In Florida another restriction that will further harm society

Versions of this piece, in letter form, were sent to Commissioner Tobia of Brevard County, Florida, and to Dave Berman, an editor and writer of this piece in Florida Today.

By Sandy . . . John Tobia, County Commissioner in Brevard County, Florida, is proposing that the county levy additional 1000-foot restrictions on those on Florida’s sexual offense registry, adding “businesses that cater to youth” to schools, day care facilities, parks, and playgrounds. The proposal is presented as an option for those business owners to opt in or not.  Upon examination, it is clear that this proposal does not include a very important dimension, that being the likelihood of this restriction resulting in enhanced public safety and enhanced safety for children.

A look at the research shows that residency and other restrictions that shut off parts of a town or city to persons required to register have no benefit to public safety.  There are no statistics, no studies, no reports, and no evidence supporting the theory that restrictions limiting where registrants may live, work, or be offer protection to children or the public at large. Several significant studies show this.

According to the U.S. Justice Department Study published in July, 2015:

“[T]he evidence is fairly clear that residence restrictions are not effective. In fact, the research suggests that residence restrictions may actually increase offender risk by undermining offender stability and the ability of the offender to obtain housing, work, and family support. There is nothing to suggest this policy should be used at this time.” (last main section)

Especially significant for Florida is this part of that report: “In a study of sex offenders subject to residence restrictions in Florida (n = 165), researchers found no significant difference in the distance recidivists (defined as a new sex crime rearrest) and nonrecidivists lived in proximity to schools and daycare centers (Zandbergen, Levenson & Hart, 2010).

This is a layman’s piece, but it encapsulates this issue extremely well.

The reason that limiting former sexual offenders’ access to potential targets is futile is simple. Children’s sexual abusers are not those already punished and now tracked for having committed a sexual crime. Children’s sexual abusers are those who have never been arrested or convicted for such offenses. They are those close to the children in their everyday lives, their family members, their peers, and their authority figures. A chart that encapsulates the findings of an FBI report shows this.

In spite of all of this, if no harm were done, one could still say, “Why not?” But harm is done. Florida of all places knows the results of overly-stringent restrictions as to where registrants may live.

This proposed law, even though opting in is up to each business, will create new thousand-foot areas in which those on the registry may not live or work. Registrants with jobs inside of those areas will lose their jobs. Registrants living within those areas will lose their homes. The result will be more homeless, unemployed individuals in Brevard County than there already are. While no studies support the use of these restrictions, may studies find that the consequences to such restrictions impede rehabilitation and result in conditions that create a less safe society. In addition to those findings documented in the Justice Dept. study cited above, these document it further: ;  (Florida specific); (Florida specific)

Those proposing and supporting this latest attempt to further limit the freedom of Brevard County’s registered citizens are not acting in the best interest of Brevard County or any of its citizens.

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Sandy Rozek

Sandy is communications director for NARSOL, editor-in-chief of the Digest, and a writer for the Digest and the NARSOL website. Additionally, she participates in updating and managing the website and assisting with a variety of organizational tasks.

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    • #74637 Reply
      Facts should matter

      The real problem is swaying public opinion because right now they control the narrative of catastrophizing. We’re fighting the ignorance of preconceived opinions and knee-jerk outrage over everything sex “offense” related.. The onslaught and pile-on will continue until a way is found to cultural shift that outrage back on the elected officials.

      We shouldn’t let law enforcement, the media and council members intimidate us from telling the truth. Their only weapon is an ill-informed public

    • #74636 Reply
      Gregory Welker

      This os very interesting. So these people would rather have the gang memberd, sex trafficers and others who have infiltrated these businesses as not only tenants, but oroperty owners to continue their profit margins. What does that say about Florida.

    • #74645 Reply
      H n H

      What should we expect? Watching the news makes one think Epstein was a pedophile when he clearly was NOT. I’m so disgusted with the news and virtually all media repeatedly calling him a pedophile. His youngest “victim” was 14,and his “oldest” was 17. And so, a 17 ur old makes him a pedophile? The media is having a field day and instilling more and more fear that anyone “underage”, ie, under 18 qualifies for pedophilia. And the ratings soar. This is beyond corrupt and this country surely will pay in due time for how the elected officials lied to everyone. Florida is a joke and after reading this, it becomes clear to me there will never be an end to this. Ever. When I die, I’ll still have my name on that registry. We all know that death is the only way off the registry, and the more stories I read like this only drives it home harder that there isn’t anything anyone can do to change or eliminate the registry or lifetime parole. Face it… I have. My life is completely 100% defined by the registry and lifetime parole and the quicker I assume living my life 100% solely for MYSELF, the easier it’s gotten. I have a new life of selfishness, knowing I can never participate in society or even consider anything that may have a kid present. Accepting this and forgetting society is becoming easier daily.

