Utah Stepmom Pleads Guilty To Avoid Registry

By Zuri Davis

Faced with the possibility of being placed on a sex offender registry for 10 years, Utah’s Tilli Buchanan has instead pleaded guilty to lesser charges after being prosecuted for appearing topless in front of her stepchildren.

Prosecutors claimed in court that Buchanan purposefully stripped in front of the children while under the influence of alcohol and told her husband she’d only put her clothes back on if she saw his penis. The children’s biological mother said news of the incident “alarmed” her enough to file a report with the Division of Child and Family Services. Prosecutors decided to pursue the case, even though they were unable to corroborate important parts of the story, such as the date of the incident.

Buchanan was charged with three misdemeanor counts of lewdness involving a child. Her husband escaped charges as Utah’s lewdness statute defines lewdness as the exposure of “genitals, the female breast below the top of the areola, the buttocks, the anus, or the pubic area.” If convicted, Buchanan risked having her name added to a sex offender registry for 10 years.

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      H n H

      Remember folks, anything anywhere at anytime that involves an exposed nipple is prime offending time and worthy of destroying families, lives, careers and relationships anywhere and everywhere regardless of whether or not anyone was harmed in any way, shape, form or manner or not. Just let whatever situation involving afformentioned body part come to the knowledge of some prosecutor and they’ll take over to spread the word of shame and create the needed harm for a prosecution… somehow in someway they always twist events for the maximum harm possible. Regardless, life will never be the same again for everyone involved, although the DA will have another prosecution under his belt to boast of come election time.

      Just what do these teens or kids have to fear in life now as a result of such a traumatic event of being exposed to a nipple? Seemingly absent from the article is the ages of the “children” involved, so they could very well be 15 or even 17. Whatever words the article can use (children) will raise alarm in the community to only keep the momentum of “sexual harm” growing. Funny… She could have gotten a DUI and actually put someone in serious harm and had less consequences. I take note of the ex wife involved who would have most likely have had a field day raising the alarm to everyone, making the most noise possible all to save her precious children from life altering harm, while making her ex husband’s life hell. I’m sure she had some motivation in seeing the relationship destroyed.

      Somehow, such lunacy should be be stopped. If anyone cared at all about people’s lives, they’d get her into some counseling for alcohol and leave the rest alone and tell the ex wife to deal with her divorce as an adult. But in the age of metoo, individual lives mean very little as long as someone can bash someone to no end while exalting themselves. Somehow the change we need in these laws… (rationale) seems a very difficult road to navigate.

      Other nations in the world laugh hysterically at the ridiculousness of such prosecutorial pursuits over such stupidity.

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      Well as far as i can see, they don’t say who called the police and how old the kids are. What about mens nipples? Men expose there nipples all the time. Yes men don’t have boobs (like woman) some men have moobs. They are saying the top and sides of women’s boobs are not concidered ” genitals ” just the nipples and areols. But men have nipples and areolas. Thats sexist. Plus if the husband and wife were just installing insulation, thats easy to find out. I’ll lay odds the ex-wife wants custody of the kids. Because the story the ex-wife told authorities does not make any sense because she sees his genitals all the time. This is ridiculous.

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      I have a couple of things to say regarding situations like this…

      FIRST: This woman might have faced registry as a sexual offender had she not taken the deal. On that note I say this – The SOR was NOT created for reasons of nakedness within one’s home, sex in public places, peeing in public, mooning someone as a prank or even post pubescent teens having consenting relationships with adults (Elvis and Priscilla for example or even my case). The SOR was created because of a PSYCHOPATH who kidnapped, raped and murdered a 7 yr old CHILD. Attorneys who fight these sex offender laws probably need to start mentioning this.

      SECOND: The “trauma” that any alleged “victim” experiences is from the LE agents and victims advocates DRILLING IT INTO THE KIDS’ HEADS that they were somehow “harmed”. What a teenager would most likely shrug off, a detective and a victim advocate would have the teen nearly in tears telling them that they WERE harmed by this and basically forcing the kid to say “Yeah, it screwed me up”. This is a practice that needs to be exposed because it’s not right that they get away with doing this. It is NOT ok for LE to lie their way into making someone confess to something they don’t truly believe they should confess to.

      And lastly: How many of our parents would be on the registry right now for taking our baby bathing pics in the kitchen sink? That was a thing back in the days before digital cameras. My mother took pics of me in the kitchen sink because it was “cute” that a baby could fit in the sink like a mini bathtub. And back then, people had to bring film to a store to get developed. No one was arrested. But do that today and let the wrong nosey sh!thead find out and bye-bye mommy.

      But seriously, attorneys or ACLU Attorneys need to start mentioning the reason Megan’s Law exists and make a mockery of the courts and lawmakers (in a professional way of course) for including all these nonsensical issues as part of what makes an offense registerable.

