done evaluating its effectiveness; it has failed miserably.

It does not predict who will commit new crimes as 95% of new sexual crime is committed by persons not on the registry.

It does not reduce re-offense; reoffense by those punished for an initial crime and then living in the community has held steady at, on average, 5% since long before the registry went into effect and is still at that percentage.

It does not reduce new offenses.

It does not protect children as virtually all sexual crime against children is committed by persons in their lives, their family members, peers, and authority figures, persons who are not on a registry.

Two of the most popular (with the public) restrictions it has produced, residency restrictions and Halloween restriction, have ZERO evidence, based on a plethora of studies, that they make an iota of difference or produce an iota of public safety.

If the registry fails to predict, fails to protect, fails to produce any increase in public safety, but instead goes against everything shown to increase public safety, interferes drastically in rehabilitation, and costs states many millions of dollars that could be spent instead on prevention programs that work and rehabilitation programs that work, WHY should the registry exist?

Read the full piece here at the Frank Report.

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      Tired Old Man

      I would think that these people would want a DUI and a Selling Drugs hit list before a so hit list after all they have injured and killed more childern and have a very high recidivism rate then all other criminals. i think it’s time people on the so list start advocating for a drunk drivers list!

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      Fearmongering, is the most effective way to garner continued influx of Ca$h, to those Corrupt Public Officials seeking to be elected or get re-elected. By the way; it’s only a One Sided Coin, as there’s always a loophole or half dozen, for those same Officials who do commit the exact same kinds of crimes, but don’t get the Conviction Sentence Time, or put on a Registry. It’s going to take MONEY People, to fight this. And NARSOL, is the Vehicle with which we can fight against it. Let’s donate! I will begin doing so! All it takes is for each of Us to donate $10.00. If we all did that, even if only for just once, then we’ll see some real action going FOR US in the way of Court Battles being won more and more FOR US!

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      I would say that Drug Offenders have the highest recidivism rate, for 2 reasons: 1) Addicts like to do drugs and many do not want to change and go back to it as soon as they leave prison. 2) A lot of dealers are from poor backgrounds and have limited education, I met some in prison who can barely read, so what kind of job could those people get when they get out of prison, so most will go back to selling drugs because it is good money. So with those kind of attitudes they should have to register not Sex Offenders. The funny thing is many are sex offenders themselves because they turn on women and teens on to their drugs and then once they hooked they put them out on the streets to be whores for them, or some may have sex with the teens that do not have the money to buy their drugs. So who is really worse, I think the recidivism rate says it all!

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