Those Georgia sheriffs just won’t stop

By Sandy . . . When the sheriffs of Butts County and Spalding County last Halloween announced they would erect signs at the homes of those on their sexual offense registries warning trick-or-treaters away from the homes, NARSOL sent letters advising them that they were overstepping their legal authority and to abandon this practice. This was not the first year they had engaged in the signage requirement. One of the counties voluntarily abandoned the signs for Halloween, 2019, while the other was stopped only due to a legal challenge and a restraining order issued by the court. Neither of the sheriffs responded to NARSOL’s requests to communicate with us, and the legal challenges are going forward.

Now comes Sheriff Neil Warren of Cobb County, Georgia. It recently came to NARSOL’s attention that the good sheriff and his deputies were enforcing several requirements against the registrants in their county that are not authorized in their state’s SORNA specifications.

On January 27, 2020, NARSOL sent a cease-and-desist letter to Sheriff Warren enumerating exactly where his office, under his direction, was overstepping legal authority. As with similar letters sent to the other Georgia sheriffs, NARSOL appealed to Warren to respond to us and open up lines of communication in order to avoid the possibility of legal action.

Brenda Jones, NARSOL’s executive director, wants the registrant community to know that the letter was sent “…with the hope of convincing Sheriff Warren to initiate changes in how his office handles registration in order to avoid litigation. NARSOL’s longstanding policy is to seek alternative resolutions rather than going to court.”

However, the sheriffs of Georgia as well as law enforcement in all states need to know that NARSOL is watching. Abuse of power and denial of constitutional rights of registrants will not go unchallenged.

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Sandy Rozek

Sandy is communications director for NARSOL, editor-in-chief of the Digest, and a writer for the Digest and the NARSOL website. Additionally, she participates in updating and managing the website and assisting with a variety of organizational tasks.

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      The sex offenders are the the new Jews as in Nazi Germany.
      They may not be perfect but no one is, but the ones who the courts felt were safe enough to go free do not deserve persecution but the people seem to want a scape goat.

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      Facts should matter

      They feel emboldened and empowered now, so expect “full throttle ahead” from here on out with more “promoting public safety” ineffectual nonsense and gimmicks. Those “thank you for protecting our children” comments left on their FB page only serves to validates and elevate their grandiose savior complexes

      They won’t stop with the signs. Don’t think that for a second!

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      While I’m sure many on here enjoy these articles and comments we all still need to address this issue.. Sure facts matter in many ordeals. Are a lot of, if not not many of these sex registry issues an exercise of legal chicanery. So who is overriding a highter law.

      Sure some may say on here that its not about politics or politicians but it is about abuse in many and much of this registry debauchery. Sure I like the view’s of each and every person on here as we can all stumble in many ways in life. Overruling with a higher authority is a bit of a mix- match or are we still trying to figure out if one came from apes or monkeys. If killings of babies are justified in this sort of perversion technique or what is the status quo to a dispute To justify and over ride a higher authority. I’m sure a good lawyer could see thru much of this abuse in a lot of this factor ordeal.

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      Will Allen

      Thank you for being great Americans and standing up to law enforcement agencies that are really simply just committing crimes. The letter was very well written, concise, and logical. I do think that people should NEVER say “sex offender” however, so I would have avoided that.

      Over the years I’ve seen how hundreds of law enforcement agencies handle their Registries. I’m sure you have as well. I have yet to see one that is capable of just simply operating within the law. It is ridiculous. It’s like they think it doesn’t matter or no one cares. It takes a lot of incompetence to just always operate outside the law.

      I expect you could send that exact same letter to every sheriff in Georgia. I expect all of them operate outside the law. They deserve no respect.

      I will say also though that people who are listed on these Registries (PFRs) really need to be more aware/active and shut down these criminal sheriffs. I think every single PFR should have their property surrounded by fencing or walls. Law enforcement is a harassing danger and people should never allow them to get near them or their families. It would only take 1 time for them to show up at my home after dark and I’d have a wall. They wouldn’t see me like that again.

      Anyway, thanks for being a great American.

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      Tim in WI

      Mr. Allen,
      To “assist law enforcement” is a broad term. With focus upon gov database use the ” assist” goes a long way to explain the big push by the Byrne Grant folks to seek civil determination of ” unannounced collection” of metadata.
      This behind the scenes approach, like FiSA courts, are unconstitutional.
      Then we can talk embedded pixel trackers in known CP images. We can discuss the playpen saga complete with ruptured jurisdictional standards.

