A mother’s frantic plea: Stop the evil that is happening inside our federal prisons

By Sandy . . . A mother whose son is incarcerated in a federal prison in Ohio and may have Covid-19 reached out to me. After verifying the facts she had given me, I wrote an article and sent it to all of the major newspapers in Ohio. The Vindicator printed it. They have edited the end, seriously weakening my outrage and my anger. This is the link to their printing, and I am printing my piece here without the edits.


The names used are pseudonyms.

Frantic over the possibility that her incarcerated son has Covid-19 and is not being tested or properly treated, Angie is desperately reaching out for help to anyone who will listen.

Matthew is an inmate at the Elkton Federal Institution in Lisbon, Ohio. He is deemed low risk and has email privileges. He has written his mother and father that he is being quarantined, along with others, in an isolation unit at the prison. His symptoms include temperature, shortness of breath, low blood oxygen level, vomiting, and body and muscle pain, including severe headache.

Elkton, an institution of over 2,000 individuals, was allotted only five Covid-19 testing kits. A recent article confirmed that at least 80 inmates there have symptoms and at least three have tested positive, with one death confirmed from the virus.

Angie and Paul, Matthew’s father, have repeatedly tried for days to reach the facility with no success; the telephone rings with no answer. The Ohio Department of Health has also tried unsuccessfully to get through by telephone to the institution.

The parents are frantic. Their son should be given routine diagnostic exams, such as blood work and a chest x-ray as his symptoms could be caused from something other than Covid-19. He should be receiving oxygen treatments regardless. He should be tested for the virus. He should be released to a hospital where these medical procedures can be performed since our federal prisons seem unable to extend even the most basic of medical care to those for whom they are responsible.

At their last communication from him, none of these things were happening.

Keeping low-level inmates incarcerated during this health crisis is criminal.

Having only five testing kits available for a large prison, one where there have been confirmed cases of Covid-19 with one already resulting in death, is criminal.

Failing to keep parents apprised of the condition of their ill son is cruel and criminal.

What is happening in Elkton Federal Institution and other such institutions is definitely criminal.

It is murder.

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Sandy Rozek

Sandy is communications director for NARSOL, editor-in-chief of the Digest, and a writer for the Digest and the NARSOL website. Additionally, she participates in updating and managing the website and assisting with a variety of organizational tasks.

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      Once again; the same Madness that the Federal Government is willing to continually and openly enable, is apparent. I feel for the parents of this poor kid. It’s obvious that The Federal Prison wants as many Inmates infected, to Die. So they won’t have to spend any more of their so-called ‘Precious Financial Resources’ on what they consider, ‘A Waste Of Time’ regarding this kid and others infected with C.O.V.I.D.-19.
      The Lawsuits will take Years and Years, to finally resolve, and by then the Officials currently there now, will most likely be retired…and Shielded from Liability.
      And I thought MY Life, was bad. It pales in comparison to that kid.
      I might have been him myself.
      ANY One of US, could be.

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      They’re always going to do stuff like this until they kill off as many of Us as they can.

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      Once an inmate at Elton FCI, I can tell you that FBOP prefers that any information from within any facility stays within the fence/walls. While not an attorney, I can suggest to insist on ‘community stardards’ of health care while alleging deliberate indifference towards his well being. Staff within the walls can be personally be liable for their actions and non actions only if it falls outside or short of community standards. Sadly, there may not be enough time to go through the BOP grievance process to get some relief in time. But staff might act faster if they know they could face personal liability. I will pray for Matthew’s total recovery.

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      Alexander C. Miles

      If he has e-mail privileges he cannot be convicted of a sexual offense, unless something has changed in the BOP/

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      Audrey T

      No l am not a robot..l would like to know more about this organization and to a contact number to talk to someone…

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      This is not accurate. He was convicted of a sexual offense. I have personal knowledge of others with sexual offenses in other federal institutions having limited email privileges. I have no knowledge of the policy in institutions that are not federal.

