THIS is why we so often can’t trust the media

By Sandy . . . Starting with the headline, “NC sex offender convicted of being at middle school shelter after Hurricane Florence,” almost every point made in the piece raises more questions.

Hurricane Florence hit parts of North Carolina September 13, 2018, and severe storm conditions and flooding lasted for days, even weeks.

According to the article, Jerry Faircloth, a North Carolina registrant, said that he was at the school-turned-shelter visiting a relative who was in mental distress, but this was dismissed by officers who said they spoke with the person and observed no signs of mental distress.

Although the article states that Faircloth’s original – and apparently only — sexual conviction was for a “crime against nature” and sexual battery committed in 2006, the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry lists only sexual battery. He was put on the North Carolina Registry April 10, 2008, with a ten-year registration period.

Putting it as simply as possible, a crime against nature in North Carolina involves oral or anal sex committed by a male upon either a male or female. As far as I can tell, the law does not stipulate that force or lack of consent be present. In North Carolina, it appears that this is an “add-on” charge for the purpose of enhancement.

Sexual battery in North Carolina is defined as “…sexual contact with another person who is mentally disabled, mentally incapacitated, or physically helpless” or “…by force and against the will of the other person.” It is a Class A 1 misdemeanor punishable by up to 150 days in prison. It is used for charges involving touching or grabbing body parts over clothing or kissing or hugging without the consent of the other person.

Faircloth’s victim is described as over 18; thus, no child was involved.

After being found guilty of the current charge, being in an unauthorized place as a registered sexual offender, he then pled guilty to the status of being a habitual felon – meaning three separate felony convictions on his record – and was sentenced to a prison term of between seven and nine and a half years. The current charge, in and of itself, is a Class H felony, with the most serious being Class A, punishable by 4 -25 months.

Now the questions.

Mr. Faircloth does not say he was there taking shelter from the storm; if he had been, would it have made a difference? Or does the North Carolina legislature deem it appropriate that those on the registry be denied access to shelter in life-threatening circumstances?

Law enforcement dismissed the claim of his being there for a family member in mental distress. If the family member were in temporary shelter due to being in danger or losing property because of the hurricane, would not mental distress be normal? How long did law enforcement “evaluate” this person’s mental distress? How qualified are those officers to evaluate mental distress in a situation fraught with mental, physical, and emotional distress?

If North Carolina’s legislators wish to maintain the unsupported pretense that forbidding registrants access to child-related locations protects children from sexual assault, would it not make sense to revise the statute so that only registrants with child-related offenses be banned?

Faircloth’s registry requirement was ten years starting in April, 2008. Hurricane Florence was in September, 2018. Why was he still on the registry?

No evidence of other convictions was found; in response to the section of Mr. Faircloth’s public registration page asking for violations, the response is, “None reported.” The sexual conviction of record was a misdemeanor.  What are the three felonies that qualify Mr. Faircloth for habitual felon status and earned him a sentence of seven to nine and a half years?

Some states choose to exclude registry infractions, such as being in an unauthorized place, from counting toward habitual felon designation, and a fair number of states consider such infractions to be misdemeanors. Is it appropriate that such activity, in the absence of any harm done, result in such a designation?

These are all questions that should have been asked and answered before the journalist ever put pen to paper – or keyboard to screen.

These are the type of questions that must be asked and answered by all journalists and media sources if they hope to be considered credible and believable.



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Sandy Rozek

Sandy is communications director for NARSOL, editor-in-chief of the Digest, and a writer for the Digest and the NARSOL website. Additionally, she participates in updating and managing the website and assisting with a variety of organizational tasks.

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      Jail or a Shelter

      Every time I see a story about how RSO’s are kicked out of shelters in event of catastrophic events I have to respond!
      My county (Orange, Florida) is the same although you can call the cops and they will take you to the county jail.
      Ok, that initially sounded worse than any crowded shelter but consider this:
      You are not going to jail, you will not be behind bars. You will most likely be in a visitors area. You have access to water, concession machines, atm and phones.
      You may also be able to get free hot meals although jail food is not the greatest for sure.
      Most importantly you are safe and in building that can withstand conditions far worse than any shelter, church or auditorium could. And yes, the cops will take you home. Check with your sheriff’s department to see if these services are available in your area. Remember, shelters will ask for an ID. Then someone will check you out on-line although if you are with family and friends that is not likely to happen. Do not lie or give out any false information of any kind upon registration into a shelter. The idea of a shelter to make everyone safe. Of course its totally unfair and crazy to think kids will be molested in the middle of a crowded shelter by known predators but the key is to remain compliant no matter how crazy the State and Federal Laws are.
      JEV – True Confessions

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      The consistent bulling that the Carolinas, Florida, Georgia and the states near to them commit to people are being dealt with. I always believe that karma has delt these nasty arrogant states their fair blow. Hurricanes one after another!!!!! I hope the worst for these states and the people making the abusive laws there. As they do for me.

