OK City PD fuels hate and vigilantism against out-of-compliance registrants

Even though police departments have the duty to actively seek those who are violating the law — and this includes those who are out of compliance with their registration requirements — the Oklahoma City Police Department has chosen to do so in an extremely onerous and dangerous way.

They have posted the names and pictures of ten such registrants on their Facebook page, identified them as “THE top 10 most wanted individuals being sought by our Sex Offender Registration Unit” — although research into the records of each person raises more questions than answers about over half of them as to how they made this list — and is offering a reward, not unlike a bounty, for information.

While Crime-Stoppers programs have always offered rewards, the comments that have proliferated on the post show the readers are taking the “bounty” implication seriously. Many comments suggest violence and murder, with several specifically asking if the reward applies “dead or alive.”

Feeling that this post and the allowing of the comments was a dangerous and heinous approach for a law enforcement agency to take, NARSOL issued this press release to media nationally and to police department and governmental officials in Oklahoma City as well as the state of Oklahoma.

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      nobody in particular

      “Dead or alive”…I wonder what value a corpse has since you can’t incarcerate it? This sort of inquiry suggests people are wondering if they would be ‘legally immune’ for killing an RSO, because those on the list are ‘technically’ not even considered human anymore…I often wonder if those ‘guts n’ glory’ guys would really go after some teenager who had consensual sex with another teenager, someone who urinated in the wrong place at the wrong time, viewed ‘CP’, was caught up in a ‘sting’ where an agent pretended to be an underage minor on an *adult* dating website, or even some 10 year old who played ‘doctor’, which is now somehow classified as a serious ‘sex’ crime…Or, perhaps they only want to execute the ‘really bad ones’, like the rapists and child molesters, because their only answer to violence and suffering…is a lot more violence and suffering…(yet, these people all have day-jobs, just like everyone else…) This whole ‘bounty’ thing reads like some sort of prime-time game show, where contestants can win fabulous prizes for brutalizing anyone from a specific group of individuals, simply because the authorities say it’s ‘okay’, while they’ll simply look the other way and not respond if anyone complains. Thank you NARSOL, for being a small light of sanity in an endless storm of savage, slavering hatred and irrationality.

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      obvious answers

      and they wonder why no one respects police and why there is such a cry to defund them…i wonder if their addresses , homes, and family’s were published on public fakebook how they would react?…Me thinks if they have the time and resources to engage in this type criminal enterprise perhaps they do have too much time and money on their hands….keep defunding them and taking away their toys until they have only enough money and time to do the job they were paid for and not extra curricular criminal activities

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      Good Day

      Someone just texted to me the latest update on the OK PD’s social media page and it is even further disgusting….it says ‘5 Down, 5 more to go…Earn Cash Now’

      A Bounty? Yes, but more like a death sentence….The LEO’s there are aiding and abetting in criminal activity and all should have their Qualified Immunity Status REMOVED and sued in a Civil Setting!

      Everyone, Stay Healthy and SAFE!

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      Just saw the facebook post. Obvious answers has it right, people are sick and tired of police misguided tactics. We are in unprecedented times, and this PD must be desperate to score points with the public. Like Narsol said, no evidence of any new sexual crime is apparent. When Police Departments do this sort of thing its time for action. This PD gets 2 out of 5 stars, hah, what does that tell you?

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      Maybe you should concentrate more on your public officials who are part of child trafficking and pedo rings instead of going after people who have served their time and repented of their past actions. I see a smoke screen!

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      ‘FAKEBOOK’, Facebook, etc….

      Please remember, Facebook was Originally called, ConnectU, in which the code and algorithms were FIRST developed by the twin brothers, the Winklevoss’….they developed the platform in their Harvard Dorm room, wherein, Zuckerberg, STOLE the code and algorithmic languages one evening while the twin brothers were out celebrating a friend’s birthday….years later, the twin brothers received $60 million from a lawsuit….just decimals of the pennies that Zuckerberg has accumulated…..

      Juxtapose that to how SORNA was born….by an alcohol and cocaine infused John Walsh and His wife back in the day..more lies and deceitful behavior by someone who is America’s most wanted hypocrite!

      You see….most ‘jurisprudence’ is based on lies and deceit! which further creates hate and violence….oh that OKIE Police Department…hope the Tumbleweeds don’t suffocate them!