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      Audrey, I do not not know to which organization you refer. If it is the BOP, good luck; if to NARSOL, please email me at communications@narsol.org. We can dialogue as long as you wish.

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      Elizabeth Syed

      My mother’s heart goes out to them. I can only imagine the worry and feelings of helplessness and frustration and anger. When those in the “chain of command” do not do their job or abandon their post (as it seems they might have, since they aren’t answering the phone), the only option is to go higher. Get louder. Call, email State and Federal representatives and senators. Contact reporters. Write letters to editors. Even try “way out there” options such as Dr Phil, Kim Kardashian, etc. One thing is for certain: if it becomes a political problem, someone will address it. Prayers for the family and their son. One measure of a society is the way prisoners are treated. I wonder how history will judge us.

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      Tim in WI

      The people have lost control over their institutions big and small. I hope these parents recall how they were treated by those in charge next time the vote comes. The prison industrial complex is profoundly corrupted by profiteers. The only thing they’re (DOP) is interested in if covering their backside from tort claims PERIOD!

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      Cyril Fritch

      The policy at the BOP as of 2 yrs ago concerning E-mail is that contact offences can not have that privilege. Contact offences include actual contact and/or computer contact with attempt to lure.
      There is a grievance process an inmate may try. All new sex offence arrivals are denied access until they are screened by case workers.
      Hope this helps.

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      Michael Miller

      I was incarcerated in SC and I have email privileges and I was a sex offender.

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      James Coghill

      A prison is nothing more than human petri dish for every disease imaginable. In Arizona I watched an entire prison become infested with scabies to the point the guards brought it home with them and infested their families. When their children began bringing it to school with them it led to the Scabies Outbreak in the Florence, AZ. school system in 2015 and 2016. Right about that time a bunch of men and women in expensive office attire showed up and began dressing down the medical staff for their incompetence. If you think the quarantine for COVID is bad you don’t know what a real quarantine is like. This is not a quarantine. A real quarantine then began which eventually eradicated it, but not until a year and a half had gone by and a lot of needless suffering. I got chronic kidney disease from it.

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      William Barr has ordered the 3 federal prisons, Elkton, Oakdale, and Danbury, Cn. to release inmates immediately due to Covid-19 risk factors. My husband and I pray and hope this woman’s son gets home very soon. We have a son in a federal prison also but so far no infected inmates there. He is scheduled to be released in July and if anything ever happened to him we would be crazed with worry and endless sorrow. I know that some people don’t want to hear bible passages etc. but God is the only one that can do what we see as impossible.

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      James Coghill

      Well that freaked me out. You have the same name as my appeal attorney. Too bad you’re not him. I bet you wish you were.

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      My son is in Noble correctional facility as a A1 level (lowest there is) and he has email privileges. They entire facility is quarantined and he is scared that he will get COVID 19. He calls me twice a day. He only has a little over 40 days left. I tell him to stay on his bunk, keep to himself, and don’t share anything. Of course it’s hard with about 200 other guys around you, but he stays on his bunk for the most part. Not much else you can do.
      I really feel for the family whose son is sick. I will keep them and their son in my prayers.

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      Ed C

      You are right Sandy. I was at Elkton, and some SOs had email. It was a fairly arbitrary decision made by the particular housing unit manager (units were A-F). The stated criterion was the an SO whose conviction involved use of the internet was denied access. Although some with the same charges had access and some did not.

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      Ed C

      I am terrified for some friends who are still at Elkton. The housing units are not cells, but dorms with about 150 in each. Most cubicles contain 3 persons with a limited number of 2-man cubicles along the exterior walls. If Elkton is anywhere near capacity, proper social distancing is virtually impossible. Bathrooms are shared as are the limited number of phones, computers and TV rooms. Windows don’t open so breathing the same air is inevitable. Alcohol based sanitizers are not allowed.

      I understand federal prisons were locked down for two weeks beginning last Wednesday. If there is a shortage of guards, that could mean no movement outside of the unit at all, with the possible exception of essential workers, e.g. cafeteria, trash, etc. No fresh air and 3 bag lunches a day.

