NARSOL’S press release still gaining attention

By Lou Varricchio . . . When we consider Vermont’s sex offender registry, let’s not forget that it’s designed as a civil regulatory scheme and not a vindictive means to further punish and censure fellow citizens for their past crimes.

Recently, the National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws (NARSOL) sent official correspondence to Georgia’s Cobb County Sheriff’s Office calling upon that law enforcement agency to “cease and desist from imposing unlawful registration requirements on offenders.”

Many of us may not like such an idea, especially when it comes to sex offenders, yet there are genuine civil rights protections under which all of us should be ever vigilant.

Recently, the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia issued a restraining order preventing the Butts County (Georgia)Sheriff  from requiring signs to be placed on the property of those on the state’s sexual-offense registry at Halloween; this as a way to warn parents and kids. Such an idea is medieval to our enlightened 21st-century sensibilities.

Thankfully, the court ruling at least validates the fact that placing such “warning” signs on private property breaches basic constitutional rights. Clearly, these “warning” signs are nothing more than uncharitable, vengeful, sex-offender scarlet letters. And for what possible civil-minded purpose?

Let’s hope Vermont’s law enforcement community never goes down this road.

“States and communities need to be on notice,” according to a NARSOL statement about Georgia’s Halloween yard-sign incident. “They will be challenged the minute they start threatening the constitutional rights of registered citizens.”

In the words of French Judge Charles-Louis de Secondat (better known as Montesquieu) writing in his 1748 legal classic, “The Spirit of the Laws”, “There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice.”

Read the original posting here at The Sun.

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      Sandy you have a good head on your shoulders and so does the team. Sure everyone knows’ what no tresspassing is. So what do signs tell the average citizen. Sure some sings can be cruel just like these sex offender signs . Sure we all don’t want to be discrassed, oppressed by these attention signs even thou warnings are the best in many of these sex registry issues.

      It seems to me this whole ordeal with the sex registry is a controling factor with a little twist to more lead a person. Now kids usually go out with parents on Tricker-treat and teenagers go in groups. I’m sure a half back on a high school football team could handle the situation if someone got out of line so to speak at a neighbors house.

      This sheriff takes his orders from… Guess who… or your fired. And they call it justice for asll. Everyone on here should write letters, to the newspapers, police stations, etc. I even wrote a letter to the detective when I got my involvement and I forgave him. Sure I can’t go into that police station as the told me that he would get me for tresspassing.
      Its one big scam this internet thing. They pick on the weak natured and yes sex had even downfalled many of man, so its not just kids its adults also at times

      So who is weak today or ready to stand up with this advocasy group and the many folks against this registry, these ordiances, and speaking up. I am nobody and I don’t claim to be somebody that feels trapped in this… So were is freedom and liberty in America today. Yes we all still have a ways to go and I hope all or much of this registry nonsense is over with as it is plain and simple abuse.

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      I’m happy to see that Vermont is at the very least, taking a huge step in the Right Direction. It may not be as significant as it could be, yet, it’s a start all the same. I applaud them for doing so, and can only hope Pennsylvania does the same if not a little more…which it should any damn way.
      Still; we all need to remember that, Laws are crafted and created by People. Some people have this ‘Holier Than Thou’ Attitude.
      The ‘Jim Crow Legislation’ Idea that comes along with such Legislation as that associated with SORNA, or any other Sex Offender Laws, must be erased altogether. If not, it will never cease.

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