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      So the Police are paying a bounty for a job they are supposed to be doing? In general we should support the police but in this case, not only is this a misguided idea, they are not doing THEIR job with respect to registered people. Enough of the redneckery. To the men in blue, retake your your dignity and pride in your job. This does not earn you the respect of your citizens

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      …And this type of behavior is why the police aren’t liked. How would they like it if their names, pictures, addresses and phone numbers… members of family and where they work was published on social media, in this day and age it’s relatively easy to do.

      Their suggested SO hunting is disgusting. Asking for help from pitchfork and torch bearing vigilante citizens to do what should be their job – the job they are getting paid to do -yet offering citizens a reward is beyond reckless.

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      This goes much deeper than just the Police department there in OKC. It has to also include complicit Judges, DA’s, ADA’s and several ‘High Ranking’ Public Officials as well as County Officials too. Surely The State also is Complicit in this. You see; ‘Bounties’, are only the first step in what’s surely a progressively worsening trend, and this will only end up being exactly what I’ve been saying all along it would become: SANCTIONED MURDER! So now Vigilantes have an ongoing ‘Hunting Season’ in which, the ‘Game’ is US!
      Furthermore, this Train will pick up steam as more and more Police and other Law Enforcement Entities all across the nation put this into practice of their own accord, with absolutely NO ONE to put them in check!!
      I’m going to put my money where my mouth is when I get my Social Security Deposit next week, and donate to NARSOL’s efforts to fight this very kind of brutality. As for the gentleman that earlier pointed out the existence of Corrupt Public Officials actively participating in Porn Rings? I’ve no doubt they’ve existed for as long as time itself has. Come On Man! Let’s decide once and for all, to FUND NARSOL, so they can DEFUND and DESTROY this kind of ‘New Jack Hate’, before it becomes a Nightmare Reality for All The Rest Of US!

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      Screen shot that FB page and the posts. Send them in to attorneys who have pending or on-going litigation challenging the constitutionality of the registry. This is evidence of how the public registry and how registrants are portrayed by law enforcement combine to truly meet every legal definition of cruel and unusual punishment under the 8th Amendment. Judge Matsch got it exactly right when he ruled the CO registry unconstitutional on 8th Amendment grounds.

      The oral arguments in the State’s appeal of Judge Matsch’s ruling were made at the 10th Circuit a good while back and yet no ruling has been issued. Why is the court just letting this case languish for so long without disposition?

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      A couple of years ago I went to OKC for my Dad’s 92 birthday. I informed my local PD that I would be leaving the state for one day. They called the OKC police to let them know. I was given a list of TWO motels in the city I could stay at where I wouldn’t be in violation. I was also told that I had to stop at the police office to register and that I would have to stop as I left the city to let them know.

      When I got to the office I went through the full registration routine – forms, photos, fingerprints, etc. I also had to tell them where my father lived so they could check it out. They also wanted to know where I was staying the night and called to make certain that I had reservations.

      That night at a bed bug infested motel (the best of the two on their list) I watched the police drive by twice to check if I was there. They stopped at my car both times to check the license plates. They also knocked on my father’s door to verify that I wasn’t there. I left immediately after the celebration and headed for home. I didn’t even stay the second night. Of course I complied with their request to “check out” as I was leaving in case I have to return at a later date.

      Note: Oklahoma City has blocked off 98% of the city from RSOs. I’m not even certain if they are allowed to work within the city boundaries. It’s not the place where you want to move to if you’re a RSO.

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      run away slaves?

    • #74371 Reply

      Lori OK VOICES

      Thank you to everyone who is helping us by monitoring and adding FACTUAL information to this heinous post.

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      Raven Tzu

      People should just publish the name & addresses of that police force. It’s legal. Some years back a guy did that to the state police in Oregon I think, and included their SSI# they flipped and took him to court. And the court only made him remove their SSI#
      Besides statistically cops pose a greater risk to the public.

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      What they all need to realize is that if ANY vigilantly wants to come to my home and attempt to assault, kidnap or hurt me in any way, they will not make it off of my property alive. I WILL kill them. I am a legally armed felon. I have many primitive weapons, and we are allowed to have these weapons. Do some research in your area. Protect your self. Hopefully they will seriously defund all police departments and get rid of the LAZY crap that we call police that sit on their asses and enlist the ignorant public to do their shit work.

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      Food For Thought…

      So think about how monies are appropriated from The Federal Government to the States to Enforce SORNA…

      JAG Funds (named after an officer that was killed in the line of duty) are Filtered to State Governments to Enforce SORNA…Depending on each State’s Laws and Modus Operandi, they leverage the path way to where these Monies flow….so depending on the Jurisdiction, there are always ‘Unused monies’ which become PERVERTED and go to the ‘biggest BELLIES’ of need….case in point with the OKIES ….Watch OUT for THEIR PERVERTED TUMBLEWEED!