      I’ve read that about 60 inmates have been isolated with symptoms. By necessity, this will be in the SHU. God help those people. Medical attention will be problematic at best. and certainly slow to respond. Keep these guys in your prayers.

      Stay safe.

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      False I had email privileges while convicted of a sex offense.

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      Jonathon Merritt

      You had email priveledges while you were incarcerated there?
      What institution?.

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      Lisa Chaney

      I may have misread William Barr’s statement but I thought it said all but SO’s would be released. Please let me know if I am in error. Godspeed to her Son. My son was at Elkton for 3 years is now at Allenwood .

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        You are correct.

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      Kevin Fuller

      I was at Elkton-FSL for 5 years (2011-2016). I was there for a sex offense, and I had email privileges almost the entire time I was there. The system has changed over the years. Folks that had convictions for child porn without any sort of solicitation of underage had email. Those that had some sort of email contact with minors had to wait awhile and petition to get email. Email no Internet.

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      Kevin Fuller

      Elkton FSL is the satellite low/camp “down the hill” from the FCI. It’s much smaller, units G-H, and everyone there almost had email. People moved from FCI down to the FSL. No one with more than 10 years could be at FSL.

      My understanding is that most of the COVID19 cases are at the FSL and not the FCI, but I am not absolutely sure about that. I heard that from an inmate as well.

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      My husband is at a privately run state institution in Ohio. All prisoners at state institutions have email privileges, as far as I know. The state institutions are in terrible shape, too. The governor promised March 10th that all guards would wear masks and gloves and that there would be enough hand sanitizer for prisoners and guards. The next day the health care administrator said they have no masks, gloves, or hand sanitizer. He merely instructed the prisoners how to wash their hands and told them to do it often. The guards huddle around (no social distancing whatsoever) and tell some prisoners at some times to keep their distance from each other. The guards are all afraid the prisoners will give them COVID-19 instead of the other way around!
      Out of about 49,000 prisoners, the governor has recommended releasing 38 (no, not 38,000, only thirty-eight!), as indicated on this webpage: https://coronavirus.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/covid-19/resources/news-releases-news-you-can-use/testing%2Bsupplies-ppe%2Bsanitizing-inmate-release-recommendation-remote-learning-guide
      “Governor DeWine announced today that he will recommend the early release of 38 prison inmates. The inmates fall into two categories: pregnant inmates and those who are recently postpartum and inmates who are vulnerable to COVID-19 at 60 years old or older and have 120 days or less remaining on their sentence. Governor DeWine will send a letter to the judges who presided over these cases and encourage them to grant early release. These cases do not involve any individuals convicted of serious violent crimes such as, but not limited to, murder, sexual assault, and domestic violence.” There are currently two prisoners tested positive and seven awaiting tests (that they tell us about). There are FOUR institutions on quarantine (prisoners, not guards). Very grim!

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      I was in the federal system when they first brought the computers in. At that time, if you had a computer related sex offense, you were barred from email. I know several inmates were trying to fight that then, but we had little how at the time. I was convicted of possession of child porn, and was therefore banned from computer access. This included working in the UNICOR factories. I could check my account and add phone numbers only. I couldn’t use the email. I was released a few months after the system was installed, so it didn’t really matter to me at the time.