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      James Coghill

      This is what is really going on here. “He was put on the North Carolina Registry April 10, 2008, with a ten-year registration period.” That means his registration period ends April 10, 2018. Oh we can’t have that. The state was just caught off guard because they didn’t do this to him before he got off. If you ask people they will tell you that there are parts of the so-called rehabilitative process that are designed to get you back into prison and on lifetime probation and registration. The registry is just one of the many methods the state uses to do that. A registry violation in AZ will get you 5 yrs on the inside and lifetime probation and registration. Clearly you are never intended to return to the freedom you once had because they have created a system with rules that prevent it.

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      Tim in WI

      Remain compliant or remain enslaved. That is the regime’s purpose!
      I suppose you think Mahatma Ghandi or Rosa Parks should have adhered to ungodly compliance! I cannot support such a disposition as human subservience to machine database. To me, that is a way of cowardess, an affliction far to many suffer in this nation today.

      Why not catch a case and put the politicians who created it on the witness stands? They have blood and suffering on their hands based on a fallacy and sheer presumption of efficacy as policy. If we do not brother will just run roughshod through all of the people’s liberty.

      Ask yourself why the founding fathers gave the power of a king to those facing felony indictment!

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      Thank you for looking at this.

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      I continue to state: why are we arguing the “rules” of the registration in stead of fighting to abolish such a thing. I originally thought NARSOL was actually going to make a difference & correct the wrong that has been brought to hundreds of thousands of people. The registration law & subsequent laws surrounding it are absolutely nothing less than a Crime Against Humanity.

      You have the empirical data of which is published from our own Gov’t resources. People convicted of a sexual related crime are the least likely to commit any crime. We allow politicians to create more laws surrounding anything that is sexually related without question & without merit.

      It is the very definition of Crimes Against Humanity.

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      Mike McAinsh

      Has anyone from NARSOL sent a letter to the editor, or written an opinion piece, and asked the paper to publish it? Talking about this amongst ourselves is not helpful; we have to bring the message to the public.

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      After we all read that abominable article that claims “child molesters re-offend 99% of the time, are you surprised at any other half-truth or outright lie they’d print? The media is really our number 1 enemy in this fight. They keep the fires of hate stoked with sensationalized stories like the one considered in this article.

      Don’t think for one second the news media isn’t aware that we are winning more and more court battles and see that the current registry scheme is losing legal support at a rate that’s unheard of compared to years past when everything was rubber stamped. They see the registry beginning to crumble and they’re going to make sure they cover every single FTR and make it look and sound as sinister as possible. They are willing to outright lie and tell half-truths or 1/4-truths or less to execute their agenda to get the public as stirred up as possible so that they will keep the heat and pressure on elected officials to continue the unending cycle or crippling legislation. They will cover every story they possibly can and will do their best to make every one sound like a worst possible nightmare come true.

      I hope Sandy sends a copy of this very well-written article to the local papers in that area to be printed as an OP-ED. The questions she raised are most germane and deserve a complete, honest and PUBLIC answer; a TRUTHFUL AND COMPLETE ANSWER THAT IS AS PUBLIC AS THE ARTICLE FILLED WITH HOLES AND HALF-TRUTHS.

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      If you listened to “Registry Matters” you would know the answer to this question.


      2. NARSOL does NOT have anywhere near the funds and resources to fight every law or ordinance in every jurisdiction in this country. They have to pick their battles carefully and only expend their limited resources on the ones they think they can actually win.