      Everyone Stay Healthy and Safe!

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      I’m just sad that I haven’t read about any massive category 5 tornados ripping Oklahoma apart this year. What a bummer, that shit hole deserves every one of them.

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      perplexed in NC

      Over a year ago, I emailed NARSOL when a sheriff in NC used FB to threaten RSOs in his county and beyond; I wondered about the legality of his actions and FB involvement as an arm of the government. I never got a response. I wonder why we don’t take part of this battle to the large tech companies that censor, shun, and then target certain individuals while they still operate as is they are public utilities. Is there not some way to curb this venue of hate and discord? Offender Watch, FB, and others are receiving government monies and support, but are spreading hate and fear…

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      William M. Hart

      Man you nailed it.

    • #74385 Reply

      Jonathon Merritt

      An Air Force Texan 457 big bore air rifle will bring down anything short of a Rhino and will easily bring down any tramp stamp covered wannabe loser.

    • #74387 Reply


      Every single one of us should be ready to defend ourselves from vigilantes. It is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to each other, ourselves, and our families to make a very clear example out of vigilantes. Just as they see us, we must see them moreso. Whatever rage they bring, the rage within you is greater, so give triple in return of whatever they bring, for all you have suffered for so injustly, your rage will ALWAYS be greater than theirs. For all the hatred you have received, the vigilante is the one person you can finally give it all to and have peace. If anyone, any vigilante, tries to hurt you, or your family, or even your fellow registrant, make sure you make such an example of the vigilante that it will create lasting nightmares for anyone else looking to become a vigilante against us. A warning and a deterrent, which not only punishes, but also makes life safer for us all. Be wise about it though, always do so as an act of defense only.

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      In a debate in a FB group for movie collectors I commented on how people complain about “bootlegs” of movies that are not readily available but many of those same people will go to YouTube to watch such movies which were uploaded ILLEGALLY and falls under the same “piracy” as a hard copy DVD-R. One of the members of the group replied to my comment with “Grow up”. I replied back to him with: “Are you mad because the autonomous zone was shut down?”

      A few moments later I received a notice from FB saying that I was blocked for 24 hours for violating their terms of use for “Bullying and harassment”.
      How did I bully and harass someone who told *me* to “Grow up” but yet all these people on the comments of this FB post can make blatant threats of violence against someone based on their criminal past?

      Facebook needs a lawsuit that will shut them down once and for all. ALSO!!!!!….. it is ILLEGAL to make public posts on the internet that threaten bodily harm to another person or to oneself. So why aren’t these cops arresting the people making such comments and why isn’t FB suspending THEIR accounts for “bullying and harassment”?????????

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      H n H

      If the registry is civil in its purpose and implementation, then why are the violations of it deemed a felony? And not only that, but with punishment that far exceeds the original sentence imposed for what put said person on the registry. That on its face should be a good argument not only of its punitive intent but also that it was never intended to only be “civil”. Why has this not been brought up to the Supreme Court? Why does the court get away with using legislative doublespeak to twist what is punishment into something that is civil and “regulatory”. We all know that’s a bold faced lie, why/how do the powers to be get away with this?

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      Oklahoma City PD getting marching orders from Shady Grady out of Florida. Posting people’s information online and asking a bounty is damn disgusting. If anything happens to any of these individuals the Oklahoma City PD has blood on its hands and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Screw law enforcement that engages in this type of activity!! What can people from out of state do to hold these lowlife thugs accountable?

    • #74416 Reply

      Sandy Rozek

      H&H: As far as your first question, the drivers’ license system is civil, but driving without one, or driving when it is suspended or revoked, is, in some states, a felony on the first violation and in other states a felony on the second or third violation. Let’s remember that the SO registry, when first implemented and the only time the SC actually ruled on it — I am almost sure — was much, much milder than today. Fewer eligible offenses, once a year reporting, no restrictions like residency and proximity and holidays. I myself believe that the time will come for a challenge that will reach the SC. The only question is, will they hear it? If so, with all of the consequences attached to registration today, I believe they would rule it punitive. MY opinion only, and based on nothing but some lower court cases in recent times that have ruled aspects of it punitive and unconstitutional.

    • #74411 Reply


      Mostly all sexually related Laws are Codified as Strict Liability!