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      Marie Shook

      I feel sorry for the parents of Matt who is ill at Elkton. My son is also incarcerated at Elkton and is labeled as an SO, due to looking at porn on the internet which contained child porn. There was no molestation or premeditation toward any minor. He is permitted email privileges and that is how we keep in contact. He is also in fear of contacting coronavirus. He tells me that temps are taken daily and anything at 100.4 or over the inmate is taken to isolation. They have been on lock down for 2 weeks with no soap to wash hands, no outside, or going to recreation for exercise. As of yesterdays news, there has been 2 deaths there of coronavirus. The prison can hold a maximum of 2470 prisoners and they were at capacity of 2469 prisoners. Close quarters cause anger and panic. They have been on boxed meals for 2 weeks and now there is a shortage of food and they will be cut back on food given out. Most of the past food fed to the prisoners was way past expiration and given out anyway. They are treated worse than dogs. There is limited commissary and are not permitted to go but every 2 weeks spending a max of $16.00.
      He has had extra blankets taken away along with extra clothing and more. The air conditioning in one unit has been out since last year and has not been repaired. The public is in a state of panic over cononavirus and could njot imagine what it is like there. As a fearful mother myself, I fear for my son’s life. There is no early release as far as Governor DeWine is concerned because he is a SO with no violence, no assault. There is nothing but doom for these people. I have written to Senators, State Representative, Sentencing Committee, the President, and everyone I could think of for help, and have gotten no response. There is no one out there that cares, only us mothers who love their sons.
      I am very disappointed in the BOP and our government for allowing for the conditions presented at Elkton.

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      BOP did change their rules of access to their ’email’ system years ago. After I began my 80 month sentence on possession, even with security level of a 1, the restriction existed. Several of us successfully argued that denying us access violated the BOP own reasoning for its restriction. Policy was changed at forest city FCC and when I transferred to Milan FCC, that access was continued.

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      Those with the mark shall suffer greatest, before the end. So it is written.

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      Unfortunately this is how many inmates will be killed this year. The prisons will keep doing as always then when it get to bad just abandoned them all. However, they will riot and hurt themselves in the process they need to be taken care of now not later.

    • #70776 Reply

      No doubt, this virus is going to be a game changer in many regards!

      It is possible it will be the catalyst to reform the prison system for the better.

      There has never been a study that ever prooved prisons make for a better & safer society. Infact the truth has always been prooved they make society worse.

      Now they are proof of directly placing humans in very risky and possibly life threatening environment with no benefit to society.

      No benefit with all the cost & all the risk.

      Society looses. No one wins.

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      So do I understand this right? If you are a SO you CANNOT be released on home confinement?

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      Kevin Fuller

      The Elkton FSL population is only 427 men. If 88 in isolation and 4 already dead then you have to figure the place is full of infected guys. That’s a big penetrance. Also, Elkton FSL is BOP Northeast region level-2 medical facility. A lot of men there have age and underlying conditions setting them up for bad outcomes to COVID19.

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      What can be expected when a greedy idiot slumlord like jared Kushner is US PPE “czar”?

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      Please contact these Ohio authorities.

      Have the mother keep time and dated records of all correspondence including attempts to the

      Have her contact her son’s “case manager” at the institution. She can get the case manager’s name from her son the next time he calls.

      Contact the manager asap.

      Once again, KEEP RECORDS of your attempts, even if no contact was made.

      This will become litigation material for the mother if she needs to file suit in a court of law againstst all the authorities mentioned.

      May God give this dear mother peace. May God be with her dear son. Amen

      FCI Elkton
      8730 SCROGGS ROAD
      LISBON, OH 44432

      Michael Carvajal/BOP Director

      Gov. Mike DeWine

    • #70771 Reply

      There is an acquaintance of my son located in Elkton who sends me emails (and is in for a non-contact SO). My son is in a different facility.
      On 4/1 he emailed and said, “….they locked down the facility, moved us all out of the unit I was in & made it a quarantine unit. The rest of us are all packed in together with no outside rec. They tell us this is the best way to stop the spread. They are taking 1 to 2 people daily from the unit with a temp.” Another email on 3/27 said. “…they are moving all of G-Unit to other units.” and, “They are moving all of G unit to other units & going to use this unit as quarantine, will lose computers today and also phones should have them back tomorrow.” I heard from him two days ago as well.
      On the BOP site, there have been several inmate deaths from Covid-19, five from Oakdale – I and three from Elkton.
      The current active case load among inmates and staff is also listed and updated daily. The inmate cases have gone up today from 120 yesterday and staff from 54.