      3. Contrary to popular sentiment among us, the courts can NEVER totally get rid of the registry. It is perfectly legal and constitutional to have a registry if :
      1. It consisted of only filling out a form and mailing it in every year or so and updating your photo every 3 or 4 years and excluded all the in-person reporting requirements.
      2. There were no restrictions on residence and employment or mere presence attached to it.
      3. If the penalties were in line with the penalties for violating any other civil regulatory scheme. (a fine)
      4. If enforcement of the registry was in the hands of a civil regulatory agency the same as our driver’s licenses are AND NOT IN THE HANDS OF LAW ENFORCEMENT.
      5. If the information was not published across the internet for the whole world to see and was only available to law enforcement personnel. (The right to know is an invented right ramrodded by victim advocates.) In the earliest days of the registry one had to go to the police department to see a registrant’s record. They had to sign in. They read the record there and were never allowed to have a copy or take anything with them.

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      Richard Earl
      Richard Earl

      Sandi, thank you for another insightful story. Each one is another nail.
      It is frustrating for all when truth is so obvious, rationale so clear, and human decency so simple. Yet, NARSOL struggles To to convince our own people never mind the general population. The courts are another process unto themselves.
      I would encourage us to keep our eye on the goal and limit finger pointing. The NARSOL organization and board work tirelessly on many projects that build our strength throughout the country. I would encourage everyone to give of whatever time or resources they have. Together we do make a difference.
      The NARSOL mission is to abolish the registry.

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      News agencies are made up of people specifically reporters, and their News editors who allows what to be printed. I believe the way to make changes to those reporters and news editors beliefs on sexual topics is to educate them. Actual
      face to face meetings and the facts to back up the truth would have to be presented. A daunting task for most people to be able to schedule the time and the reporters news editors would have to agree to the meetings. Is there a department in Narsol that could set up something like that proactive? Would it work? Maybe some of the reporters attitudes could be enlightened with the truth. Just an idea. Maybe i can do it myself one of these days. God bless.

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        NARSOL’s communications director and other administrators have been interviewed by TV, Radio and Newspaper journalists and reporters many times.

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      Hardie Johnson

      I think the subject person was still on the registry because they do not get automatically dropped after 10 years. They have to apply, which requires hiring a lawyer to do some work. So it is actually going to cost about $5000 to get off the registry. Regrettable, especially since the lawyer who worked on the case originally is probably not available.
      I agree that media is a large part of the problem, along with a poorly conceived law.

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      patricia win

      Not that the newspapers and media in the North are all fair, but it sure looks to me that there is more ignorance and vitriol in the southern states (and midWest)…about these issues.
      Anybody who thinks that this president and his followers give a crap about this issue, in spite of his being pals with Epstein etc. remember he’s also peddled his affection for the fanatic Evangelicals so he’ll go whichever way the wind blows to help him get re-elected.
      It’s beyond belief to me that anyone on the registry or anyone connected with them could believe the Repugs are open to fixing these laws. ONLY groups like the ACLU and Innocence Project, which are primarily progressive and Dems care and there’s not enough funding and support to educate Americans who as a group have been dumbed down so much since the Obama election. Trump has used ignorance, hate and racism to help get himself where he is and if he stays in those are the folks who’ll buy that package again. Do you really think they care about what’s fair? If this corrupt clown wins, we all lose, especially all on the registry or who love someone who is.

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      Ray C.

      Although I can empathize with the given situation, I feel compelled to state for the record that all of this back and forth debating among ourselves about this and other similar situations, as well as the continued practice of unlawful violations regarding the Constitutional Rights of RSOs (regardless of their convictions being obtained by any and every unethical and lawful coercive practice), and the unlawful increases (without Due Process), also the outrageously extended, stagnating registration sentences unreasonably imposed is futile.
      The fact that it is impossible for anybody charged with a sex crime, or wrongfully convicted of such a crime to any degree, to find professional, affordable and effective counsel in order to protect themselves and their Constitutional Rights lawfully is a great misfortune and disadvantage.
      Although there are numerous sites like these to share and express our discontent and concerns, we have no groups or organizations retaining the professional services of the necessary attorneys, Judges, lobbyist, politicians, news reporters, psychiatric research scientist and analyst required to bring about the long overdue supervision and regulatory standards for monitoring the S.O.R.N.A. departmental agency, and to enlighten the U. S. State Attorney General, as well as the appropriate branches of the Supreme Court Justices, regarding the much needed investigation regarding the unlawful, unreasonable and unacceptable treatment of all individuals and their families whose lives are all negatively impacted and stagnated by the current practices, and the urgent need for immediate reform.
      Until we all stand together, marching on the State Capital, drawing attention and awareness to the urgently needed reform, or preferably dismantling of S.O.R.N.A., and start acquiring the professional services of professional lawyers and attorneys that will represent us all at once in the form of a class action lawsuit against S.O.R.N.A. and its supporters, we will all continue to suffer these continued practices.
      S.O.R.N.A. does not protect society, it divides and destroys society, individuals, their family and kin. It alienates and
      stagnates the lives of those on the registry, leaving them unable to provide for themselves and/or their families the basic necessities for everyday life; this only compels any individual to become an actual threat to society as they are left to resort to desperate measures to survive, to acquire basic needs such as food, clothes, shelter, gainful employment, etc.
      We are all in desperate need of proper legal representation for justifiable and reasonable reform. More media coverage is desperately required to expose this and these unconstitutional, unlawful practices. We need to develop protest groups to come out in large numbers speaking openly, honestly and loudly enough to obtain the overdue changes and fairness we all require and demand.
      So with all due respect, lets stop griping on social media to one another, and lets start our own necessary movement together; remember always that there is truly strength in numbers.
      I hope that you will truly post and share this reply, and use it to help effect positive change.

