Tennessee registrant’s business success doesn’t please everyone

By Sandy . . . Sometimes situations arise that leave me almost too speechless to write about them. This is one such case.

Four years ago, in 2016, Brandon Hester was a middle school teacher in Clarksville, Tennessee. He was charged, convicted, and incarcerated for sexual contact with one of his young male students. He is now on probation and living in the community. He sought and gained employment with a clothing store in Clarksville. Having lawful employment is a requirement of his probation requirements.

In December of last year, Mr. Hester became the owner of the store. His reopening of the business with him as owner was recognized by the mayor, the chamber of commerce, and other community representatives in a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The outpouring of hatred, vitriol, and thinly-veiled death threats on Facebook is staggering. (posted 1/22 at 12 a.m.) One individual posted a graphic of a case of bullets with the words “There is now a child molestation vaccine; one shot and it’s cured” superimposed over the picture. Other comments referenced hanging from a tree, a bullet to the head, or just “Kill him!” Some want the mayor fired for supporting the newly-acquired business.

A few brave individuals pointed out that for those who didn’t feel Hester should be supported or who actually feared for the safety of their children in the store, the solution was simple: don’t go in the store, but for the majority, that common-sense solution was woefully inadequate to what they felt should be done.

The logical facts are these:

Everything Hester has done since his release is legal and in keeping with his probation terms.

Establishing community connections ranks high in correlation with not re-offending.

Statistically, his risk of re-offending is very low. A recidivism study done by the state of Tennessee (p.8) shows a 7.6% rate for another sexual crime, and this is a bit higher than the norm; most studies result in reoffense rates of between 1 and 5%.

Except for the most heinous crimes, usually involving the death of someone, people who break the law do not remain in prison. They are released to live in the community, and they are expected to rebuild their lives as responsible, contributing, law-abiding citizens. Mr. Hester is doing this in every respect.

Since the primary concern with Mr. Hester seems to be the safety of any youth who might come in contact with him, this might be of interest:

Virtually all sexual crime committed by adults against children is committed by persons who are not already on a sexual offense registry, persons who are either family members or authority figures of the victims, as was the case with Hester and his victim.

When it comes to the sexual abuse of children and those on the registry, two statement are accurate:

  • If an adult sexually molests your child, the perpetrator is many, many times more likely to be someone who would be found around your table at a holiday meal rather than found on the sexual offense registry.
  • Your child is many times more likely to end up on a sexual offense registry himself than he is to become the victim of someone who is on one.


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Sandy is communications director for NARSOL, editor-in-chief of the Digest, and a writer for the Digest and the NARSOL website. Additionally, she participates in updating and managing the website and assisting with a variety of organizational tasks.

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      PEOPLE DO NOT CARE ABOUT FACTS. All they care about is someone sexually abused a child and that in their minds, they deserve nothing less than the most miserable death imaginable. All our “respectable” society cares about is seeing that the balance of our lives after prison is as miserable as possible. They act as if they’re too holy and righteous to forgive in the least. I become more disillusioned with our society every day. They don’t get any better they only get worse and worse and I have nothing than disdain for those who think they’re so good they don’t have to forgive.

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      obvious answers

      and this is why politicians get away with the horrible laws and registrys..because people are innately horrible creatures.what makes one horrible person with evil thoughts better then anouther? group think. as long as you belong to the group think category no evil is off the table. just dont be the targeted minority..black, jewish, irish,gypsy,gay, sex offender..everything you will do will be despicable and everything done to you lauded.

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      This is why i keep my head down. Heaven forbid anyone on the registry become the CEO of a business or a success story of some kind. His business will be ruined by these fake humans.

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      So what ever happened to the saying” to error is human, to forgive devine”. I use to love that old lady on those TV commercials saying ” Is it sexual” talk about men or women behaving badly. What about counelors behaving badly or policeman or government.

      This article about this guy from Clarksville makes a good point and everyone should take note. Gure people can get into a lot of issues, involvements, and ordeals but here’s the is the crucial question.. Who is leading one astray…….. Sure ones hormones can ge4t one in trouble or are we all borned into trouble?

      So where is the understand we all learned grounding up come into play. Sure righteousness is good in every department or life or do we all seek the abuse effect for some sort of gain. Some people wouldnt’ give two dollars for “facebook” and the gossip of these low lifes and they call someone that made an error a low life. Sandy you make a good point with this Clarksville ordeal and what this man has gone thru at times but as far as facebook thats a bit micky mouse even for those that have intelligent brain matter.

      So who’s the Ann Landers of the gossip column internet today. Who threats thru the internet or who uses common sense today even with a lot of these sexual endeavors. Should all dogs have their dog day afternoon or get up off their butts and strive to biuld others up in this challanging world instead of cutting them down.