      Open COVID-19 Tested Positive Cases
      (Inmate) 04/05/2020 – USP Atlanta (9); FCI Bennettsville; MDC Brooklyn; FCI Butner Low (7); FMC Butner; FCI Butner Medium I (3); USP Canaan; FMC Carswell; FCI Danbury (21); FCI Elkton (7); FCI Forrest City Low (x); FCI Forrest City Medium (x); USP Lompoc (17); FCI Milan (3); MCC New York (4); FCI Oakdale I (22); FCI Otisville; FCI Yazoo City Medium (5); FCI Yazoo City Low (2); USP Yazoo City (11); RRC Baltimore; RRC Brooklyn, NY (4); RRC Chicago, IL; RRC Dallas, TX; RRC Phoenix, AZ; RRC St Louis, MO; FLM Guam.

      (Staff) 04/05/2020 -Atlanta, GA (3); Brooklyn, NY (5); Butner, NC; Waymart (Canaan), PA; Chicago, IL (3); Danbury, CT (7); Lisbon (Elkton), OH; Forrest City, AR Low (2); Forrest City, AR Medium (2); Fort Dix, NJ; Leavenworth, KS; Lompoc, CA (2); Milan, MI; New York, NY (6); Oakdale, LA (4); Otisville, NY (2); Ray Brook, NY (7); Talladega, AL (3); Tucson, AZ; Yazoo, MS Low (2); Yazoo, MS Medium; Central Office, Washington, DC; Grand Prairie Office Complex, Grand Prairie, TX; Southeast Regional Office, Atlanta, GA.

      Note: Due to the rapidly evolving nature of this public health crisis, the BOP will update this dashboard daily at 3:00 p.m. based on the most recently available data from across the agency as reported by the BOP’s Office of Occupational Health and Safety.

      All we can do is pray they stay safe.
      Several have mentioned that they are not going to medical right away if they develop symptoms, which only spreads to others.
      The link to the deaths is below.

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      This has changed long ago. At least 2009, everyone is allowed email at a low or camp. Not sure about higher levels.

    • #70800 Reply

      “These cases do not involve any individuals convicted of serious violent crimes such as, but not limited to, murder, sexual assault, and domestic violence.”

      Well, there ya go. The problem I see with a contact sexual offense such as an older person with a teenager that the COURTS acknowledge was CONSENSUAL yet illegal is that the name of the law is “Sexual Assault”. Like in my case where an under legal age teen consents to the act but is not allowed to consent by law, it’s referred to as “sexual assault in the 2nd degree”. Even the prosecutor made the statement to the judge that it was a consensual relationship. But with the word “assault” attached to the title of the general statute, it makes people THINK of violent acts.
      The law against what I and probably many others have done should be changed to sexual “misconduct”.
      Maybe then some prisoners with that charge could get out early.

    • #70804 Reply
      Adam S.

      Unfortunately, this is an unintended consequence of committing crimes, be they sexual assaults or not. Anything that is occurring is unintended and not a matter of malfeasance or spite on anyone’s part. Simply because this person is a sexual offender does not make this any more or less tragic – or tragic in the first place. No one could have predicted covid19. We are all suffering in unprecedented ways in relation to this.

      That being said, this is not a registry issue. Does NARSOL advocate for this man’s release? What is the purpose of the article, as in what is being highlighted here? How does it relate to NARSOL’s mission? It seems as if this is nothing but a ‘human interest’ story. It is unfortunate that this is happening for this man, and any other man or woman currently incarcerated for any reason, but these are the unintended side-effects of committing crimes and being incarcerated for them.

      As for this offender being ‘low-level’… as a former prisoner myself for four years (incarcerated for a sex offense) I know for a fact that even those incarcerated for murder can make their way to camp/low-level status after a time… and I know that sexual offenders can, too. His low-level designation is not a reflection of the crime he actually committed, or his treatment compliance (in some states, treatment in prison is not mandatory or necessary for reclassification). This man could be an unrepentant serial child rapist; we don’t know enough to even begin advocating for his release, if that is where people are going to go with this.