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      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      With all due respect, sir, this blog and the comments it garners are not for the purpose of developing strategy. They are for the purposes of informing, supporting, and providing a venue for sharing, venting, and debating.

      You imply that “it is impossible for anybody charged with a sex crime, or wrongfully convicted of such a crime to any degree, to find professional, affordable and effective counsel…” This is inaccurate. Many registrants have done just that; in fact, individuals with demonstrable damage or harm are the only ones who can bring such suits. NARSOL has no standing to claim damages or harm.

      You further state that there are no groups or organizations retaining the services of attorneys, politicians, reporters, researchers, etc. You also mention judges; no one, hopefully, retains the services of a judge. As for the others, yes, NARSOL does that. ACSOL does that. NARSOL has an official attorney; our New Mexico affiliate has an attorney on staff; the ED of ACSOL is an attorney. But an attorney must have plaintiffs with the requisite demonstrable damage or harm; and for resources to spent responsibly, the cases we undertake are those that have the potential of helping a significant number of individuals. If we had millions at our disposal, taking on cases to benefit one person, one plaintiff, might be an option. But we struggle to finance the cases we do take on or become involved with.

      Many of our affiliates and groups work with legislators; researchers appear and present at our conferences. Many, many interviews with reporters and journalists are given. I have one scheduled this very morning on the subject of residency restrictions.

      We are doing the very best we can with what we have, and we will continue to do so.

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      How much money or time have YOU donated to NARSOL? What have YOU done to help YOUR LOCAL ADVOCACY GROUPS?

      How much support have YOU given to those who seek to educate the public through things like podcasts? Have YOU ever given a dime of support to “Registry Matters”? Have YOU donated a red cent to any of the other podcasts that discuss the injustices of the registry and legal cases that affect those of us on the registry?

      I don’t know what you do or don’t do, but I will stand up and say if YOU ARE NOT doing any of these things, you have no right to complain and criticize the NARSOL VOLUNTEERS for what THEY ARE NOT DOING WHEN YOU YOURSELF MAY WELL NOT BE DOING A THING.

      IF YOU ARE DONATING MONEY AND TIME, THEN GOOD FOR YOU. THANK YOU AND KEEP IT UP. Otherwise, please don’t bash others for what you yourself are not doing.

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      And the final Jeapordy answer is……… What is truth. Sure the media can rake one over the coal’s as sex is a juicy topic. Do we all offend in thought and deed. Sure we do. Are we all carnal by nature yes we are. Do we all have a thorn in the flesh yes we do. Can people run all over others. if onw lets them.

      Sure media is good if it is done to inform but at times it twist things since the topic of sex is interesting to all. Even gun Control laws have one up in arms… See there’s the key “Control” Now where’s the answer to this puzzle. Are people playing by man’s rule or God’s rule in a lot of this law and ordeal.

      Lets see…Thy shall not covert that should speak volumes or you shall not give false wittness or one could even go with sowing discord.

      So who’s an offender to the offender? The one thats right or the one thats wrong. Sure everybody wants to be right as it gives one self-esteem. Fast check this with one’s social status and you have a usurp authority. Hitler didn’t mind murdering the jews did he. Even democrats and republicans today can’t seem to eye ball each other.

      Is this truth and media thing a bit of a blind leading the blind. Add this sex registry and these outragious bills that law passes and who gets the vote or is the media just as responsible with a lot of this scare frenza of the offender in a lot of this ordeal.

