Town decides against residency restrictions based on research

By Rebecca Kanable . . . A sex offender expert with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections on Monday discouraged the Harmony Town Board from passing an ordinance restricting where sex offenders could live in the town.

The town board later tabled its proposed ordinance again during a lengthy meeting.

The sex offender ordinance was proposed after board members learned that multiple sex offenders were living in the former Pine Tree Inn, 4544 W. Highway 14, which is now operated by the Jessie Crawford Recovery Center.

Sex offender registration specialist Robert Fugate said about 93% of child sex offenders know their victims, and more than three-quarters of adult sex offenders know their victims.

“Stranger-on-stranger incidences are very rare, and they garner a lot more media attention because of how rare they actually are,” he said.

Fugate said he used to work in Walworth County, which has many sex offender ordinances. In communities with such ordinances, the rate of homelessness increases for offenders, he said.

Read the full piece here at GazetteXtra.

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      The news and hysteria is completely slanted. People get all upset thinking a registered sex offender is out on the street hunting down victims. That is NOT the case. As was mentioned. Almost all sex offenders did something wrong to their own child or step child, or to someone they were dating. So not strangers, not a surprise attack. Also many are labeled was Predators, when that word is understood to mean someone who is hunting down victims when that is not the case. When will society grow up? Of course we all want to keep our families safe but this is not doing it. It is driving those who are required to register to take measure so they avoid registering and often become homeless. So then people don’t know where they are located. The hysteria will result in all registration requirements being removed OR in persecuting them like the Jews were in Nazi Germany.

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      Tim in WI

      Rock County WI, Its where I live.
      Robert Fugate is the same guy\ agent I put him on the stand recently in my FTR case. He is no expert on anything, he’s an ex probation agent turned registration agent and nothing more. He changed jobs (in same county & office) according to testimony as the registration job paid more but less face to face interactions. He claimed registration didn’t amount to ” DOC custody” yet affirmative answers to questions as in Munoz(PA) review and others makes it clearly a custody matter. Remember in Doe03, the supreme court stated in person reporting was not part of that ‘record.’ The town of Harmony seems to desire to use the registry as justification to impose their own brand of affirmative restraint – an ordinance that acts like a prison or jail sentence keeping sex offenders separated and segregated out of the community. Public safety is the reported motivation but sustaining property values is also an issue. Which brings me to a question I often raise. What rancher advertises the worst of his flock or herd on a world wide market? The soon bankrupted rancher!

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      Based on the two articles one would have to understand these methods. Its all based on principal. Even in my drinking days was my recidivism rate to be a weekend warrior or could rhe recidivism rate be that we don’t meed any education to dumb on others and make up laws to prevent or pervert justice.

      The two articles that NARSOL has presented have open the minds of everyone even Robin’s article. And yes putting the pieces of this puzzle together are good or should we all say whats in a lie detector test today. Sure ordinance’s are good if they prevent in an understanding way that is just. Even spin the bottle can get out of hand. It seems justice is blind in many and much of this registry ordeal or someone is left in the dark.

      I believe I stayed on topic on this one.

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      I have to hand it to the Harmony town council are against this registry restriction. Much of these registry restrictions are as greedy as much of this sex registry ordeal in many ways. Sure NARSOL is doing positive things and at times we at commenters don’t even know it but Brenda Jones is a smart cookie and many on the team.

      All this takes patience and a lot of this type of ordeal will be over with even this double jepordy thing of lifetime probation or other ordinances. I’m even sure government will come to their senses. Their is always good that comes out of something bad if you look for the silver linning. And yes their has been confusion in much of this registry but we all still have challanges to face and its all about helping others. I even think Brenda would agree on that one.

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      *”…because when you don’t know who somebody is and what they’re about, that’s when your guard comes down.”*

      You mean like step-parents, teachers, coaches and -in Ron Book’s case – nannies? Yep, sure is true that we don’t know what anyone’s about. Because every person with a sex offense had a time in his/her life when they had NO criminal record of any kind.

      Well, at least this guy admits they want to keep their property values up. SMH

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      Larry D

      So true…..I read an article on line about being falsely accused….sex offender’s, etc. It stated that 60% of all sex offender’s are falsely accused nationwide! Due to the hysteria caused by the media there is very little chance that anyone arrested on allegations of child molestation or sex offenses will ever be found not guilty. Most are held until they are forced into pathetic plea deals and sent off to prison for many year’s, reputation’s destroyed and marked men and women. Even with a paid attorney it is very difficult to get out from under these charges and public defender’s do little or nothing to help the accused because they know how the communities and courts look down on anyone accused of these types of crimes. All it takes is an allegation from an ex, or girlfriend that’s pissed off at you or a child under 18 that is trying to get back or destroy someone….I had a friend who’s step daughter was caught stealing and using drugs in his home…he and his wife warned her that if it happened again they would kick her out of their house…..well, she did it again and he kicked her out….and as she was leaving his home she turned around and said that she would put him away for life! She went to the Sheriff’s office and told them her little story and he was arrested on her allegations….spent several year’s in the county jail trying to clear his good name and his wife, her mother stood by him and did all she could to help him…..the court offered him 3 year’s in prison and he refused that! He told me that he did nothing that he would take it to trial to clear his name….so, he goes to trial….no evidence against him….none, just her allegations and the court hammered him with 30 year’s in prison….unbelievable! That’s happening all across America…then when and if they ever get out they are branded for life, shunned by society and outcast, can’t find work, can’t find a place to live then most arrested again for violating probation for not having an address, etc. Shame on America for allowing this crap to happen…..any woman making these false allegations should be sent away for many year’s and made to pay restitution to their victim!

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      Who’s Watching The Watchers? Hmmm? Who Restricts The Restrictors Hmmm? Shall I go on? How much MADNESS, can this kind of Vicious Cycle continue to Feed Itself? Who Reports The Reporters? Hmmm?…

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      Honesty in politics? Not in my town (Florida)!!!

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      Did someone say honesty. I thought honor among theives or was that dishonor. I believe it was honesty which is the right thing for any government to do and when one is backed behind an end loader a lot of ” &@#*b?” can pile up on them. I believe every town should make their own ordiances or who is cheif in command today to respect to one’s rights for true liberty and justice for all.

      One feels like some of this registry is a disgrace on even the justice system of true America. Talk about the Untouchables.

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      You are right Larry, and they use excessive charges that are a double jeopardy violation to scare the people into taking a plea deal. There are 20 -30 cases a year in Indian where charges are dropped because of double jeopardy violations. I have looked at every court opinion since my wrongful conviction if it is reversed or remanded I read it. This happens in appeals court after they used these charges to scare the accused into accepting a deal. Also it is allot easier to find something that sticks if you throw everything at them even if it violates the constitution. This country has been having a constitutional crisis for over a decade.

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      Tim in WI

      @d, and others,
      Elect former prosecutors enough the standards of proof are altered favorably to which side? Standards essential to good faith & fairness but not to the frustrated prosecutors.
      FISA COURT’S are secret courts what more needs said!

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