      Even as an advocate myself for the fair treatment of sex offenders, I cannot fathom the purpose of this story on this site. Everyone deserves compassion, but what is happening is a result of what this man did to be incarcerated in the first place.

    • #70808 Reply

      I’m not surprised at the subpar treatment of prisoners. Maybe there will be some prison reform? I WAS surprised that SOs have access to email. Having one myself, I would never be allowed home leave, promotion to a less restrictive level, or allowed certain jobs. The #1 disqualifier for dog training was having a sex offense, whereas #2 was being abusive to animals; even violent (think murder and AWDWIK) offenders could participate.
      State and federal officials need to stop falsely grouping those with SO into “high risk of reoffending” category!
      A video got out by an inmate with a smuggled cellphone about COVID-19 in his prison and when CBS asked them, they said they were investigating…my guess is to how he got a phone in and not the deplorable conditions.

    • #70812 Reply
      Ed C

      Marie, as I read your post my heart went out to you, your son and all the Elkton inmates. I was there from 2013 to early 2017, and could visualize what was happening from your description. Medical care is abysmal under normal circumstances. I can’t imagine how it is today. An article posted yesterday in a Youngstown paper reports 26 persons are hospitalized in Columbiana County, 20 of whom were from the prison. I can’t independently verify this.

      Interestingly as I write this CBS This Morning just profiled Elkton. They showed a video from a smuggled cell phone. I didn’t catch whether the video was from Elkton, but I presume it was. They ended the report by saying the BOP was investigating the video. Great response!

      All those with children at Elkton must be terrified. I do feel for you. Prayers and pressure on the BOP seem to be our only options.


    • #70814 Reply
      Ed C

      I don’t want to get into a running discussion on the subject, but I completely disagree with you. This is absolutely an appropriate forum for discussing prisons and COVID-19. Note the last four letters in NARSOL’s name, i.e. “Rational Sex Offense Laws.” Granted NARSOL’s most recent focus has been on registry matters. However all laws and policies affecting SOs are fair game for articles here.


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      That mom needs to contact the Director/Bureau of Federal Prisons.
      I know many think that that’s a waste of time, that they don’t respond, but when I had an issue regarding my son, I made the contact and received a response from the Director and the issue was taken care of.
      There are some people at the top that do seem to give a damn.
      Hope everyone sends out good karmic thoughts for this mom and her son!

    • #70834 Reply

      Every time I hear Gov DeWine of Ohio talk about reducing prison populations due to Coronavirus he mentions the fact that sex offenders will not be released. I wonder if he knows how many sex offenders are non violent and not a danger to society. Does he not understand the Tier system in Ohio which was put in place precisely for the reason of distinguishing between violent and nonviolent offenders? Once again this group of inmates is being discriminated against. I am sure there are many non violent registrants who are classified in the lower Tiers who are nearing the end of their sentences. Why can these people not be considered for early release?

    • #70841 Reply
      Adam S.

      The man in question is being legally detained for a sex offense he committed. How is it irrational that he is in prison? ‘Rational’ sex offender laws… so you say it is irrational to be locked up for committing a sex offense?

      The law applies to all other men and women currently locked up. This particular man happens to be a sexual offender. Nothing about his situation is irrational. He is incarcerated during a pandemic, just like 2 million other people in these United States.

      There is nothing in this story that relates to sex offenses that has anything to do with NARSOL’s mission. If it is the mission of NARSOL to stand up for all sex offenders at all times in all manners regardless of circumstances, then I can see why there is little headway in terms of NARSOL’s message being heard by the general populace.

      As a former offender myself, I can honestly say that there are some SO’s that absolutely need to be monitored post-supervision in some way.

    • #70851 Reply
      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      Adam, it is not irrational that he be in prison for having committed a crime. It is irrational that a government entity does not bear the responsibility for the safety and well-being of those whose liberty it holds in its hands.