      Each encounter is different, whether its sex via the internet trappings, one’s own sexual thought or fault, or the enticement ordeal via government personal. I wonder who’s tongue gets one in trouble today or should we all say we are all offenders and it doesn’t have to be sexual related. So who covers their butts today or who plays golf on a regular bases to strive to make a hole in one. Bottom line who wins in this victory of justice. Maybe someone should watch “Edith picked for jury duty” and see who’s holding out on true justice All in the family has meaning also.

      Sure people can go with case studies as in this packingham case or others but that is old news and truth and common sense and true judgement is what its all about in many instances. Governor’s and all those officials want to make a name or some recognition with these laws and say well I came up with it. So who gets the credit in this man-made bill crap.

      If mankind has a better way than whats the bible all about and I think that say’s a lot about every aspect of ilfe. or should we all say eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you shall die. Much of this sex ordeal and media is twisted a bit. Call it marketing for vainglory justice. This is just an opinion.

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      Off the Grid

      Mr Ray and Sandy,

      I’m compelled to say I see where you both are coming from. Ray, you have intelligently written some things here, which Sandy has politely rebutted. Ray did not ‘imply’ anything; he outright stated a few things as bare facts, which are not exactly that (as he writes it out). I see exactly where Sandy is coming from also, as she is representing NARSOL against the points made in Ray’s comment.

      It is good to see the level of comment discourse rise above the specifics of this certain individual situation upon which the article is written. The bigger issue is obvious in the title of the article: Why we cannot ‘trust the media.’

      The evil we face is much greater than the ‘media.’ What is the foundation of this evil? What exactly is this ‘evil?’

      Ray is touching upon this with his statements, but isn’t quite explaining his determination of ‘futility’ carefully enough. Phil is getting there with the ‘Crimes Against Humanity.’ Yes, Phil, you are absolutely right, this is genocide. Pure, and simple genocide.

      The goal of the evil powers-that-be, which is unnamed and behind the scenes, and certainly not ‘right’ or ‘left’ politically is:

      • To have every single individual (excepting, of course, themselves and their friends) on some sort of public ‘registry’ or list.
      • A mass surveillance structure of society where only the elite ‘controllers’ or ‘rulers’ have privacy and freedom.
      • The masses, which are all under the watchful eye of Big Brother, will be nothing but slaves, some better paid and living more comfortably (like trustees), but nonetheless slaves of funding the luxury and decadent opulence of the cabal member’s lives.
      • The Wall, ostensibly to hold the foreigners out, will also hold us all in, working away as a tax slave on the plantation

      This worldwide secret cabal has tapped into the ‘holier-than-thou’ tendency of emotionally stunted and immature adults (the majority of our hypnotized masses) to look at ‘others’ (and especially male ‘others’) as wrongdoers or potential wrongdoers in need of constant harassment and pre-criminal or post-criminal social status. A bigoted, half-witted, snooty, half-crazy, easily-spooked, cowardly, childish, gynocentric, misandric, gossip-laden, finger-pointing, judgmental church lady is what the cabal needs the masses to collectively behave and think like.

      The mainstream ‘media’ does not care about nor report the truth, ever. When any journalists (or politician, or judge, or lawyer) attempts to live an honest life, and begins to shout the truth from any platform, they get de-platformed and shadow banned by the ‘algorithm.’ Losing their employment as a well paid gossip-monger, and blackballed from future employment.

      People don’t want to hear the truth. Not in church, not in school, not in the newspapers, not on TV, not in the courts. They hate the truth. They have been hypnotized to hate the truth. They survive on the steady diet of lies and half-truths fed daily through the ‘media’ and the ‘courts’ and the ‘lawyers’ (the trustees, if you will). The mainstream propaganda that calls itself news these days is the original fake news. And they are calling the whistle-blowing truth tellers the creators of fake news. Sad, but true. ‘In an age of lies, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.’

      It is Orwell’s land (on steroids) we live in. Black is White. Up is Down. Left is Right. Good is Evil. Love is Hate. 2+2=5.

      Will this comment I wrote be flushed down the memory hole? Kept within the echo chamber? Shadow banned by the ‘algorithm?’

      Do I offer a solution? All I know to do is call out the cabal (and their obedient trustees) whenever or wherever I see it. It makes me not very popular or well liked. (This is where Ray is going – I read it between the lines)

      I’m labeled the hater, when I am the one calling out the ones doing the original hating and lying. Truth is hate to those who hate the truth.

