Fresno Co., CA, striking residency restrictions due to ACSOL suit

By Thaddeus Miller . . . Fresno County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted this week to repeal an ordinance that restricts how close convicted sex offenders can live near schools and parks — a policy California’s Supreme Court found unconstitutional.

The move by Fresno County also includes a settlement with a Sacramento-based attorney who sued over the law.

The county has joined other localities across the state who have lifted the 2,000-foot or greater buffer many municipalities required of sex offenders for more than a decade.

About 40 localities, like Santa Clarita, Lompoc and several cities in Los Angeles County, have repealed their housing measures in recent years following litigation from Janice Bellucci, who is the executive director of the Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws.

She represents a man court documents refer to as “John Doe,” who lives within 90 miles of the Fresno County in an RV but wishes to move into the county. He filed suit late last year.

The California Supreme Court decided in 2015 that blanket residency restrictions were unconstitutional, because they treated every offender equally — whether they exposed themselves in public once or were a repeat rapist.

“We gave them a couple years notice,” Bellucci said of Fresno County on Wednesday, noting the 2015 court decision. “It took them almost five years to do the right thing.”

Read the rest of the piece here at The Fresno Bee.

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      Its about time that govenment loosen its grip. As I mentioned to all on here a year or so ago I live right across the street from kids and even in back of me. About anything considered of molesting someone is a couple walking their dog and the dog gets out of line.
      I would even think crusing in the park is bad enough for any sex offender and much of this 15 or 2 thousand feet is a bit out of balance in this checks and balance ordeal if one wants to use that terminology. I wonder who ran the indians off but we can’t measure this from that or can we.

      Yes a lady friend of mind which is part indian has told me a lot of things that the history teachers don’t tell you. That same lady is even my chaperone. So I’m with this California group and all this settlement as in a way its a form of discrimination or undue process. At times I can’t even understand what due process really is all about Talk about a waco siege or wacko scene with many different elements or slant’s. This sex registry is a bit crass in many of these endeavors.

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      David V C

      Praise God!!!!
      Hats off to ACSOL for all their hard work and it paid off.
      Finally, we are starting to see some changes that make a difference.
      Hats off to NARSOL also, and Florida Action committee and to all who are battling against these useless laws and those who make them to look good in the public eye, but accomplish nothing.
      May God Himself grant all of you wisdom, knowledge, and strength to continue to stand up for what is lawful, civil, and good!

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      OOps. I mean ACSOL instead of ASCOL always got those two mixed up.

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      David so true and right on the measure with much or many of these registry issues. Sure we all can be sick and tired of being sick and tired or who draw’s the line in the sand. Sure we all have to have rational laws and yes responsiblity is always good in many situations. Their is always going to be some type of conflict in life.

      Positive results get positive results. Now Janice is a good lady. In fact when I first got involved with all this. I had never been in an advocacy group before. I was dumb about an advocacy group so corresponding with Janice Bellucci and Brenda Jones opened my eyes a bit more. In many ways its like listening to parents while growing up only NARSOL is for Rational laws and rational understanding and a bit of faith even mustard seed doesn’t hurt a bit.

      Sure AA meetings back in the 70 were a bit of help or dui classes or other classes but chalenges are always good if one uses the right method to acheive the goal. And yes that is alway a blessing. So yes my hats off to ASCOL also. Course we all may have missed out in being in a debate class in high school.

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      What i dont understand is when the residency restriction is challenged by a lawsuit or a lawsuit is filed. Those cities recind the restrictions, seems to me that if these laws against sex offenders are not unconstitutional, according to the Supreme Court, then why would these cities be worried about a lawsuit. Seems to me those cities seem drop the restriction pretty quick. That coupled with most offenders who get convicted spend less than a year in jail. If the government and states claim how dangerous sex offenders are then why low jail time? My opinion is the government and state officials know the truth and that is sex offenders have the lowest recidivism rate and are not a danger to the public.

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      Happy for thought in California. I wish things would change here in Indiana.
      I can’t live in my own home with my aging dad because of the 1000 ft. rule.
      If anyone knows how to fight this, PLEASE, post info. Thanks.

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