Timothy B

Since my conviction in 2004, I have actively studied the law. I have become an advocate for registrants and prisoners who are having issues with the criminal Justice system. I decided to make a change in the system for me and others.

I was convinced that my life was over as a result of my conviction. Moreover, I sure that I would never find another wife. The reality is that I found a wonderful wife, who supports me, in spite of this conviction. I would not have chosen the advocacy path, but the advocacy path is what made it easier for me to channel my energies and not only help myself but help others as well.

Taking the slow process of getting to the end of my lengthy sentence day by day, really helped me understand that there were a number of issues I needed to work on: patience, compassion, understanding and most of all, tolerance.

I have moved on to become the chairman of my town’s local Water Board, and actively engaged in the local political scene. I am one of two registrants in the town I live in, and nobody has said anything about my past. As a result, I was elected to a position in a local County political organization and on to a position on a State political organization as a representative from the County.

I served 5 years for my crimes. The reality is that one can let the conviction eat away at your soul, as it did for me for a brief period, or we can stand up and say, that is not who I am, that is what I did. It took me a long time to come around to realizing that I am more than my conviction. I am happy with where I landed: helping people, a wonderfully understanding wife, and work that I look forward to everyday.

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