    • #74651 Reply

      Can we just ban Florida because it looks like part of the male anatomy? I would think Brevard county has more important things to focus on, but it’s located in Florida. I’m tired of politicians punishing people that had nothing to do with a high profile case; but do nothing to keep communities safe. This commissioner took an oath to defend the Constitution and that includes people you hate. Greatest decision I made was leaving the backwards hateful corruption Florida way!!

    • #74680 Reply
      nobody in particular

      The way things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a law enacted which banished anyone on the registry from being burried within 3000 feet of any cemetary where “children may also be burried”. It’s so obvious that everything and anything with the words “sex” and “offense” has never actually been about public safety, nor the prevention of harmful behavior, but simply a tool for the political image and gain of people who, when all is said and done, don’t actually care about the general population or well-being of families and children *whatsoever*. The average citizen, at least to some small degree, has gotten a bit wiser to the whole “war on drugs” manifesto, and its true intent as a vehicle for more control over those who are already marginalized, and in need of real compassion and understanding. But now, corrupt leaders, and those in positions of influence and trust, have hit the jackpot: at the same time americans are *obsessed* with anything remotely sexual, collectively, this country also seems to *despise* and *fear* anything remotely sexual. As such, very few will even question this absurd proposal to increase residency and employment restrictions, which are already absolutely pointless and destructive.

    • #74679 Reply

      If I murdered a kid, I’d get how many years in prison and then when released, I’d have how many years of parole? Then I would be a free man. No so with RSO’s. We have a lifetime of paying back for what we have done. But I suppose one could move to another Country and cry Political Asylum.That’s if your smart enough to do online stuff or have rich parents to support you. One has to figure that what we need to do is like being on Parole, I see no difference. But come to think about it. I had more freedom on parole than I do now. We have to tell them when we eat, S*&t and go somewhere out of State.What kind of life is this now anyway? It sucks and you should get used to it because that’s how it’s going to be until the next Kingdom gets here. I’m sure glad my kids moved from that S#*thole Florida. New England is the best choice. At least there’s a little freedom compared to most of the States.

    • #74675 Reply

      like an alien denied entry into the [united states]?

    • #74663 Reply
      Ed C

      I totally agree with H n H. As I have written elsewhere:

      Words are distorted, misused and misunderstood when they leak from psychology, law or other disciplines into the common vernacular. When taken out of the original context, they lose their very specific meanings, which renders them meaningless. The term “pedophile” is one particularly relevant term. For example, Jeffrey Epstein is consistently referred to as a pedophile. He may have been many horrible things, but he was never accused of nor diagnosed with pedophilia. His victims were not prepubescent children, which is the core requirement for the diagnosis. Yet in public discourse, and in the media, this very specifically defined term is used only as a pejorative and has descended to the status of a “dog whistle.”


    • #74670 Reply
      Edward Ruggles

      H n H ,
      Well said, that puts it all in one place…the fact that we can no longer participate in society for fear that I will somehow violate just one of the many LAWS of restrictions placed in my daily, go about my own business life. It’s sad and pathetic that all they are trying to accomplish is keep registered citizens ” not in my town”.

    • #74668 Reply
      Michael S Goodman

      Why not just restrict them all to Mars?

    • #74690 Reply

      As I have said before, if this goes through, it is just another “nail in the coffin” for the registry. Because there is so much documented in the way of these laws being useless and counterproductive, their hateful and ill formed intensions will come back to haunt them, not sure how it will play out but it will.

    • #74697 Reply

      Hey, folks it’s election year. Time to get tough on crime and who better to get tough on than everybody’s favorite punching bag, the sex offender. The sleaze bag politicians know it gets votes. How many so called local reporters have ridden this band wagon to the networks.

    • #74696 Reply

      After I was arrested I contacted quite a few lawyers about taking my case. Every dirt bag I talked to said the same thing, “you’d been better off if you had killed her”. So much for officer’s of the court.