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      In a San Francisco newspaper’s website I believe, ( story found at Florida Action Committee)in the comments people are praising a man’ Jonathan Watson’, who is a convicted murderer, for killing 2 sex offenders with a cane while in prison for his first murder.
      Those people have completely forgotten that this man took someone else’s life- a father or mother or son or daughter first and are praising a killer!!!!!!
      Do you think those people praised him for his first murder that landed him in prison???
      I would like those people that are praising him to find the family of the victim he first murdered BEFORE the two sex offenders and let them know how proud they are of him for killing 2 more people and see how well that flies with the first victim’s family.
      How sick and disgusting!!!
      Those people praising him are as bad and murderous as he is!!!!!
      I commented rhetorically to this and guess what…they took my comment down!!! Not surprised actually.
      I guess it pricked too many hearts when they realized they forgot he murdered someone else besides a sex offender and they were praising a killer.

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      Tim in WI

      An excellent example of the antisocial aspects of social media so many people disregard. Plenty of hate speech goes on and thus group mentality and group think take over. These aspects were vastly under estimated by American leadership during the regime’s conception. Congress decided it was necessary to attack the already convicted in a new way online via a registry, thinking the collateral “civil approach ” would decrease recidivism and but in fact decreased liberty for all by approving attack upon each other’s company.

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      Not a SO

      Come now people, you couldn’t possibly be surprised by the reaction of this community to this man’s success story? Really! Don’t be surprised if some TN state legislator, in desperate need of “political capital”, introduces a bill that outlaws any type of business, educational, social, or financial success for those on the state’s registry. I’m telling you, don’t put it pass your state politicians to put something like this out there. Oh, and by the way, anyone have any comments on ” NARSOL V STEIN”?

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      David K.

      David, I’m the other David who pointed out the Corcoran Prison murders last week on ACSOL. The strange thing was that I could not get my posts published for more than a week after the murders (and after the second victim had succumbed to his injuries). I don’t know what to attribute that to but it seems that, even in our reform community, some victims are more deserving of defense than others.

      I would really like to see a lawsuit filed against the CDCR (California prison authorities). They implemented a policy several years ago that placed “sex offenders” in general population in prisons. These murders are the direct result.

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      Is NARSOL fighting for the guy that has no voice or are there still crooks in America today. You know we all can get our second wind but who is blowing hot air today. Some can say a cork in it or just get over it.

      I guess the reason I’m on here is to help inspire people in this stigma that we all face. Now you’ve heard a bit of my story thru these articles and yes we all rant about this and that or this facebook adultry if one wants to use that or this urnating in the back yard or even, leg monitoring but who holds the truth and understanding in a lot of ths judgemental debauchery.

      Sure some may win and some may lose but how is one playing this game that really matters in much of this registry saga. Are they using sticks and stones, name calling, labeling,, depressing one or are many like chicken little and scared. Should we all say NARSOL and all the other advocates are not using there energies correctly or want to save face or should we all just go on complaining about the price of a good hot meal. There is a right way and a wrong way in everything or should we all subscribe to the “Wrong way Goldfarb” service board of directors. Nothing wrong with NARSOL and all the other advocates that stand up for causes with truth and justice for all. What could be the simple solution.

    • #67444 Reply

      Sandy Rozek

      Yes, NARSOL v. Stein is moving forward with the vetting of expert witnesses. We also have suits pending against two Georgia sheriffs who overstepped their bounds at Halloween, and we are today sending a cease-and-desist letter to another Georgia sheriff in regard to requirements being imposed on registrants that are not specified in state code. I will be posting something about that with a link to the letter today or tomorrow.

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      Did I miss it or has there not yet been an article published about the House Bill 1585 submitted Jan, 2, 2020 in Tennessee that would mandate chemical castration for those who commit sexual offenses against anyone under 13 years of age? The bill was submitted by Republican Bruce Griffey of Paris, TN (Henry County).

      I reached out to the members of the Judiciary Committee and heard back from 2. One just thanked me for the information I had sent, but the other, Clay Doggett (Republican) said he does not support the bill because it’s ineffective at protecting children. He also does not expect it to get much support as it moves through committee. I hope he is right.

      The state’s first attempt at making our sex offense laws mirror those of Alabama got stopped by a preliminary injunction issued by the federal appellate court for Middle TN. Bruce Griffey just went down the AL list to the next most cruel and barbaric provision, which is chemical castration. I guarantee you this still stems from Giles County where 7 or 8 registrants moved in from AL and ran their mouths about our laws being more lax than those of their home states! This is still another NIMBY law. They learned from their mistake with the law that would have retroactively kicked those with crimes against children 12 and under in spite of the fact TN up until that point had a specific exception in the law for those who molested children, but not their own. This new bill only has prospective language and will only affect those convicted after July 1, 2020 if the bill becomes law.