      Yes, mate, this is genocide. It has nothing to do with protecting anyone from anything. All of it is based on the myth of the bogeyman. All of it is meant to control and to steal resources for the benefit and unfair advantage of the cabal.

      Lie, kill, steal, and destroy. These are the methods and means of this worldwide cabal.

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      Hi Patricia, I can appreciate your point of view from the political position you embrace. However, there is so much shared guilt on this leveraging of our lives for political gain that one cannot with veracity say it is one party, one politician, or one administration that is to blame. A huge number of politicians contributed and continue to contribute to the hate of RC’s. The media, which incidentally is largely progressive leaning Dems, is not only not spreading truth or challenging self-serving politicians on either side, but is collaborating to spread the same fear and hate because it sells so well.
      The political leanings are not the issue, it’s the human tendency towards group think, so long as it points suspicion away from self, or offers access to the in-group as seen in identity theory that upholds and reinforces this problem.
      If the enemy of my enemy is my friend, then the inverse is true, the friend of my enemy is my enemy. Politicians are a slippery bunch, affiliations notwithstanding. Charlie

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      Actually Charlie I like that statement its the group thinking. If a man thinkest! Charlie you hit on a key to much of this W.A.R. that many are up in arms about. Sure I’m proud of all these women that stand up for all this. While I have two more years on my probation and my PO has told me a few years ago that its and its over with. And yes I am going to hold him to it even thou he just retired.

      Principals are good if used in the correct way. Sure I’m going to make mistakes the rest of my life but something like this with many on this registry is some power play and so wrong. Loving or praying for the enemy well we all should. Loving the media well media can always write a correction and that also goes for law’s that are a bit too much. This is beginning to look like a Nurembuerg Trial with a sex registy twist. So who’s doing crimes against humanity or who is setting up one in this process we all go thru.

      Sure one’s frame of mind wants to seek justice and at the same time we wonder why mankind is so evil against the other. I myself even ask the detective who are you protecting and he just said its for prevention. Talk about some men taking a birth control pill now its a castration law for some. While I’m hope a lot of this registry will be over soon as I think about the young kids that have to go thru this and the parents are frantic as what to do. So who’s doing the evil and enticing?

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      Patricia Win. Please leave your Political views out of this. It isn’t a demonrat or repub view. It is all of the news outlets and the people of the U.S. that vote these laws into place. It is the lies and deceit that these news agencies spread to sell they’re B.S. without the real facts. They don’t care about you or I. They are for the money and we in turn keep suffering and do nothing about it.

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      al sienkowski

      As a former registrant in North Carolina from an out of state conviction, I still watch what I do and where I go.
      Because I moved from out of state, a 2013 removal turned into 2016 POTENTIAL removal,and eventual removal in 2018.
      The sheriffs prior to the one currently in our county were very pleasant every time I was in the office or if I had a question.
      But seems the new gang in town is out in force.
      Florence devastated our area.
      Registrants have paid our dues over and over.
      This guy got a real bum rap

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      Good article.

      Most people aren’t concerned about the numbers, or statistics. They’re only focused on men’s SO status. They work off of ignorance, fear, hatred, and bitterness as they pool all SOs who were charged with crimes involving minors and women together, regardless of whether there is any risk that an SO would do anything again and ragardless of any good that the law-abiding SOs do. Some of them, in their ignorance will oftem equate men with an attraction to minors to SOs who were charged with crimes involving minors, as if every man that has an attraction would commit an SO crime and that every man who who was charged with an SO crime involving minors has an attraction to minors.

      They’re not aware that there are teens and women who have an attraction to minors as well and that there are teens, men, and women who would never act on their attractions. But all that is part of the societal conditioning. The media uses the “p-word” frequently as do some tv shows and movies and it is made out to automatically mean that a man with an attraction to minors is some predatory crimimal or “potentially” one. There are youtube videos that do the same thing.