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      I guess we should arrest all the breast feeding moms for exposing their nipples to the child they’re feeding, too.

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      The children’s biological mother is the one who reported Buchanan to the authorities. Maybe her reporting was out of spite or revenge, maybe it was out of genuine “concern.” But one things for sure, it stems from the ignorance, fear, and negative perceptions surrounding the female breasts, which themselves stem down through the decades, the same sort of way that the ignorance, fear, bitterness, and hatred of those who were charged with SO crimes does. It took time, an adult entertainment industry, a prominence in SO crimes, and certain laws to get to the where we are at today.

      There was a point in time, where the female breasts were deemed as “sexual organs,” both through the law and the mentality of the people, due to the oversexualization of American society. That oversexualization had been spread mostly through the porn industry, but also spread through movies, then TV shows later on.

      With the oversexualization, came the widespread sale and use of bras, and parents having their daughters believe that they must buy and use them because of the “perv@@t” men out there. Though there are women who say that they’re used for support.

      Men’s nipples/breasts do not count. In the law, it is explicity stated that it’s the female nipples/breasts that are “sexual organs.” It is minors and women who have a “special value,” or “special importance” to them, by society. The breasts of women have been oversexualized not the breasts of men. Though, women can freely gaze at the breasts of attractive men at beaches. Or make comments about a male celeb, as a topless picture of his is put up on the screen, on a news or talk show program.

      Buchanan tried to make a point, of how her husband could be topless in the house with no problem. But when it comes to SO crimes concerning minors, a woman that doesn’t do much of anything, can be caught up with a case. For sure, minors can see completely nude women participating in degrading adult acts, on whichever free porn site in the comfort of their home! No authorities like law enforcement and CPS involved!

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      How convient. That article from the same site from which I’ve found the article where crooked Florida detectives have been entrapping men who were clearly not interested in having sexual relations with minors.

      The article is titled “Florida Cops Went to Absurd Lengths to Entrap Man Who Showed No Interest in Underage Sex.” Law enforcement have lured men in with profiles where they pretended to be adult women at 1st, then told the men that they were the age of a minor, after starting a conversation with them.

      Law enforcement persistently baited the men who clearly showed no interest in having sexual relations with a minor, and they even sent them unsolicited fake, flirty or sexual photos to them, and tried to mainpulate the conversations into sexual ones.

      In one of the cases, they had sent a photo to a man who didn’t even ask for one and tried to get him to send one back to them. There was one man, who actually took the bait, after going on a site that is purported to have (adult escorts), ended up killing himself. He was 62 and according to his daughters, had battled depression for 8 years.

      This is from the same state where lawmakers had prosposed the creation of a seperate registry for men who “pay off prostitutes,” (the site I mentioned has an article about such a proposal) even for the prostitutes, or “sex-workers,” who are not trafficking victims and willingly do sex work (which is what I’m pointing toward, not the victims of sex trafficking of course).

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      H n H

      Maestro, you’ve hit the nail on the head. I’m not going to advocate a lowering of the age of consent, however I do think that by the age of 14 or even 13 there is enough knowledge by all parties involved to consider whether or not “questionable consent” could have played a role. In other words, the act was not legal, however the “victims” own thoughts on the matter and their own actions have got to be considered by the courts. Don’t haul a 14 yr old into court for murder and charge him or her as an adult who is held accountable for their actions when they can use their bodies to lure an older man (sometimes against his wishes), then claim they are “children” to be protected by the courts. This abuse of power has got to end. This should be a part of NARSOL’s mantra for rational sex laws. Any prepubescent child doesn’t need such accountability as they usually don’t have a clue whats going on with their bodies sexually yet, and parents or schools should have guided them in the knowledge of good or bad touches.

      And another thing, we live under the constitution of the US. There are protections in that document for the interests of all people, to hold the states in check to keep from running away with unrestricted laws towards its citizens. We as registrants need to get this fact in front of the Supreme Court and demand protection from the states abuse of power, because a clear abuse of power the registry has become. Residency restrictions, employment, suicides, children robbed of their youth because dad can’t attend school functions. Florida is a prime example of abuse of power. The registry should have NEVER EVER come with even the possibility of a felony and 5 yrs in prison for not disclosing an email address. If that’s the case, then we need to make an expired vehicle tag, insurance or license a felony with 5 yrs punishment, after all, everyone asks for the privilege of driving and those are just legislative matters, right? The truth is, we need the Supreme Court to do the right thing and stop harming teens by dragging them into a legal situation just to use their sexuality to destroy an ex husband and make the DA celebrate. And the courts have an obligation to stop using the “high recidivism rate” to justify all these needless, useless, harmful and downright tortuous laws.

      I could say more, but I want to hear peoples thoughts in what I’ve said.

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