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      Not a SO

      Thank you Sandy for your prompt reply on NARSOL v. Stein. Now Sandy, here is something I would like for you to ask NARSOL attorneys about. In the US Supreme Court case “Smith v Doe 538 US 84 (2003)”, the case out of AK that challenged the constitionality of sex offender registration, the Court, in upholding this state’s registry, stated at pages 101-102 the following: a) of”….the AK statute on its face, does not require “IN PERSON REPORTING to a police agency”, and b) “AK registrants may live and work where they want and travel without restrictions”. Again, these quotes are at “538 US @ 101-102”. Now, here is my question for NARSOL attorneys: If a state’s, e.g., TX, sex offender statute mandates: a) “IN PERSON REPORTING” to a police agency, and b) registrants ARE NOT allowed to live and work where they wish and CANNOT travel at all, 1) would this make the statute unconstitutional? And 2) Or was the court just making meaningless statements? Please, I would like to get NARSOL attorneys opinion on this because if the court is saying what I believe it is saying, i.e., that if a state’s sex offender statute does have these components then it is punishment and therefore unconstitutional. Please let me know @ pettuscharles62@gmail.com. Thank you Sandy.

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      Why do you think the criminal justice system refuses to treat paraphilia-motivated sex crimes as mental health issues? They WANT US TO GO TO PRISON IN HOPES WE WILL BE MURDERED BEFORE SERVING OUT OUR SENTENCE! Us being murdered in prison is the whole idea!

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      There is a “hive mind” sort of aspect to the way that a large amount of Americans think and feel towards SOs. Most of them can’t help it and don’t even realize the things they say and do. A blinding ignorance, fear, bitterness, and hatred is ingrained in many of them from a really young age. Some of them, have been conditioned in such a way, when they’re adults because of the negative energy that is out there. All some of the adults would have to do is continually bask in negative energy or influence at places such as precincts, law offices, jails, whatever place a person learns to become a prosecutor, buildings where prosecutors handle cases, and courtrooms as well as seeing or hearing about shocking SO cases from the media. Or SO cases involving minors and women at all. Doesn’t actually have to be all that shocking and must deal with men as perpetrators (or God forbid, men that were falsely accused, especially when considering charges that involve minors and the man has to either take a deal and the SO mark or get run over by a jury).

      Even a lawyer had told me “Whose gonna wanna be with a “s@@ o@@@@@er?” after I asked whether there was a possibility I could get married and have a family, then got this look on his face like “ugh,” or “yeesh”, then moved to his left, in such a way, as if to get away from me. Moments after, he on-the-low, attempted to rouse a civilian against me by exposing my SO status to him as we sat in a courtroom. Making it appear to be casual conversation. Several minutes later, he had this odd-looking grin upon hearing some random civilian say “F@@@ing per@@@t!” to me, as that random civilian had seen me glance at a woman (keep in mind, the booming porn industry with things that women also consume, and the sexualization on TV and in movies) as he walked past the lawyer and I, in a large hallway in the courthouse. It was the same sort of twisted, unrealistic grin that I’ve also seen on the detective, prosecutor, and even some inmate who had went around defaming my name and telling others my charges in a unit where a large amount of inmates were SOs. On the lawyer’s site, SOs are lured in with well-meaning words and reviews.

      I had asked this sort of question before but will ask it again. How is it, that people who desire serious crimes, both determine and exact punishment upon the perpetrators of serious crimes (particular the SO ones, and especially the ones concerning minors), both as prosecutors and jury members? It is a great evil, but to them it’s only the serious crimes in America as well as terrorism in other countries that is evil. No, evil influence surrounds us all and it is right in front of us. It is not just “out there,” with the crimes that are done. It is among us. It is an energy.

      Once certain doorways are opened, the negative influence can “move in” and do some work. Happens inside precincts, courtooms, jails, and other places all the time. When certain circumstances and situations allow an oppurtunity the influence can use people with a certain “predisposition” to do whichever kind of work (as far as insults from people that are free or not, certain laws, corruption on the part of law enforcement and prosecutors etc). Believe me, I know what I’m talking about.

      Some of those people out there that would praise the murderers of SOs, would be in quite the predicament if their underage teen son had ended up with SO charges involving minors and not the relationship kind either. You made an excellent point about how the murders of 2 SOs were praised when he had also taken an innocent person’s life. So the 1st murder was unacceptable whereas the two others were. Justice is not to be dealt over people’s feelings, opinions, and biases but then again, humans are fallen, godless creatures. Law enforcement and prosecutors “unlawfully” use the law or law system against people all the time. As do some quacks (“forensic psychologists”), therapists, “MHTs” (mental health techs) and jury members. Some people downright break the law as they use the law, or law system against others, through perjury by word of mouth and/or paper, falsifying reports, and tampering with evidence.

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      Don’t forget that in one state, I can’t remember where, possibly FL, a registered man won the state lottery and was stripped of his prize.

      If you win the lottery, don’t sign the ticket, get a lawyer, get a nominee you trust to sign an agreement with that lawyer, offer your nominee (friend) 10% for signing the ticket and showing his face.

      FWIW, I have run a successful, legitimate online business for nearly a decade using pseudonyms and nominees on the paperwork and filings in exchange for a fee. It’s not as hard as you think. Outsmart them by winning. Don’t give them the satisfaction of begging or letting “them” have power over you.

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