Important info about stimulus checks

Additionally, the following memo is shared with us by Derek Logue:
Since many of us work in groups that assist registered persons, it is important to pass along information about the COVID-19 stimulus checks.
The only requirements for getting a check is a valid social security number, being at least age 18, not being claimed as a dependent, and making less than $75k/yr to get a $1200 check.
There are NO restrictions due to being a registered citizen. A registrant who just got out of prison can get a check. A homeless person can collect a check.
If you’ve filed taxes in 2018 or 2019, or you collect Social Security (including SSDI and SSI) and have direct deposit, there’s nothing you have to do, you’ll get it deposited into your bank account. If you’ve done none of these, then the IRS will need your info so you can get your stimulus check.
The IRS has FINALLY gotten around to creating a page to collect that info. Go to the web link below then click on the big blue button that says “Non-Filers, Enter Payment Info Here.”
Please make your followers aware of this because there is plenty of false information out there. Recently released registrants should be able to get a check.
Of course, if they don’t want the money, they can always donate to one of our activist groups, but I’m sure many registrants could use all of that money for immediate needs.
Derek W. Logue of
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