Citizens Against Proactive Stings (CAPS)

Police run ILLEGAL proactive stings where they are supposed to be looking for pedophiles. Yet each prosecution nets the state a lot of money. So instead of following the rules in the contract signed by each police division of ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children), they break the rules creating ‘criminals’ out of law abiding citizens.

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      I believe this is entrapment ! If the FBI weren’t on the internet doing that the person wouldn’t be talking to them. If CP wasn’t on the internet a person couldn’t look at it. It seems like a person would be only 50% in the wrong if the CP was already on the internet . How can we send a man to the moon but can’t keep CP from being put on a computer? Why is “using a computer to commit a crime” automatically an enhanced charge? I have never heard of anyone “using a car to rob a bank” automatically get added time. I have never heard of anyone writing a bad check getting added time to their crime for “using an ink pen”. I know it sounds crazy but think about it !
      In my opinion, any type of CP sex offense should require a great deal of psychological therapy instead of so much punishment. It’s not a “normal” way of thinking.

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        Terry H.

        Hi KathyAnn

        My opinion to your questions is this;

        The US / America is obsessed with sex on a societal level. We use Sex as a vehicle for advertising, in our movies, for the clothes we wear and the way we look phiscially, it all surrounds around SEX. It is the obvious and easiest thing to attack. The thought of someone abusing a child is repulsive and reprehensible. This thinking is correct andthe lawmakers see that and use it as an opportunity to fuel hysteria by creating laws that lift up the lawmakers and further anger their constituents, as they make money from those convicted and all the while convincing society they are being protected, hence the enhancements to any charged crime. They are feel good laws that protect no one. Once a person serves their time they should, like any other lawbreaker, be able to return home and restart their life. This is not so for the Sexual Offender. They are inundated with more laws and restrictions to the point of not being able to live. They are the witches of modern-day, the pariah’s that no one wants until they find out that someone close to them is a Sexual Offender, then thay start seeing things in a different light. Frankly, the laws are a joke and they know it.

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      When they connect in these scenarios don’t tell me that an adult male at 35 years of age will talk as a child would. When they come across individuals in a website that you guarantee your age as 18, the conversations are so different. You assume you are speaking with another adult. They run tests here to see if you are a pedophile and even if you pass 100% your labeled. These laws need so much more common sense used around all of it. A true pedophile won’t need to be baited they ate the hunters.

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