MI: Ypsilanti adds ex-offenders as protected class in nondiscrimination ordinance

[mlive.com – 3/4/20] YPSILANTI, MI – People with felony convictions cannot be discriminated against in Ypsilanti in a new addition to the city’s non-discrimination ordinance that passed Tuesday. Ypsilanti City Council voted unanimously to make ex-offenders a city-protected class at its meeting on March 3. Elected officials said the move will help returning citizens reintegrate […] [Read More]

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NARSOL in Action 3/2/2020 – Litigation Update: Audios available

NARSOL in Action

Hour 1: Paul Reingold, an attorney with the University of Michigan School of Law, discusses the recent decision in Michigan. This case has the potential to bar that state from enforcing their registration requirements on those whose conduct occurred before 2011. In addition, the court’s final order will severely limit enforcement of various provisions of SORA on the remaining registrants. https://narsol.org/podcast/nia-3-2-2020-litigation-update-hour-1 Hour…

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Many CA Registrants Eligible to Vote

The State of California allows many, although not all, registrants to vote in every election (local, state, federal).  There are three basic criteria to determine a person’s eligibility to vote: (1) U.S. citizenship, (2) at least 18 years old on election day, and 3) not currently found mentally incompetent.  There are additional eligibility criteria for […] [Read More]

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