We will not be quiet

UPDATE 3/27: My comment has printed! I found some different contact information for the media outlet and sent another email. The bottom line is my comment has printed. Thank you, Telegram.com. Of course, it is now two days after the fact, so the impact and any hope of productive discussion is severely diminished. But it has printed.

By Sandy . . . Yesterday my attention was drawn, by an on-line associate, to a letter to the editor in an online media outlet in Massachusetts. The letter was in protest of a middle-aged man who had impregnated a 15-year-old teen getting out on bail.

Certainly her opinion and her right to express it. However, it is not her right to make up facts and information, and I exercised my right to place a comment in protest of her rhetoric:

That letter should win a prize — for the most excessive use of hyperbole and misinformation seen recently. First, bail is not a punishment. Secondly, most men do not treat women as sexual objects. And thirdly, stating that someone WILL reoffend is preposterous. In most places, levels are meaningless as they are not based on any evaluation of the individual but tied strictly to the offense. The reoffense rate across the board is in the low single digits. This individual’s odds of not reoffending are much higher than they are of doing so. Is what he did wrong, even disgusting? Of course. He should most definitely be held accountable. But accountability does not include using untruths to make the case against him.

I hoped to encourage at least a little bit of conversation about the facts; I could see my comment, but no one was asking me about what I had written. Then my on-line associate told me he couldn’t see my comment. Turned out no one else could either. It was hidden from all but me.

I found the email address for the outlet and wrote a polite email asking why my comment could not be seen and asking if it were waiting for approval. I received no answer, and this morning it was gone even from my view.

This is one way of silencing oppositional opinions. It is a cowardly method, but in this instance, it worked.

We will not be quiet. We have facts and evidence and truth on our side. We have compassion and human decency – when it is being decent – on our side.

If they will not hear our words, we will say them louder.

If they will still not hear, we will SHOUT.

If they will still not hear, we will SCREAM.

We will not be quiet.


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Sandy Rozek

Sandy is communications director for NARSOL, editor-in-chief of the Digest, and a writer for the Digest and the NARSOL website. Additionally, she participates in updating and managing the website and assisting with a variety of organizational tasks.

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      Mike W
      Michigan MIke

      ..and we will not rest until laws are rational and non-punitive.

    • #70127 Reply

      So sorry that our 1st amendment right was not afforded to you as it was to them! I think we should send them numerous emails.

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      H n H

      I find it curious that the article mentions the girl not being exempt from responsibility yet goes on to state that an evil had been imposed upon her. I have a very difficult time with this rhetoric. The girl was most likely heavily interested in the man, to the point that she wanted him and when the available moment came, they both went for it. What was to be a private moment between them, has now blown way out of control for them both. Even if this man wanted to, his likely prison sentence and life ending status as a sex offender would eliminate any possibility of caring for the child. Additionally, even if they wanted to get married the state is going to shove it down her throat that she’s a victim, even is she states emphatically that she isn’t. That’s one thing I note that’s absent from the article is that she was violently or forcibly raped, which would be beyond traumatic for her. This is the reason I state she is most likely to have been the pursuant party, if not greatly involved in the decision to have sex. This girl has to be known by everyone in her school and must be going thru hell in her attempt to live a normal life.

      I’m not saying what they did was “ok” or that it should be celebrated, but to use it as a platform to stack endless shame upon him while making her an innocent angel is just wrong. Seems like the only comments the article will allow are the ones calling for more hatred. I do wonder what skeletons they have hiding in their closet.

    • #70145 Reply

      Sandy, once again, THANK YOU.

      As the age old blessing used to say for those who did saintly works in times past,
      “May you live to be a thousand years old, Ma’am.”

    • #70144 Reply

      Please publish the email address of that Massachusetts news paper or whatever that squelched your comment. I will quote it verbatim and ask them why the article was removed? I will ask why they violate the rules of journalism and deny opposing viewpoints. That’s sorry and cowardly and I for one don’t intend to let them get by with it. Now there’s just a short paragraph and no provision for making a comment one way or the other. The bias is so obvious when media outlets take such cowardly and arbitrary measures to quash differing opinions than ones the media disagrees with…

    • #70148 Reply

      I tried to comment on the story but was unable to due to there not being an email option to start a profile. Only social media accounts. Of which I do not have, nor want.


      If anyone would like to post my response, I’d be glad to contribute to that discussion vicariously through you and your account.
      I appeal to those here, that are fathers of younger daughters, first.
      You’ll understand after reading my entry…but feel free to cobble it to make it your own to anyone else. Just keep it factual.

      Here was going to be my post, everyone..

      This is tragic.
      Did the girl know this man, I wonder?
      I have a daughter and this is very unnerving to me. It signals to me that I have a big job ahead of me as her father to teach her about proper relationships.

      I think that is our best defense as a society to stop this kind of thing.
      And that is educating our children.

      As for him getting a long sentence to stop the next offender from offending, I would venture to say that the sentence given to the person before him, for the same thing even, most likely never entered this man’s mind during all this.
      Even if the prior person was given a death sentence.
      So sentence size is moot, because obviously a large sentence threat did not stop him..from doing this to the 15 year old.