      The ignorance, fear, bitterness, and hatred I spoke of, is amplified towards SOs with crimes involving minors as opposed to the ones charged with crimes involving women. In fact, deep down within themselves, most of them could care less about the victimization of women. So much so that certain vile, foul, and spiteful people could use a courtroom to lie/commit perjury against a man saying that he either attempted to victimize a woman, succeeded in victimizing a woman, or gave the threat of victimizing a woman. The man thats within their crosshairs could be a man with a pending case (for any kind of charges but most likely for SO charges) in the criminal justice system, a person who had already dealt with the system and who may or may not have conditions to abide by in the community (again, most likely an SO), a man caught up with divorce, alimony, and/or custody case in divorce/family court. Such false accusations I believe are more likely to occur in criminal courts and could only be used against men in regards to women (Women and minors are “very important” in society as opposed to men. Their worries, struggles, problems, even victmization by both men and women alike, are things that are easily dismissed).

      The people involved with the mental health system can and certainly have pulled off stunts like that. As in working against men in courtrooms. Be it “MHTs”(mental health techs), nurses, therapists, psychiatrists etc. Don’t matter how serious or dire an SOs case may be. Doesn’t matter if the false accusation and/or perjury is directly connected to any specific charge (for example: a man who only has CP charges gets targeted by people from some program in the commumity and they get him remanded or cuffed in a courtroom). Neither does it matter if the SO that’s in their crosshairs is attracted to women or not.

      Well anyhow, a large number of people act the way they do towards SOs, not because there is any real good or merit to what they’re saying or doing but because of their ignorance, fear, bitterness, hatred, and other negative feelings and simply because a male SO had been charged with SO crimes at all. There is a “gross” factor as well. Like they are grossed out over the nature of SO crimes involving minors. Most often that “gross” factor overshadows any real sense of morality or goodness. Imagine if a man had secretly recorded minors having the “adult,” relations that they “cannot consent to,” and do not possess the physical and mental capabilities of participating in such acts. Acts that are allowed to occur in America of all places and is even encouraged. They never see the man nor speak to him and then one day he just goes on his way and doesn’t return. Eventually he gets caught with the stuff he recorded somehow and gets charged. What on earth does the thing that he did, do to them exactly? Where is the damage? How does assault and death fit in as punishments? How can people that desire crimes, determine and exact punishment as prosecutors and jury members? But what do I know?

      For sure, many people work of the “gross,” factor as well as ignorance, fear, bitterness, hatred. There is no substance to the negative words that they say and the negative comments they leave online, nor is there any substance to their sense of morality and justice towards SOs.

    • #67736 Reply


      NARSOL does what they could. They have made themselves available and have spoken on the behalf of SOs. They have sort-of “humanized,” SOs whereas a large portion of society have dehumanized them. They have carried themselves better than most “law-abiding” citizens, as far as fairness, legality, and justice is concerned.

      Yes, a large number people who have committed SO crimes (I emphasize the words “s@@ o@@@nder” over “sex-related crimes” because most Americans are less concerned about things such as men hiding cameras in women’s bathrooms, men paying women for sexual favors, and groping) are less likely to commit crimes again, but people are not focused on numbers and statistics. They are only focused only on whichever man has been charged with one SO crime or more. More specifically the SO crimes involving minors as compared to the ones involving women and they’re certainly not focused on the ones involving men who were victimized by men and women alike. They are driven by ignorance, fear, bitterness, and hatred, as well as self-righteousness and feelings of disgust.

      Doesn’t matter if the SO has a history of sexual abuse and/or was sickened with garbage from the porn, or adult entertainment industry (which has content and certain titles and descriptions of the content, that put heavy emphasis on so-called “barely legal” teens, schoolgirls, staged incest, and staged step-relative sex). An industry lawmakers will always overlook as they focus on things such as underage drinking and smoking, teen pregnancy (they allow the “adult,” relations between teens), drug and alcohol addiction treatment, SOs using social media, etc.

      It doesn’t matter to them, if there’s any possibility that the SO wouldn’t commit crimes again. Doesn’t matter if there was any corruption on the part of law enforcement and prosecutors. To most Americans, a large number of SOs have committed “crimes against humanity,” so in turn they desire “crimes against humanity” for SOs. They want to pay evil for evil and it does them some sort of good. Gives them a “peace of mind,” and safer neighborhoods. Or so they think. That is how the justice system functions. Though the registry doesn’t seem to make much of a difference.