    • #74711 Reply
      H n H

      Well, you’re not far off Bill. I’m not in trouble for having sex, or exposing, or taking pictures. Heck, I didn’t even see anyone naked. But a 15 yr old girl did come onto me quite strong. My attorney as well as the investigator after listening to everything were both adament, “you’re NOT in trouble for kissing her, you’re in trouble because you allowed her to place ur hand on her breast” it mattered not that I immediately removed my hand, it was a 1 second touch I did not want or ask for and had no intent of happening, so fought the charge. Buried deep in the laws of this stupid state are the words for indecent liberties, “any touch deemed to be for sexual arousal by the defendant OR the victim is admissible for establishing intent”. So basically no matter what, a 14 or 15 yr old girl can do whatever she wants with her body and if she gets caught she will ALWAYS have a friend in the DA to make her promiscuity out to be an assault on her fragile innocence as long as someone else gets their life destroyed. And believe me during the trial, the judge and DA both twisted everything around in court, explicitly detailing each and every millisecond of the encounter until you’d think the entire 1 second lasted an entire 10 minutes and left the girl traumatized for life. She sat in the court room laughing hysterically (literally) as I fought for my life, career, freedom and character. Now, looking back, when I demanded she leave me alone, I should have just given her a black eye, or throat punched her, as that would be an easier burden to bear than this hell. I’ve been out of prison for over 2 yrs and Noone will date me or even take a second look at me. This life sucks beyond what I thought was possible and the loneliness is sometimes a bit too much, but hey, that girl gets to go on for the rest of her life saying she was “sexually assaulted” and then get all the praise by everyone telling her, “oh, you’re so strong, you’re so brave, he deserved his life of misery”…. It makes me sick.

    • #74715 Reply

      Let’s just tell it like it really is. Florida is promoting SANCTIONED MURDER. The only place they want Registered Citizens to live is in The Florida Everglades…where the Dangerous Lifeforms are. The Snakes, The Crocodiles, and all kinds of Poisonous Animal and Plants. The Government of Florida should be required to just come out and make this Intent known. The Local Media, should be made to report it as exactly that. because once again, that’s EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT!

    • #74723 Reply

      The unfortunate aspect of Florida, is that it’s citizens believe there is no such thing as too extreme of punishment. A lot of citizens would prefer anyone convicted of a sex crime to be put to death, regardless of the actual crime.

      In my case, I was 19 years old. I agreed to meet someone who reached out to me on AOL. She was 13. Yes too young. No sex actually occurred. But had it, Michigan had a clause where it could have been termed consensual after a certain time. And the girl would have testified on my behalf. I got forced to plead guilty, thinking I had no other choice by both my public defender and the prosecutor. It happened in 1997 in Michigan.

      My sentence? 30 days in a county jail on a misdemeanor charge. 25 years on the registry, where the rules got changed 3 times since my conviction. Oh, I am no longer required to register in Michigan due to them doing this. They got shot down as unconstitutional.

      Of course that no longer applies to me. Florida law trumps Michigan law. Because I stupidly got in trouble for embezzlement 3 years after, according to Florida law I am no longer eligible to petition for relief, Ever. Oh, I will be moving out of state in 2 weeks, but Florida doesn’t remove registrants, even those who move out of state. They have to get a letter from Michigan stating I am no longer required to register. And even then, per my registrant with Sarasota county, it is still up to the state to decide if it’s ok to take me off. It’s not “an automatic process” per my registrant.

      When my parents pass away, since finding work is soo difficult, I will be living out of my car. No work, no food, no money. And probably no car. And to be quite honest, I don’t think there is a single person in the government, not even our president who cares one bit. I’d rather be put to death at this point. I’m tempted to find something to confess to, just so I can. People truly have no understanding what sex offenders go through. And people “in general” don’t truly care.

      Anyway, just voicing my opinion.

    • #74730 Reply


      I lived in Sarasota county till last year and gave Florida the finger. I hate that backward, hateful, hillbilly, and corrupt state. Good luck to you

    • #74940 Reply
      The Bull

      H n H move from florida and never return to that wreched sorry ass state.

    • #74941 Reply
      The Bull

      Move from the state of florida and never come back, move to a state with sensible laws and if that fails leave the United States and Never come back.

    • #74962 Reply

      H n H. Reading your story, my heart breaks for you. I am afraid my son will come home to the same think. His was on Plenty of Fish, adult dating website. He is serving 10 years for an inappropriate conversation with a minor and a life time of registering. We are leaving Florida before he gets home.

    • #75023 Reply
      Tim in WI

      I can see a time when human touch is completely ” regulated” to the advantage of machine interaction ( modus). Most understand this Earth can hold only so many.
      One doesn’t have to surf far to encounter a live video tramp. Naturally the like is found to be indecent behavior to some and even abhorrent to some, but there will be no ” stopping it” as the horse is out of the barn. This fact drives certain conservative circles NUTZ! I discuss here the larger picture, the macro view evolved from the impact upon society from the unfettered use of the database driven infrastructure first advance by the plain indenture of human citizens to the registry regime in itself. Under those conditions mathematically expressed Machine Need > Human Need (MN>HN=Null) results in an outcome incongruous with all basic notions of “Re:public. ” The prohibition upon ex post language use was NOT upheld! The reason? The “useful” Machine.

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