NARSOL speaks out against town sex offender ordinances

By Benjamin Pierce . . . Officials in two Rock County [WI] towns want more control over where sex offenders live, but a national organization said such restrictions hinder offender rehabilitation.

The town of Johnstown and the town of Harmony have drafted ordinances regarding sex offenders.

“Those people have to stay someplace, but it would just be nice if we could have a little more control,” Harmony Town Board President Jeff Klenz said.

Sandy Rozek, who works with the National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws, said ordinances such as the ones proposed in Harmony and Johnstown hamper the rehabilitation of offenders. She said stability is an important part of keeping offenders from re-offending.

“The factors that are associated with successful rehabilitation for anyone coming out of prison—or a situation like that—are a place to live, security in living, access to employment and other services and family support; and residency restrictions tend to impede all of these things,” Rozek said.

Rozek’s organization works to eliminate discrimination, banishment and vigilantism against people accused or convicted of sexual offenses.

Many sex offender cases, Rozek said, involve older teen boys in relationships with underage teen girls, which is much different than the stereotype of an older male preying on children or women. Most people on the sex offender registry she has encountered are repentant, and recidivism rates are very low for most sex offenses, she said.

The conversation about creating ordinances began in the town of Harmony after town leaders learned multiple sex offenders were living in the former Pine Tree Inn at 4544 W. Highway 14, Janesville.

The facility is run by the Jessie Crawford Recovery Center, a recovery center for people with mental health and substance abuse issues.

Klenz said the current use of the facility violates the property’s original conditional-use permit, which allows the building to be run as a motel but not a recovery center.

Under the proposed town of Harmony ordinance, registered sex offenders would be prohibited from living within 1,500 feet of schools, public parks, licensed day cares, libraries, playgrounds, pools, churches and other areas frequented by children.

While state statutes restrict the residency of only a narrow category of sex offenders—those found by the courts to be sexually violent offenders—the ordinance would apply to all registered sex offenders, a much larger group.

As of Jan. 7, Wisconsin had 63 sexually violent offenders living in communities on supervised release. That’s compared to more than 250,000 registered sex offenders living in Wisconsin.

Read the full piece here at GazetteXtra.

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      Nice piece…but i think you meant 25,000 RSO’s live in Wisco

    • #67587 Reply
      Tim in WI

      25K is close to the number, but that is enough to alter election results. I live in Rock County and we’ve lots of registered persons. A basket of deplorable! Sound familiar? Judge Wood was happy to dismiss my FTR when I filed witness request papers in clerk of courts in Janesville to bring James Doyle n my defense witness roster. I filed to bring Paul Ryan too. NOTE the number used on the registration form (DOC\SOR form 1796)

      That # wasn’t picked by Congress it was Doyle in a Freudian slip. 1796 was an importantly year for the two party system. That was the year D’s& Rs first cut a deal for the ruling control of America after G. Washington stepped down as President. A deal that left southern Slavery intact. The point being slavery was merely repackaged in registration of human to database machine maintenance.

    • #67723 Reply

      Tim my friend while this town may have more sex offenders living there and for the last four years on here we have all heard aout a database theory or these up scaled computer methods but where does common sense come into play. Sure we can all admit our guilt or hide it under some thorn in the flesh if one wants to go that route but is it really about a data base maintenance theory or is it some witch hunt theory in much of these callous ordeals.

      Sure everyone is sick and tired of much of this registry ordeal. Should we all use Sandy and NARSOL understanding about working to eliminate discrimination, this governmental abuse, even the banishment or vigilatism or who is setting up others to commit most or many of these sudo crimes if one can call it that. Who is tempting who in many of these sorted ways.

      Who wants to live in a colony full of offenders whether its sex or the offending group mentality. Sandy and her team are working to bring some Rationalization to most or many of these sex ordeals one faces or is their a broad scope on non contact ordeals vs the one’s that had real victims. So who’s the victim the one that induces, the one that is lead astray, or the computer method of witch hunting. What man or woman wants to condemn themselves.

      Doesn’t everyone want to seek a little true justice for all. So where is the true principal in all this data base ordeal if one wants to call it that. Machine technology, true understanding of the situation, or the temptation of the one leading one astray or are we all guilty of something. Even facts can go amiss in a court of law and be used against one.

    • #67732 Reply

      I read the full article. A grandfather says his daughter committed suicide after being gang raped. It doesn’t give much more information than that about the incident so my question is this: Were the men who raped her already on the registry? If not, then that blows the idea of ordinances out of the water.

    • #67759 Reply

      @Maestro – “I read the full article. A grandfather says his daughter committed suicide after being gang raped. It doesn’t give much more information than that about the incident so my question is this: Were the men who raped her already on the registry? If not, then that blows the idea of ordinances out of the water.”

      This is exactly what I was going to post but it seems you beat me to it.

      The way the media quoted the grandfather’s statement is another fine example of misleading the public simply to scare them into a false sense of security.

    • #67772 Reply

      This is an alert from your national broadcasting station. I’m sure we all have heard that and if it had been a national emergency these stations say tune in for futher details. Actually are all these sex offender ordiances actually necessary or any offender in many of these endeavors.

      Is today’s America getting worse that one has to have a green card just to buy groceries. I honestly don’t think people are looking at the big picture. So who pushed who over the edge in much of this sex registry ordeal or is it all about sex? Is leadership all about how many wifes or mistresses they have on the side or is it about true character.

      Sure women want their way and many women will get their way as authorities will believe a woman more than a man. Why? Is human behavir some test tube dummy going in all this direction or who is instilling on who in this right for true liberty and justice for all. Sure one can have all the ordinances they want but to have ordinances one has to have true understanding or should we lock everyone up that crosses this line of ordinance rule.

      Do women have their faults more so than men or are governments behaving badly. Ordiances are good if they are the right way to handle things or who is trying to puff up others to overcome. Do we all have household ordinances? I wouldn’t vote today for someone to abuse or misuse his or her position. So who is covering up all the presidents men or who is on their payroll in much of this sexual cover up and many more of these factors or should we all just go with a prediction theory and be blindsighted. So where is truth in true values today.

    • #69073 Reply
      JM from wi

      3 of the 4 men were registered.
      (3 were living at a DOC halfway house) all 4 are not exactly poster children for our cause.

      Nice to see that WI. is getting a little more reasonable. DOC and even some law enforcement are seeing the big picture. We need protection from politicians.

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