      Somehow, in their pretense, law makers and law enforcement have a vendetta against the “consensual,” “adult” between men and female sex workers. There was an article I looked at online, where it was said that Florida lawmakers had voted for the creation of a separate, public registry for men who paid off prostitutes or attempted to. Why is there a vendetta at all against prostitution when it is not that serious? It is so not serious in the eyes of the people that FL lawmakers considered a separate registry for men who pay prostitutes for sexual favors or attempted. Disregarding the cases where the women aren’t sex trafficking victims. The vendetta is understandable for the women that are sex trafficking victims but as with the “especially heinous,” or serious crimes that fall under the SO umbrella, lawmakers and law enforcement often push things further and promote, or do twisted things for the “greater good.” Some of those things very much unlawful and/or pure evil.

      From the article:

      –As the Florida Senate’s Committee on Community Affairs stated, the new registry “will collect and centralize information relating to those convicted of soliciting prostitution, regardless of whether the person subject to the solicitation is a victim of human trafficking or not.”

      The Soliciting for Prostitution Public Database will list anyone who has been convicted of, or plead guilty, to “soliciting, inducing, enticing, or procuring another to commit prostitution, lewdness, or assignation.” The legislation specifies that the database should include a person’s name, photograph, address, and offense. Listed people who go five years without a subsequent offense could have their names removed.–

    • #67795 Reply

      Truth is very important to everyone that is living that has gotten caught up in some ordeal whether it was his making or someone elses’es making. Rehashing this article with all the view’s may seem to be old news. Yes at times one has to go back to the drawing board and understand who is doing the injustice in many or much of these ordeals. Sure I ashamed of myself as many others are also. Are we all looking for answers, or maybe one is doing group thinking wrong. The answer to that would have to be yes.

      Nothing wrong with rehashing this offender ordeal out. Charlie talks about the shared guilt, Richard talks about the truth being so obvious, Sandy talks about the articles not being for the purpose of developing strategy, Patricia talks about a political view and others talk about the price of tea in china. even Fred states that NARSOL is speaking out with radio and media issues.

      So where does truth come into play with all this offender issue. I remember when I first came on here that I got a bit of hell with a biblical viewpoint and yes we all have or should have biblical viewpoints or some biblical understand. I’m not forcing the bible on anyone. And yes Robin e-mailed me and told me not to go to far with that on this platform in these issues but than where is truth found today in some man-made crystal ball or some social circles of gossip.

      I’m sure everyone know’s about the founding of the country, Christian belief’s, a Christian nation but has it all gotten out of hand today and we are more thinkers or want to make our own rules Does media wants to print their own macabre story to present a fear when the truth can be so simple as a runney nose. Yes truth in justice has many diffent factors today or is someone using the wrong methods or what was the purpose of the Ten Commandments and who is breaking them or should we say guilty as charged to all the population.

      Now Sandy and Brenda and these advocacy groups know what they are doing and yes Rational laws and how most of this causes discord in families, job discriminations and other factors should be the main feedback and is always good at times, but complaining about high and arguing or should all of us complain about this malice of justice.
      So where is the true meaning today in much of this deceptive game of true justice or do governments silence others to keep them from going to trial and standing up for God and Country and their fellow man.

      That’s what any good advocacy group is all about. and yes its about helping causes, mankind and standing up for truth under a lot of these circumstances or do the ends justify the means. Now if anyone wants to search that out they are more than welcome.

    • #67993 Reply

      Hello James, that is a very good idea, i would like to help if your still interested in organizing this to be able to take the truth to the media, i think the best things to present to them come from the Doj & & respectable researchers on recidivism, i already have reports and studies that were done in 1994 showing recidivism at 9% & enacted Megans law anyways. James if you or anyone else would like to get this off the ground and hit them with truth and the evidence to back it up, let me know thanks.

    • #68085 Reply

      @ Mike and James truth comes in many forms but when truth is manipulated by government it is very dangerous and a mockery’s to any true Justice or any One Nation. Stepping up and addressing this issue as Sandy and other monitor’s on these form have said and done is very good and yes all resources are good. One has to be strong, bold and positive or who has character defaults today or who s perfect today.

      Remember pride goeth before the fall and any community can organize together. I just received a letter from J.P Welsh at Safer Virginia and he is keeping up with the newsletter and striving to help and inform all in this mockery of justice for the many that are enticed is this registry type format. Sure I would type letters to News media such as CNN or some of the biggies and lead the charge, as this issue we all face is very damaging to any American Government. While everyone has their view’s and their vent’s on this sex offender ordeal who is the real offender or should we judge not or you will be judged.

      Yes NARSOL is doing their part and together we can all make a stand for true values and justice not only for us but for others that get trapped in this callous type ordeal.

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