NARSOL and ACSOL join in Amicus brief in GA Halloween signs case

The National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws (NARSOL) will join forces with the Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws (ACSOL) to file an amicus brief in support of an important appellate action related to the placement of Halloween signs in the yards of registered sex offenders in Georgia.

A press release was sent to national media 2/20/2020 advising them of this action.

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      Larry has commented on that stubborn, grandstanding sheriff before and has made it clear that we want this guy to keep appealing because as he loses at each stage, the applicability of the initial ruling against him spreads and encompasses more area. This sheriff acted outside of statutory authority and as I understand it, that would legally be ACTING IN BAD FAITH. He has to know he’s just going through the motions for his own self-interest of getting re-elected!

      One is a pathetic individual who will abuse others and make them suffer for their own personal gain.

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      Thanks NARSOL, Larry & Brandon….

      The Ga legislature will vote on HB 720 soon, which, in part. permits Halloween signs to be posted in the front yard of all registrants. Hell, this action by the state was easy to forecast and I stated during the Riverdale meeting some months ago… but, Larry and Brandon ignored my thoughts on the matter.

      The vast vast majority of registrants in GA were not subjected to Halloween signs and in my case, have a good relationship with the local authorities and am left alone. Now, thanks to NARSOL coming in a stirring the pot, the rest of us are facing humiliation and all that goes with it if HB 720 is passed and signed into law. The worst of it all is that my 83 year-old mother, who I am her caretaker, shall likely face humiliation and possible harassment in the near future over a sign planted in the front yard of the house she & my deceased father purchased over 35 years ago.

      Sure, the Butts County case is being appealed by their Sherrif, but are we so damn naive (arrogant?) to think the GA legislature will not support HB 720? Are we so damn naive (arrogant?) to think the proposed bill could be vetoed by Governor Kemp?

      Thank you Narsol, Larry and Brandon,


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      Joel Marcellus

      In Albany County, New York, we have a district attorney who insists on placing all sex offenders at level
      3, regardless of how the numbers on the report add up, and regardless of whether they are high-risk or low risk. This fellow gives no consider-action as to whether or not your offense was violent or non-violent. New York State’s sex offender laws are very strict and it’s too hard to get your level lowered from a 3 to a 1.

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