Attorneys for Wayside Cross child sex offenders, Kane state’s attorney hold ‘productive’ meeting

Wayside Cross Ministries may not have won its latest battle with the city of Aurora, but at least it came away with a small victory Tuesday after a sit-down by attorneys for a group of child sex offenders living at the mission and Kane County State’s Attorney Joe McMahon.

McMahon’s office, which has remained tight-lipped about what the future holds for the men at Wayside Cross who a judge ruled are in violation of a child sex offender residency law, would only describe the meeting as “productive.”

Adele Nicholas, one of the attorneys representing Wayside residents, called the meeting “hopeful.”

It was Wayside Executive Director James Lukose who offered the most detail. Although he was not at the late morning gathering – nor was a city representative – he told me after talking to the men’s attorneys “it was very encouraging,” even heaping praise on McMahon for showing “compassion and kindness” for the 12 men involved who have yet to find homes.


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