Derek Logue wins ANOTHER round against Lauren Book

Today, the 4th District Court of Appeals struck another blow to Lauren Book by again (and in 26 pages) rejecting the petulant Senator’s claim that Logue stalked her.

In a petition to the 17th Circuit (in Ft. Lauderdale) she alleged that Derek Logue, of and an outspoken registry reform advocate stalked her. She cited to three instances – one where he counter-protested PEACEFULLY at her “Walk in My Shoes” event. Secondly, when he appeared at a screening of David Feige’s documentary “Untouchable” in which he was featured also. And finally in comments online.

She alleged that she feared for her life and the safety of her children – but at the time (and still) Derek lives in a completely different state and had done absolutely nothing that would constitute stalking. Unfortunately the 17th circuit is Broward, where Lauren Book is a senator and they granted the stalking injunction… But Derek, with the help of the an AMAZING legal team including Jamie Benjamin and Gary Edinger, appealed and won!

But again, entitled Ms. Book felt she was entitled to another bite at the apple in the appellate court and she lost again!

A copy of the order can be read here:

Please read it, print it, frame it or just keep it as a reminder that as powerful and politically connected you are, you can’t stop opponents from exercising their First Amendment right to be heard!

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