      There is no greater threat to national & individual sovereignty currently than the machine database. The police staters understood that to be the case from the beginning.

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      Fred may get on me for length, but I’m feeling compelled to speak about hate in general. When I was teaching at the University, before a self appointed vigilante got me fired, I was teaching my students on the psychology of hate, group think, identity theory, and other close topics. The question at hand was, why do people hate? The Southern Poverty Law Center listed 917 hate groups in America recently. So what’s all this hate about? There are several good theories, but as a counselor, the one I see most often recognize is best described by Bernard Golden. When hate gives you membership in a group, it connects people in an intangible way and fills an identity deficit distracting the hater from having to deal with their own issues. He wrote,
      “Acts of hate are attempts to distract oneself from feelings such as helplessness, powerlessness, injustice, inadequacy and shame. Hate is grounded in some sense of perceived threat. It is an attitude that can give rise to hostility and aggression toward individuals or groups. Like much of anger, it is a reaction to and distraction from some form of inner pain. The individual consumed by hate may believe that the only way to regain some sense of power over his or her pain is to preemptively strike out at others. In this context, each moment of hate is a temporary reprieve from inner suffering.”
      In my humble but well informed opinion, fear of strangers is in our DNA. It keeps us safe. It is as rational adults we learn to moderate our basest instincts. We learn to trust others based on whether or not we are trustworthy and trusting. Children who are deprived of a trusting environment grow up to be distrustful. So there’s a lot of hate grounded in poor parenting to begin with. But that does not excuse people for their hate. Just means you have to work a little bit harder to look inside yourself. The introspective person finds that when I look into themselves they are not squeaky clean. And knowing that hopefully they will take steps to correct themselves and less lead a more healthy and productive life. those who cannot look at themselves closely tend to shy away from the defects and attack others as a distraction.
      In the psychology of narcissism, we know that blame-shifting, gas lighting, and direct attacks on the character of the person who stands in opposition to you are the three defenses that are most commonly used. When thinking of a psychology of hatred, the psychology of narcissism seems the intersect quite clearly.
      So there you have it. Three reasons why people hate all converging into one outcome: distrust of others from insufficient parenting leading to quality basic trust, narcissistic reaction to people who challenged our self view, and most powerful of all, the attempt to feel powerful in the face of powerlessness.

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      Charlie you make a lot of basic understanding and yes I have to apalude that “Hate”anaylisis and your question of why do people Hate. Sure the slogan “Erase the Hate” I’m sure wasn’t some pipe dream.

      But why do people hate, whats more why do people hate the sex or the offender more than themself. Is it some greed factor or selfish motive. Yes Dad when he was growing up took a course in “Dale Carnegie” course of public speaking. Oh yes my dad didn’t approve me getting into some of my small trouble’s but he was there for me.

      Now believe it or not NARSOL and these members and groups are for you the people. So yes Charlie we need to “Erase the Hate”and I’m sure that speaks volumes. Mankind can go overboard with everything even laws that seem meaningless and seem to bring a “fear factor” to much of this type of ordeal we go thru.

      Nothing wrong with standing up for others , writing letters, or speaking out in the right way. Each person may have their view’s or thoughts but who actually knows’ a persons thoughts and intent. I even told that to my detective and he did a double take on that one. At times one can look in the mirror and hate oneself but its loving, sharing and caring and true understanding, and that all starts with “Erasing the Hate” today. I never wrote a small comment on that before. Thanks Charlie.

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      Once again, THANK YOU, NARSOL.

      Thank you for your continued service to the families in Georgia.

      I do hope other jurisdictions take notice of your civility and direct response to these assertions that some law enforcement agencies deem “appropriate” resulting in other jurisdictions thinking twice before asserting their own self made policies.

      My Amazon purchasing will benefit you starting with my next purchase.

      To Mr. Allen’s comment, I believe I understand your intention in your last portion, but with all due respect, sir, I’d rather not live behind a fence again.

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      Well, there’s a reason it’s called Butts county.
      (it’s full of butts with tin stars)

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      The requirement to give email address and online identifiers was ruled unconstitutional under the Doe v Marshall decision by the federal court yet the county I live in still collects it when I go to register. I guess no one who can do anything is watching them.

    • #68881 Reply

      Thanks for the Post !
      So…..What Happened ????
      Anyone ????
      Thanks !!!

    • #70323 Reply

      Good afternoon everyone. First time writing here. Where can I find the Doe v Marshall case? I’d like to read that as my county also asks for email and internet information. I was also require to list all of my online accounts; banking, Amaon, you get the idea.

      Thank you for all you are doing!


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