      Most likely he is a first offender, too. Prison will rock his normal world as it would any person who has never been there before, I imagine.
      Good chance he’ll rethink his behaviour choices once he is released.

      Plus…God changes people, too. He just might get a good dose of Him while he’s in that cell. We probably will never know unless we follow his story the entire time of his incarceration.

      This is truly tragic. For all involved.

    • #70161 Reply
      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      The comments are still there; you just have to scroll down a bit past some ads. And yes, the only way to sign in and post is through a social media account.

      I have found additional email addresses and have sent another email of protest and inquiry. I will see if this one produces any result. If not, I will post the page I found giving their contact info.

    • #70211 Reply

      I thought people in the Northeast were supposed to be so smart and educated! As everyone can see with this, these poor folks are dummer than dummer and sad to boot. This is the exact reson why it’s so difficult to get the truth out there. This type of person(s) does not want to know the facts etc. and some are really not worth the effort. Six or seven comments are all it has so far and they really give the picture of who is writing them as asinine, unthinking individuals who will go through life judging others and never giving any good thing in return. They will grow old with drawn faces and chins that sag to the waist. Why else would they not want your comment to be seen Sandy? They are afraid of the truth and haven’t got what it takes to have an intelligent conversation.

    • #70214 Reply

      As we speak all social gathering are limited.
      Places of recreation are off limits and jobs are being lost. Also jobs are not available.
      People are being outcasts in fear of a virus.
      Treated like leopards.
      Food and housing are scarce.
      Travel is not allowed.
      Citizens of the United States are being placed in isolated groups because they “might be infected” by a virus in compounds. Almost sounds like civil commitment…..
      Being told where your can go, eat, shop and stores now demanding curfews.
      Note all these factors placed by our government bodies and ask yourself one question………
      What does this remind you of?
      For many American citizens going through this they can barely comprehend how this is even allowed. We do have the freedom to travel. To the many Americans this won’t last for a lifetime.
      The question is could they live this way for a lifetime?
      Welcome to the life of a convicted sex offender.

    • #70223 Reply
      Thomas & Sophie

      Rita St Denis, doesn’t live in USA! This is why this person is very ignorant, but lives in CXXXXXXXX, Ontario, Canada.

      “I worked as a Family Case Worker, and Associate Director of Care in LTC (Long time care (unit)).”

      So, she is one of those people who see an ant, and attempt to make a skyscraper ant mound. She is just being a CPS worker, a drone.

    • #70242 Reply
      Tim in WI

      The presumption law itself acts as a proper deterrent to the human behavior is idealistic at best. If law and people really worked in that way there would be little need for courts at all.

      Victimites often refer to the minimization employed by perpetrators to advance their cause for increasing the penalties to higher maximum. However, this tact in-fact increases the chance of escalation of violence upon those for whom the law was intended to protect.

      That is the difference between really knowing the mind of a sexual child predator and not.

    • #70245 Reply
      Jeremy from Indiana

      I just visited the link and went to the comments and yours appeared immediately at the top of the list. I was going to suggest we all flood them with comments if they didn’t. There is strength in numbers!

    • #70439 Reply
      Off the Grid

      Do we face life with a belief in a Creator and designer with infinite wisdom and intelligence? This Creator actually makes our bodies develop biologically to have the ability to bear children during puberty. Also, many young 15 year olds are very naturally capable of properly caring for an infant, even better than many ‘adults’ will ever be during their entire life.

      Who are we (as a society) to say that EVERY 15 year old having a child is absolutely abhorrent and disgusting and it is a perversion of good order for this to happen???

      Who are these ‘lawmakers’ of our ‘nation of laws’ to say they have more wisdom than the Creator?

      I’m not advocating, exactly and explicitly, for removal of age restriction laws. But, we do know that less than 100 years ago having children and starting a family can and did happen to 14 and 15 year olds. They did just fine. When they were still relatively ‘middle aged’ they were having grandchildren which they could keep up with. Nowadays, we are supposed to stay on that track of being career focused, work and tax slaves, then, when we are too damned old and crippled to do anything fun with our grandchildren, that is when they come along, if they ever do at all. Yah, fun fun, sign me up for this plan of growing old and alone and lonely.

      Hello? Logic? Reason? Good Godly Common Sense? What exactly is the greater design and plan of our so venerated and adored protected class of elitist lawmakers?

      On top of it all, I hear there is secret demon worship and limitless perverted pedophilia abuse for the top of the heap of these clowns we call lawmakers.


      I think the world has gone off the rails. Big time. We are in for a world and an eternity of hurt when the Creator finally has had enough. Better get forgiven, or be doomed forever.

    • #70458 Reply
      Off the Grid

      It may help some readers to know:

      Telegram.org is the site for the pro-privacy, pro-free-speech app Telegram.

      Telegram.com is NOT affiliated with Telegram.org

      Just FYI.

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