      It does NOT matter if you know or you do not know….Registrants, are screwed Coming and Going as all Judges can predict OUR Futures….a $268 Billion Criminal Justice Complex that justifies all Law Enforcement’s Existences……A Kindly Reminder, Wal-Mart’s 2018 Annual Revenues were $339 Billion….
      -a pretty Brisk Business juxtaposed to ‘Wally Worlds’ revenues

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      All Wannabe Vigilantes and The Sort should have a purpose of Reason and all Registrants should refrain from stooping their ‘weak and spineless’ self beings!

      Like me and like many other Registrants, we feel our pains everyday; we become aggressive in OUR Minds to want to change things physically; which is NO longer an option as that is Short Term Gain for Long Term Pain!

      …AS most of the Registrants are Men of Valor, we cherish our rights, which mostly have been taken away illegally!

      The only way to win a Crusade is through thoughtful legal discourse….By challenging Strict Liability, By Adjusting the Qualified Immunity Status of all Law Enforcement and making major Adjustments to Judge’s Absolute Immunities, AND, unless WE do NOT do these things, we are all barking up the wrong tree..and if We do these things in tandem, then small changes can be made!

      Laws are codified by the Legislatures and all grievances go through the Appellate Court Processes…. all the way up to and including SCOTUS!

      The only way to remove a ‘DEAD CAT’ off the street is to remove it in a respectful way!

      Everyone Stay Healthy and Safe!

    • #74422 Reply

      H n H

      Sandy, that’s my point, the entire registry scheme was much much milder. It used to be a private list which didn’t have as many demanding questions on it, and access was strictly controlled. In order to view the list, you had to go to the police station where they would inquire your motive and need to view their list, then and only then would they show a piece of paper that could be viewed, then that was it. Nothing could be written down or copied to take from the station. Fast forward to today and people can just look us up and take their vigilantism as far as they want. Websites like homefacts and offendex just want to make life a living hell for us while making money off the registries existence. When is enough enough?

      So, now since the SC says all this is simply a civil regulation, the states have taken it upon themselves to enact countless punitive restrictions based on the false claimed narrative that forcing someone to never live in certain areas is a “civil” issue (as far as such civility relates to registrants). So, the intent of the registry has gone far beyond a civil matter and has broadened into absolute punishment. Isn’t this in itself what the Supreme Court is supposed to provide protections for through their authority over the states? Clearly states such as Oklahoma, Florida, others have added restriction upon restriction, punishment after punishment and felony upon felonies for ever being out of 100% compliance of their beloved hit list, so the question becomes at what point are the states abusing their powers? Is the system so corrupt that making a major wave in the registry is impossible? I don’t think so. There must be a way to crack this thing.

      With the Civil rights movement, there were states that intentionally kept blacks and whites segregated, and it took the SC to stop the segregation which the states had made laws for. While I’m no Rosa Parks sitting on a bus, I wonder if their will ever be a law stating any registered citizen must never use public transportation. How far do the States think they can push this thing until it pushes into something far worse than what we have already? Or is our country too far gone to ever see a stop to the damned hit list? What other restrictions are the states going to implement, fines, prison time, fees, before anything is brought before the SC? They know what the States are doing, the bending of the laws to suit their own agendas, we need the protection of the SC…

    • #74424 Reply


      I would think the capital city would have more serious crime to adhere to; yet that would require actual work and less time away for harassment of people who have paid their debt. The police department’s budget is $100 million and how is that justified when they put a bounty out for someone who forgot to mention they wear boxers on Saturday. Oklahoma Tornado season can’t come soon enough.

    • #74432 Reply


      @ perplexed in NC:

      I remember that, Cleveland County if I remember right. I actually emailed the NC Attorney General about him. Not surprisingly, no response.

    • #74434 Reply


      I completed my required quarterly registration at OKCPD last week. I always wear my retired military hat when registering, keep my driver’s license up to date annually as required (since “Sex Offender” is prominently marked on the license, I was sure to request that “Veteran” is also prominently shown on my license). It has been 12 years since my conviction. I can honestly say that OKC has greatly improved their registration process by investing in an upgraded facility that’s more safe and secure, I’m shown a reasonable amount of respect, and the registration process has been streamlined to make it a simple, if not painless process. I try to be friendly and cordial, and am generally treated the same way.

      Gone are the days when OKCPD stopped using uniformed officers who danced around the room chanting “somebody’s going to jail today!” Only 3 times in 12 years have officers appeared at my residence to verify same.

