Sexually violent predator law upheld by Pa. Supreme Court

By Associate Press

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — The Pennsylvania Supreme Court upheld laws Thursday that require offenders deemed “sexually violent predators” to undergo lifetime counseling and registration and be the subject of community notices.

The requirements have the legitimate purpose of keeping the community safe and therefore do not amount to extra punishment, the court said in reversing a lower court’s decision.

Nearly 10% of the state’s about 2,000 registered sex offenders have been deemed sexually violent predators thought to be at the highest risk of reoffending.

The court, in an opinion by Justice Kevin Dougherty, found “there is a rational connection between the (reporting, notice and counseling) requirements and the government’s interest in protecting the public.”

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      Yup, the PA Supreme Court at its best. I am an RSO in Pennsylvania. Thankfully, I do not have the SVP designation, but am on lifetime registration. Those community notifications only serve to open an offender to harassment, vigilantism, abuse and possible murder.

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      I am not a SVP. I live in Michigan, believe the PA Supreme Court is politically motivated. No intelligent human would go forward with such laws unless they benefit them politically.

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      They knew the high court would overturn it they have this ” justice” from hell in ther pocket they know how he will rule on everything before it even gets to him they know him.

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      Yea and it was a statutory case at that strict liability, wow that is insane it was consensual and hes still a violent predator. But the victim is so scared it makes sense to make the offender a victim his mom dad kids whoever knows him

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      As an SVP struggling to live in this ‘Common-Hell’, The PA State Legislature and Supreme Court, have only one Agenda on their collective minds: Ensuring that SVP’s are exposed to ‘Vigilante Justice’! They’ll say they are not doing this for the purpose I just stated; however, in the privacy and comfort of their homes, that is EXACTLY, what they hope will always happen to people like me. To be Attacked, and Severely Hurt or outright Killed! Oh sure; they’ll give some kind of punishment; to the One or Ones attacking and perhaps killing me, a Slap on The Wrist, or maybe even A significant amount of time in Prison…maybe.
      Still; the guy or guys that would do me in, will get out and THEY won’t be on any Registry now will they? Of course not! Before, during and even after the fact, they’ll still be Heralded as Heroes. Coronavirus or no, The Common-Hell of Pennsylvania, will surely see to it that My Life, and all SVP’s Lives in The State, remains just what it is now: A Constant Struggle just to Survive, and have No Peace of Mind or even a chance at a Peaceful, Close-To-Normalized Life. The current Legislature WILL NOT, change The current Laws, even if they were given a direct Mandate to do so from The Federal Government. So it stands to their reason, that they have to Sanction The Murder of ALL OF US. They’ll use the Argument of ‘Keeping The Public Safety and Welfare of Children’ as a means to bolster their position, and Don’t Give A Damn, about OUR Human Lives. ‘Indifferent Ignorance’, is the Shield they’ll Always Hide Behind: Both PA Supreme Court, AND The Legislature!
      This is one of many reasons, I Pray that I stay alive long enough, to get enough money together to get out of Pennsylvania for good. If I’ve got to live with this label for the rest of my years on Earth, at the very least, I’d like to live in a State that does not have a State Supreme Court Cloned from Pennsylvania’s
      Before you say it, I already know: “Good Luck With That.”
      We’ll ALL need it.

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      I’m not surprised. Not at all. We know The PA State Supreme Court and Legislature want to demonstrate to the rest of the Nation, that they’ll do what they want to do, and no one will tell them otherwise. I hope I can get enough money together in the months ahead, to get My Supervision Transferred Out of This State Permanently! Perhaps, just perhaps, I’ll land in a State where the Supreme Court ‘might’ decide to someday rule differently.
      ‘Might’, mind you.

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      “Those community notifications only serve to open an offender to harassment, vigilantism, abuse and possible murder.”

      No doubt. That is the whole point of the notifications. Though lawmakers will never say that. Lawmakers, law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges use the law and justice system, to do as much damage to SOs as possible, while under the guise of justice, rehabilitation, or the safety of the community. The notifications, as well as forced treatment and registration, primarily serve to add further damage to SOs. To keep them in a constant loop or cycle of destruction and/or misery. In many cases, SOs are lucky enough to have made it back to the community and in turn, forced to give notifications at all.

      The system has ordained that a large number of them die during incarceration. Through murder or suicide. Despite the fact that some of them had learned their lesson and would never commit crimes again. Also despite any corruption on the part of law enforcement and prosecutors. Even those who work for the news, often hop on the bandwagon and tarnish an SO’s image. That is what happened to me. They had me targeted both in jail and some place out in the community. As death was knocking on my door. As someone who was slow, had social anxiety, etc.

      There is not one person in the entire land, who wants notifications, or even treatment and registration for SOs, out of a genuine concern for the safety of the community. At least, that would certainly not be the primary reason. They want to tear SOs apart, whether directly or indirectly, for as much as possible and for as long as possible.

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