      Part of NARSOL’s mission is to speak for those convicted of sexual crime who are unable to speak for themselves. That is certainly applicable to this situation.

      And for the record, this specific case was a non-violent, non-contact situation. But that should have no bearing. No one, no matter what he has done, should be confined in a place where, when he is sick and needs medical treatment, it is denied him.

    • #70852 Reply

      Five inmates at Oakdale Federal Correction Complex in Louisiana have died from COVID-19. Twenty-two have tested positive, as have four staff. There are no cells to be “locked-down” in and they sleep in barracks-style buildings in bunk beds set about 3 feet apart.

    • #70857 Reply

      Someone somewhere will have to seriously and I do mean SERIOUSLY rattle that prison’s chain of command with a high-powered attorney who doesn’t mind crushing balls and calling names loudly.

    • #70856 Reply

      Ah! BUT! Those on the outside get to feel all safe and fuzzy warm because all these “soulless monsters” are behind bars, out of sight, and out of mind. As long as society demands their METRIC TON (AS OPPOSED TO A SIMPLE POUND) OF FLESH for flesh, this will NEVER change. The vast majority of voters are under the delusion that if prisons were just made as draconian and torturous as is humanly possible, incarcerated persons would get out and not go back through that “revolving door”. The vast majority thinks any abuses inmates suffer at the hands of prison officials are deliciously funny and well-deserved. Until that mindset is abolished from among us, the same people with the same vicious mindset will continue to be put into office and NOTHING will EVER change.

    • #70923 Reply
      Tim d

      Good luck getting Dewine to do anything. In my opinion he as useless as a spent condom. My niece is finishing up a 9 yr sentence for less than a gram of meth. This was her second conviction serving 5 yrs the first conviction. My point is, she has less than 100 days left. Instead of letting her go they moved her young bunkie out of her cell and moved an elderly woman in. My niece is only 38. They are either trying to make sure they kill off my niece or they want her to take care of this old woman so the guards don’t have to. That is my belief. I have no idea if this older woman is sick or not. It is also my belief Dewine is a total idiot and could care less how many prisoners die. He was suppose to change how his parole board looks at granting pardons and make it easier to get pardons. Nothing has changed. He’s nothing but alot of talk and no action unless its keeping someone in prison. He made the statement on TV a few days ago that if people arent going to ” obey” his orders to distancing themselves he would look at fining people $5000 or putting them in jail. Such a dumbass thing to say but of course this was being said by a total self centered turd.

    • #71092 Reply
      Daughter promoting kindness

      My dad was a former SO in state prison in the 80’s. My dad is just now sharing bits and pieces of his past life in prison. We/I never asked him about prison when he was released, we were angry and just wanted to move on with our lives. I am 46 now and realized that was the biggest mistake our family made, we should have somehow tried to understand what happened. Dad endured lots of suffering privately once out of prison which I never knew til now, in addition to the suffering he endured in prison years earlier. Im finally asking Dad questions about his past prison life in a gentle manner realizing its hard to share those details with your daughter. I am here to say all life is precious and worthy!

      I’ve learned my Dad was an MP (military police) during black/white clashes in the 60’s and of course he was over in Vietnam. The things he saw I could not imagine. I don’t think he would have survived prison if he did not have his military survival skills to defend himself in prison. Yes prisons are that bad. He severed time in Maine State Prison in the 80s. My dad never had a problem with serving time but he and I have a problem with abuse in prisons! Those who have committed crimes according to our laws are to endure confinement only as their punishment not additional abuse. Lets face it prisons are a low hourly wage and the majority who work there are only there for the small paycheck. They do not get paid enough to care unless we join together and show the public what is actually happening here in the USA. If the stats that I just read are right we have the largest incarcerated population in the entire world. I do hope change comes to our prisons before its too late.

      Lastly There are no sides when it comes to COVID 19. We are all human just trying to navigate uncharted waters while saving the lives of loved ones. I’m sorry to all the families who have a loved one in prison. I understand your anguish! I will pray for your son! I love you all, Please hang in there!!!!

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