      This doesn’t mean I agree with the Facebook posting on their site. Since sex offenders can’t use Facebook, law enforcement shouldn’t be able to use it either. And inflammatory postings by the PD promoting vigilante actions are just as criminal as threats by individuals. Take it down, OKCPD!

    • #74435 Reply


      Actually, Brandon, tornado season in Oklahoma ended at the end of May. But I get your point. All the best…

    • #74439 Reply

      Facts should matter

      Nationwide, cops are in disrepute right now, so what do they do? Deflect and distract by making sex offenders out to be the bigger monsters! They’re attempting to restore their trust, credibility and respect in the community by over-selling the unwarranted fear that those on the registry pose. I’ve mentioned this countless times on many forums – The registry has been hijacked by the police for their own personal PR tool to instill division and hate. It was NEVER a public safety tool, but a religion-like scheme to foster control over the easily led and fearful, thus making them out to be the “saviors of children”. This, in turn, predictably affords them ill-earned praise and pride!

      The cops target sex offenders with FB fear-proliferation, stings and sweeps exclusively to reinforce and self-validate their messiah/savior complexes.

      It’s akin to throwing gasoline on hate

    • #74454 Reply

      Ashleigh Dowden

      Wow! I see in these responses a multitude of some of our strongest arguments against registration: violations of human rights and civil rights, denial of due process, equal protection, individual liberties and the right to protect our family and property, and the stripping away of all protections from abuse of power, etc….This story/event, obviously hit a nerve with a lot of passionate people and the comments indicate that it is generating an incredible amount of energy. We need to harness this energy and remember this feeling.

    • #74456 Reply

      H n H

      There’s always a chance that a judge is reading these posts and thinking…. “Nothing will change unless it’s brought before us”. That usually involves some sort of violation which has to be brought before lower courts, then denied until finally the SC either accepts or rejects to even hear any arguments. So, what does it take to petition the SC to revisit the registry or lifetime parole? Is NARSOL able to petition the SC? Would/could it make any difference at all?

    • #74462 Reply

      Sandy Rozek

      As you have said, it has to start with a case that has gone through all the lower courts and lost and keeps being appealed all the way to the SC. And then they have to agree to hear it. The odds are not good. They agree to hear about 100-150 of the more than 7,000 cases that they are asked to review each year. NARSOL was involved to some extent with the Packingham case which made it to the SC and was ruled on favorably for registrants. We are involved with several other cases. We participate in varying degrees with cases in which a favorable outcome will benefit a significant number of registrants.

    • #74470 Reply

      Alexander C. Miles

      The sex offender registry is a failure:
      It needs to be abolished. Instead it needs to be replaced with a Child Predator Registry.
      Anyone who has committed a hands-on offense against a minor needs to be on it.
      Pimps, Johns, Romeo and Juliet cases, as well as downloaders of child pornography should be exempt from any registration requirement.
      The purpose of the registry if to provide the general public of notice of incurably ill child sex-predators, not to serve as a public pillory of otherwise normal citizens who in an alcoholic haze or for other reasons transgress the bounds of public decency and order.
      No more sex offender registry – only a child predator registry is needed for the future.

    • #74481 Reply

      H n H

      If said registry is for actual offenses against prepubescent children unknowing of sexuality. Not teenagers fully aware and usually complicit in said court defined “abuse”.

      Not every sexual encounter by a teenager should be deemed legislative fodder for new laws. I do believe there should be a “questionable consent” law for those sexual matters that are strictly statutory in nature, albeit a brief touch or sex by a sexually active/capable and aware teenager.

      Just my 2 cents…

    • #74486 Reply


      Yes…As Ms Sandy has stated to It’s PUNITIVE NATURE…is exactly correct!

      SCOTUS accepts cases based on one of the following criteria:

      Writ of Certiorari

      On Appeal-from the highest State Court or from a Federal Appeals Court

      The Solicitor General-basically determines if the Federal Government should appeal lower federal court decisions

      And By Selection-wherein both the Justice’s Clerks and themselves decide if a Case should have standing

      Yes, it is a Hodge-Podge!

    • #74509 Reply

      Tim in WI

      The advantages of the electronic deep state are many. One cop here or there will have no effect on that. The infrastructure was built with intent to impose affirmative restraint. Posting on FB by cops runs redundant to SOR therefore is excessive.

    • #74531 Reply


      You know,

      With news of other crimes, commenters tend to discuss possible suspect whereabouts or simply possible outcomes of suspect’s case(s). Hell, some brats would even cheer on the big-shot suspect.

      With sex offenders, notice how the mood and tone completely changes: Rather than discussing the case, these same commenters would instead make strange cruel jokes, express high-school-style shaming sentiments, or some violence-promoting rant/rave disguised as humor; you know, the kind of puerile behaviour you would expect from bored adolescent troublemakers looking for a response.

      “Dead or alive,” is it? Those who “gut a ***child molester” should “get a lighter sentence,” should they?

      You don’t typically see such immaturity as a response to gangbangers, those who publically assault or those with extra time on their hands to perform violent false-arrests.

      It shows that sex offender laws were created less based on logical reasoning for justice and more based on pleasing a superstitious society.

      ***(On this tangent, one should be reminded that, when man-written laws are set aside, some (keyword) teenagers in fact can mentally consent to sexual activities with adults; that some (keyword) sexual “relationships” can be a positive experience, rather than negative. That is an age-old biological ‘fact’; one which many countries around the world already acknowledge. Surely, those who want to present a “dead or alive” sex offender to the OK police have noticed that age of consent in Europe is 14/15-years-old?)

    • #74800 Reply

      Tim in WI

      Precisely Sir! To database machine property. Where to individual sovereignty is overrun by “paranoid need” for machine infrastructure. When in human history machine need outweighs human rights.

      Machine need > human need ~ null\

    • #75679 Reply


      Funny how it goes that when someone goes missing, the only persons police or the Feds bother looking for are beautiful middle / upper class white women and girls or sex offenders. Everybody else is prioritized as ” if we got the time, we’ll look into it.” What a joke the system is.

    • #75732 Reply


      It earns the respect of the majority and that’s all they care about. We and our families are the minority who do not matter to these people at all. We do not figure into their equation in any other way than to be the whipping boy to win political points. I say de-fund the police until all they can do is go after the most serious of literal violent felonies.

    • #75910 Reply


      they dreamed up a real time data bank but had no data to populate it. they didnt want to pay for extra police or contract with private enterprise to collect the data because the cost would gave been enormous. so, they decided to just force people to supply the data for free. that is human trafficking, the non-consensual exploitation of a subclass for the benefit of those possessing superior rights and privileges. that is a felony and a violation of the 13th Amendment. plain and simple.

    • #75984 Reply


      they built and entire industry on the backs of a dis-enfranchised subclass.

      no taxation without representation!

    • #76124 Reply

      Mr. Anderson

      I’m 35 just got done serving 10 years probation in AZ for an attempted molestation case that was committed when I 15. I was hopeful and positive through my sentence because AZ does not publish level 1 (lowest level) I was assigned after undergoing psycho sexual evaluation. Once I complete my sentence I would be eligible to petition the courts to discharge requirements for state S.O. because I committed my offense when I was a minor, it was violent, and on other sexual offensives. During my probation I remember a deputy from the Indian reservation registering S.O. so they could be on The Tohono O’odham Nation Indian reservation. My P.O. encouraged me to to register so I could go to certain events, concerts, and casino If she approves it during my probation. Sounded good to me and encouraging of future privileges. Once I completed my sentence I went to seek legal counsel to remove my requirements for state S.O. registration. The lawyer said that we could that but your information is on the NSORW (national sex offender registry) for The Tohono O’odham Nation Indian reservation, that is sovereign land with different rules. They post all S.O. on thier registry, thier S.O. registration is for life with no possibility being removed and being removed from the state requirements will have no effect on that listing. I did everything I told to do to serve my time and get my life back. But, because I was mislead and the only “crime” I committed on Indian land was being a visitor while I was on S.O. probation. For that “crime” I will remain on the sex offender registry for LIFE.

    • #76600 Reply


      You want to drive a police officer bonkers and truly scare them out of their wits? Just send them a surveillance picture of their child at school outside for recess or waiting to catch their ride home at the end of the day. Send a note to the cop…leave it in a Manila envelope on his doorstep. Accompany that picture with a note. The note says, “I know who your child is. I know who you are. I know where you live. I can get to you, your wife or your kids any time I wish.” The officer wouldn’t stand for it a split-second and yet that’s exactly the dynamic they expect us to live under without complaint or even a voice of advocacy. It’s the height of HYPOCRISY isn’t it!

    • #77766 Reply

      James in PA

      Does anyone see list for:

      Drunk Drivers?

      I bet you not! Sex Offender is the only one Hated Group in America. Registery is the HATE Group people can prey on.

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